The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 3 “The Short King” Recap & Review

The Short King

In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Episode 3, Leighton enjoys sleeping around without having to sneak around.

Bela and Whitney go to work out at the gym, where Bela meets a member of the crew team she designates as a “short king.” They start meeting up for sex, which gives Bela the idea to write an article for the comedy magazine about how short kings are unexpected sex gods.

Meanwhile, Whitney tries her hand at something new by signing up to take biochemistry with Bela. Everyone discourages her, noting it’s one of the hardest classes at Essex. But Whitney is determined to discover hidden talents she may have apart from soccer.

Even when she gets a 62 on a test and half the class drops out, Whitney decides to stay in the class. She may not be the best at biochemistry, but she thinks she has it in her to pass–and she really wants to show the annoying guy who sits in front of her what she can do.

While Whitney focuses on school, Kimberly is only thinking about what it will take to stay in school. She weighs the idea of selling her eggs, which would net her $80,000.

She’s later surprised to find she has a class with her neighbor Jackson. She spills her anxieties to him about potentially having to leave Essex, and he gets where she’s coming from. Like her, he has trouble fitting in, and would also be scared to adapt to a new place.

After their conversation, Kimberly decides what she wants to do. She calls the fertility organization and asks about applying to donate her eggs.

Back at the dorm, Leighton is caught between several girls she had sex with, and has to break it to each of them that they’re not dating exclusively.

Right now, Leighton’s main focus is on getting into Kappa. But she discovers a wrench in her plans when her doctor shares an unpleasant fact: She has chlamydia.

The Episode Review

While the application isn’t finalized, it’s looking as if Kimberly is going to get the money she needs to stay at Essex after all. It’s a good thing, too. Not only has Kimberly blossomed at Essex; it seems like sparks are prepped to fly between her and a certain neighbor.

Not much else of importance happens in this episode, except Leighton’s dramatic finding, of course. I’d call the main storyline here Whitney’s search for meaning and challenge in her life. While I wish writers could have come up with something more creative and meaningful than a biochemistry class, I hope we get to see more of Whitney pushing herself to grow and proving others in her life wrong.

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