Sex/Life – Season 1 Episode 6 “Somewhere Only We Know” Recap & Review

Somewhere Only We Know

Episode 6 of Sex/Life Season 1 begins in the past with Sasha exhibiting her concerns over Brad. He’s already dipped out twice on her pregnancy but now they’re moving in together, it’s all going to be okay. Right? No, of course it won’t. We know how this turns out. In fact, Sasha even warns that she’ll be left raising the baby alone.

In the present, Billie shows up at work where she meets Francesca, Cooper’s boss. She takes Cooper aside where he admits he was with her the previous night. He spent the night on Francesca’s couch thinking about their life. After the dinner, he’s convinced that there’s something going on between Brad and Billie. Cooper tells her to figure it out and leaves Billie to her conflicted thoughts.

Billie heads back to school and, more specifically, the Department of Psychology. There, she speaks to her boss. She mentions how 85% of her marriage is perfect but the other 15% is not – that being sex. She’s not happy with Cooper and opens up about the journal she’s been writing. Well, this teacher isn’t exactly a good influence, shaking things up further and questioning whether Brad would make her life better.

Back at work, Cooper has a massive opportunity in his career. He’s had his approval granted and he’s also being made partner too. Taking Francesca aside, he thanks her for listening and tentatively thanks her for the offer of jumping into a relationship if/when he breaks up with Billie.

To celebrate his big promotion, Cooper grabs dinner and heads home to surprise Billie. Only, she’s in the city with Brad. Because of course she is.

While they schmooze together, Cooper finds himself sick with worry. Billie doesn’t answer her phone and Cooper is left looking after the kids.

It turns out Brad actually head off to see his Dad after all, thanks to Billie’s influence. He managed to patch things up and leave their relationship to rest. Ironically, Brad’s success is what kept his Father away. That hadn’t stopped him from following his career all this time though.

Billie looks set to cheat on Cooper…until she checks her phone and sees all the messages from Cooper. Making her choice, she hurries off to see her husband and lies about where she’s been, leaving a hurried voicemail. When she returns home, Billie finds herself alone and the kids gone. Thankfully he shows back up with the kids as it turns out he took them out for a drive.

Further flashbacks reveal that Billie had a miscarriage. It’s absolutely awful and seems to be the root cause of Brad and Billie breaking up. Is there more to this story though?

The Episode Review

Hopefully now Billie has seen sense. I mean, if sex is so important to her (and sorry to go a bit crude here), why not just buy a really good toy? I mean it’s not outside the realm of possibility but the way this show has built up this big choice as one that’s very difficult to make is pretty humorous.

It’s like asking if you’d rather hold onto £100,000 or gamble all of that on a 50/50 stake that may or may not allow you to keep your money and possibly a little more. Anyone sane would hold onto that lucrative sum of money and not gamble away everything.

The real question here though comes from Billie’s mental state. It seems pretty obvious that she’s suffering from a midlife crisis. Yes, it’s bad that Cooper is going through her journal but equally Billie shouldn’t be thinking about her ex as dreamily and romantically as she is. I mean, she’s been thinking about him during sex, at school with Hudson and everywhere in between.

It’s the kids I feel sorry for but if there’s one saving grace with this show, neither Cooper nor Billie have cheated on their respective partners. At least not yet anyway. Fingers crossed they both remain faithful!

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