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Episode 8 of Servant Season 2 begins with Uncle George continuing to act creepily, scrawling on the wall and crying while sharpening a knife. Dorothy heads upstairs with some food for him, as George proclaims that it’s time. Believing she has everything under control, Dorothy allows George to head out and use the grill.

A knock at the door brings Roscoe back to the house. Sean finally reveals who he is to Dorothy, who in turn questions why she’s been kept in the dark for so long. Sean doesn’t say it but I’d assume a poisoned pizza and a certain girl being kept prisoner upstairs may be the reason why!

Roscoe admits that he’s looked into Leanne’s past but beyond a tragic accident, didn’t really see anything untoward. Inside the house though, he hears the door slam as Uncle George heads down to the basement with arms full of items. He drops all of these in the hole and begins muttering and incantating, breathing heavily.

Roscoe is under strict instructions to keep the pair outside, seemingly caught under George’s spell. Dorothy pushes him aside though and confronts George, who admits that the reunion will take place when scheduled.

Sean takes Roscoe outside who admits that something had changed since meeting George. He chuckles, admitting that he’s special.

Back inside, Uncle George has the same reaction I do upon listening to Loveshack. He smacks his face repeatedly against the wall, drawing blood. Eventually though he stumbles back downstairs, collecting up some raw meat.

Julian meanwhile, heads upstairs to check the laptop. He does some research and sees that a fire at the Grayson family home took the life of 3 people. Julian seems to think he can get through to Leanne, printing out the news article and admitting to her that he’s been doing research. Heading inside her room, he finds a box under her bed that holds vials of… something. He also finds a lighter there too.

Continuing on, Julian hears singing floating down from the attic, prompting him to go and investigate. It turns out, all of this was all a big ploy to have him come up and talk to her. It’s here Leanne admits that the mannequin reminds her of her Mother, as they seem to have the same eyes.

It turns out George and May are not her actual parents but her “chosen family.” They’re not really related but they found her after the fire, claiming that God has given her another chance.

Julian hands over the news article he’s printed out. The two trade stories, with Leanne eventually admitting that she has doubts in God’s divine plan. Eventually the two wind up making love with each other. While Julian is asleep, the clock chimes just as George foretold.

George shows up in the attic and sees Leanne, naked on the mattress with Julian. As she sits up, fire burns across the ground as Leanne mentions she can handle May. The fire goes out and Uncle George charges out the house in fear. Looking up, he notices Leanne in the window who watches as a car hits him.

The Episode Review

Well that was unexpected! Before this season started, critics were granted the first 7 episodes for Servant season 2 so naturally, the spoiler-free review we’ve written is based on that. However, we may well go back in and re-write it, adjusting the score if there are more answers revealed this season.

Unexpectedly in fact, we are given a few more answers here as it seems like Leanne was adopted by May and George.

It also seems likely that Leanne is possessed in some way, perhaps even as a result of being traumatized by her time spent in their care. Quite what George had planned and why this plan has gone awry remains to be seen but this show has always thrived on its mystery box elements.

The drip-fed answers are certainly helpful and hopefully the next 2 episodes will follow suit and produce some solid answers over what’s going on.

This is almost certainly going to end on a cliffhanger though, and with two more seasons to come, there’s plenty more drama on the horizon. This episode is a definite improvement over what we’ve seen this season though. Will this one end with a roar or a whimper? We’ll have to wait and see.

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