Servant – AppleTV+ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


We begin episode 5 of Servant Season 2 with Leanne repeating her own name while continuing to remain a prisoner in Dorothy’s attic. With the door unlocked, she creeps downstairs and finds Dorothy furiously baking.

Sean’s idea is to allow Leanne to start working around the house, like old times, but Leanne is understandably weary over this development. A knock at the door brings Toby in too, who arrives and greets her shyly. Leanne refuses to try any of the food either. Then again, given Dorothy drugged her, this is probably a smart move!

Toby doesn’t know what’s happened with Jericho either and asks Leanne if she wants to go out for a bit. Only, Dorothy speaks for her prisoner and tells him only when this business is over. Leanne is understandably cold toward Dorothy, refusing to tell her what’s happened with Jericho.

The next day, Dorothy receives a package in the form of a tiny baby trinket. There’s a message with it too, a ransom note asking for $200,000. When Julian shows up, he’s confused and tells Sean that he wasn’t the one who sent it. However, he does suggest they pay them off. Together, Sean and Dorothy begin rustling up the cash by selling various different items around the house. Julian helps too, gathering as much as he can.

While this is going on, Leanne decides to bake a cake with Toby. Together, they place the young doll inside the dough before baking it. Sean is a little distracted to help though, as he and Dorothy prepare to meet the ones responsible for the ransom note.

With Julian on hand to help, he receives a message from Roscoe who also happens to be at the meeting point. All of this seems to be a ruse though, especially when no one shows up to meet our couple. Julian suddenly realizes that Leanne was the one who hacked into the computer and orchestrated this whole endeavour.

While Julian is busy with the cakes, Sean and Dorothy return home with Uncle, who demands to know where Leanne is. Well, she happens to be upstairs gorging herself with the cakes. As she stuff the pieces into her mouth, the Christmas lights all begin to burst one by one while that creepy mannequin watches on.

The Episode Review

Servant returns with another chilling episode, this time with Leanne starting a scheme of her own to escape from Dorothy and Sean’s attic. It seems likely that Toby may be integral to this going forward but that’s just a wild theory rather than based on evidence.

In fact, very little has been shown this year and aside from Dorothy’s manic side and a couple of thematically intriguing segments, there really hasn’t been much to note across these episodes so far.

Still, they’re well shot and the musical score is suitably eerie, but Servant has really struggled to fill out its run-time with enough content to warrant 30 minute bites a week. We march on though, and that cliffhanger ending leaves the door wide open for next week.

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