Sex/Life – Season 1 Episode 5 “Sound of the Suburbs” Recap & Review

The Sound of the Suburbs

Episode 5 of Sex/Life season 1 begins with Sasha and Billie in New York at one of Brad’s big events. He starts playing the guitar while staring at Billie the whole time. After this song, the pair end up making love where Billie claims he has a “giant heart”. I think we all know what this is a euphemism for!

Back in the present, Cooper and Billie find themselves coming to loggerheads. Billie is not happy about her husband reading her journal, claiming this is where everything started. Cooper is understandably shaken and wishes he hadn’t read it. However, there’s no denying that Billie fantasizing about screwing her ex is not okay either.

Anyway, a conversation that should have happened 4 episodes ago ensues, as Cooper admits that with work and the kids he hasn’t thought about sex as much. By comparison, Billie has been questioning her entire life and Cooper reading the journal is just the start of this.

As the attention turns to Sasha and Brad dating, Billie suggests they go out for dinner with them. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t see this going wrong at all!

When Sasha finds out, she’s obviously not happy – and even more so when Billie continues to lie to her husband. As Billie herself claims, “she forgets all the bad stuff… until she doesn’t.”

That “bad stuff” includes her getting pregnant. Brad pressures her to get an abortion, claiming this isn’t what she wants. This causes an argument to ensue between the pair.

The dinner goes ahead and Cooper is understandably uncomfortable – and even more so when Sasha and Brad show up. Eventually Cooper answers a call from Francesca, who tells him to come into town to meet the partners.

The dinner obviously goes south (who could have seen that?!) as Cooper and Brad come to blows over Billie’s future. All of these secrets and that different life that Billie has been keeping from her husband comes crashing out in front of Sasha and Cooper. It’s pretty uncomfortable and eventually leads to Cooper heading off for his work do – while Sasha too leaves.

Brad drops her off back home where Billie (honestly, this is all kinds of wrong) allows Brad to come inside and see Cooper and Billie’s babies. In front of her baby Ellary, Brad kisses her cheek as he calls her beautiful and walks away.

The night out with the partners finishes and Cooper heads out with Francesca for a nightcap. Will Cooper cheat on his wife?

The Episode Review

Sex/Life returns for another episode of contrived drama, this time with a scheduled double date that goes horribly wrong. I’m still not quite sure what Billie sees in Brad beyond a past they shared 8 years ago. Allowing him to see their kids feels all kinds of wrong, while the wildly inappropriate dinner where he gushed over her past doesn’t help.

The fact Billie has deflected all of this onto Cooper and made it his fault that she’s feeling this way is pretty out of order as well. There is such a thing as post-natal depression and although it affects females more, it can also have an adverse effect on men as well.

Either way, this entire choice hinders on something that really should be a no brainer. Now, if the show had actually gone the route of Bridget Jones’ Diary and had Billie choose between two men before getting married and living a life then this would actually be a pretty enticing show. But for me, I can’t help but think of poor Hudson and Ellary that are stuck in the middle of this mess.

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