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Episode 7 of Servant season 2 begins with Uncle George irate at the news surrounding the Marino family. As he sits down and starts praying, Dorothy believes Aunt May may be the one responsible for this. Sean races after Leanne to try and get some answers while Julian and Dorothy try in vain to get some sense from George.

Dorothy rings her work and finds out there was a triple homicide inside Marino household. Even worse, their youngest child is missing. While they talk, Leanne whips herself into submission in the attic where she finds a note tucked inside her bible. This happens to be the same bible that randomly popped up on her bed several episodes ago.

Anyway, opening it up spells out “S3rg10.gamez.” Well, the child’s name inside that house was also named Sergio too, which appears to be a sign. Up in the attic Leanne watches an old video of Sergio doing a live-stream and begins weeping.

The police show up at the Turner household prompting Julian to scramble and hide George while Dorothy speaks to the police. Dorothy pushes back against the police’s questioning though, telling them they need to stop the cult before it’s too late. Suddenly, Uncle George calls out for Leanne.

It’s a fleeting moment in truth, and nothing comes of it. However, it turns out there’s a note in the Marino household confirming that this was all a big coincidence. Up in the attic meanwhile, Leanne weaves numerous wicca crosses before using a chair to tie them up across the ceiling rafters.

The police officer senses something afoul and decides to look around the place. Sean follows her where he divulges fragments of the truth, including how Dorothy was obsessed with Leanne. As the officer eyes up the attic, Sean’s uneasiness prompts her to head up and take a look herself.

Holding his breath, Sean prepares for the worst. The female officer doesn’t find Leanne but is confronted by numerous wicca crosses hanging across the ceiling like creepy Christmas lights. The officers begins to feel dizzy and heads downstairs again. As she does, Leanne reveals herself to be hiding in the shadows.

Eventually Leanne switches on the TV and hears from the news that Sergio has been found – with three bullets in the side of his head. While she weeps and watches the news, Dorothy confronts George and tells him he can have Leanne back if he brings in Jericho. Dorothy begins smacking him across the face, just as a package arrives. Inside, is a VHS tape for Leanne.

Dorothy lets him go as it turns out she called his bluff, with an accompanying note reading “Reunite them Christmas Eve.” While George heads upstairs with the tape, Leanne throws down the crosses and begins crying. Uncle George brandishes a knife though as Sean begins applying the paste made down in the basement to his scolded hand.

Up in the attic, Leanne snaps a twig and watches as the glass above her shatters. She remains unfazed though as the season comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Within season 2 of Servant we haven’t really learned anything substantial across these seven episodes. Sure there’s a couple of teasing glimpses of what’s going on, and a few nods toward guardian angels and Christianity as a whole, but beyond that there isn’t anything else worth getting excited about here.

Instead, the season has focused on the changing fortunes of Dorothy and Sean as the latter begins to soften slightly in his approach and show a more caring side. Dorothy on the other hand, is enraged and determined to play this cult at their own game, manipulating and torturing her way into bringing Jericho back.

In a way, this season really shows the lengths she’s willing to go to get her child back, while Julian is sort of just here knocking about but not doing much.

Unlike the first season, fans going into this will expect answers and unfortunately across the season there’s very little of that. Given there’s another 23 episodes still to come of this, Servant needs to start delivering something substantial if it has any hope of keeping people coming back for more.

Based on this second season, there’s enough here to enjoy but is there enough to justify the seven week wait for more atmospheric, moody, mystery-box glossing? Let’s hope the next episode improves.

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