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Episode 4 of Servant Season 2 begins with Dorothy delivering a tray of food to Leanne, who happens to be held captive and tied up in her attic. Dorothy shuts off the lights and keeps the girl in the dark, determined to find out where Jericho is. Dorothy likens her to a junkie, rationalizing her decision as she asks Sean for support in this endeavour. However, Sean is very much not onboard with this.

While workers arrive to fix the hole in their basement, Sean speaks to Julian about what to do about Leanne. However, he brings no answers.

Dorothy continues to demand answers from her prisoner but Leanne refuses to speak. Sean suggests they try a lighter touch and invite her down for dinner, but Dorothy is having none of it. Instead, Leanne surrounds herself in the comfort of Christmas lights while she’s kept alone upstairs.

When the time turns 2am, Dorothy awakens with a start and heads up to see Leanne, pleading with her to bring back Jericho.

When this brings no answers, Sean decides to head up and try his luck instead. He apologizes for Dorothy bringing her there and allows Leanne to humanely use the bathroom. When she returns, Leanne finds a bible on her bed. Was this left behind by Sean?

Anyway, 2am hits again and Dorothy heads up and grabs Leanne by the hair, choking her and demanding answers. Still Leanne refuses to budge. Dorothy locks the door again and heads back downstairs. It’s an interesting juxtaposition here, seeing the difference between Sean and Dorothy’s methods, but Sean’s soft touch seems to shatter when Leanne admits that Jericho is dead.

That evening at dinner, Sean somehow gets his sense of taste back. It’s a short-lived celebration though, especially as Dorothy continues to torture Leanne at 2am every morning. Sean’s wife is clearly starting to crack though and asks her husband if he’s been seeing Leanne. While he nonchalantly says no, Sean obviously is as the next scene shows him with her eating food.

That evening, Leanne plants a decoy in the form of a mannequin and manages to trick Dorothy, heading downstairs to escape. Unfortunately the front door is locked preventing her from going anywhere. When Dorothy heads down after her, she bashes Leanne in the head.

Blood drips from her hands as Sean, wide-eyed, shows up and asks exactly where Leanne is. It turns out Dorothy has buried her in the basement. Sean scrambles to release the girl, flinging dirt either side as he tells Dorothy incredulously that she’s gone too far and needs to stop. Cradling Leanne in his arms, Sean softly tells her it’ll be okay as Dorothy walks off.

As the time reaches 2am again, Dorothy opens her eyes and the camera shifts across to Jericho’s room, with Dorothy looking confused.

The Episode Review

Servant delivers another intriguing episode this week, diving into the changing fates of Sean and Dorothy. It’s an intriguing juxtaposition to last year too, with Sean coming across as the cold and straight-talking chef this time while Dorothy played up the compassionate mother.

This time though, we’ve got Sean applying a softer touch with Leanne while Dorothy goes completely off the rails. Quite what the significance to 2am is – if anything – remains to be seen but thematically this episode is very much on-point.

The ending hints that Leanne is in store for more torture to come but quite what that will entail remains to be seen.

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  1. You missed it:

    At the end of the episode, Dorothy lays down, looking sideways at the clock which shows it is 2:15am. The next and final shot does not pan over (so it is not a continuation of the previous shot as you describe) but is a completely different shot and it shows her in the nursery, looking into Jericho’s empty crib in her nightgown and then up at the clock on the wall which establishes it is 2:00am.

    So, the significance of 2:00am is that Jericho’s crib is empty (likely for the first time) when Dorothy expects him to be sleeping in it. And in the present time, Dorothy is remembering this (likely for the first time, also)

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