Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Enemy Of My Enemy

The fallout from Cabo continues into Episode 9. Bre remains confident, but it starts to feel like she fears the threats of Cassandra’s presence. This all begins with a scene featuring Chelsea and Nicole having lunch with Cassandra. It feels like an initiation ritual amongst the girls; when one wants to bring another in, they do lunch with someone on the Oppenheim team to see if they can get a few minutes with Jason and Brett.

It’s also nice to see Nicole back mingling with people on the show. Despite however you may feel about her and Chelsea, it’s nice to see her integrated in a social setting with the girls again, which feels warranted.

Chelsea, despite her upbeat British tone, is clearly trying to get to know Cassandra and, from there, make a move to push Bre out of the picture. It never feels cutthroat Chelsea with how she handles her business; it feels like a mob hit. She schemes behind the scenes and makes a move that creeps up on the competition. It’s kind of fun to watch, oddly. The title of this episode works, The Enemy of My Enemy.

The fallout from Amanza’s video message hits Amanza in both the gut and the wallet. Chrishell sends her anger at her with long text messages. Chrishell actually ends up firing her from the design job she was hired for with her partner, G. This felt like a power move against her, like Chrishell and G wanted to kick her while she was down. Amanza goes deep into depression with this stunt. Her anger is a defense mechanism; clearly, she misses her friend.

We do see Chrishell’s side of the story, though. She comes over to Mary’s house one afternoon, and they hash out the drama. Chrishell has a great way of showing us her side. It always seems like when others are talking badly about her, she looks evil, but when she speaks for herself, we get more transparency.

She mentions she will pay Amanza for her time, but it’s not a good idea to go forward on the design job. The scene also works, as Mary and Chrishell getting on the same page has been a long time coming. A subplot last season was how they began to drift apart. Chrishell seems to have rushed to Mary’s aid since her miscarriage. The two bond over it, and it is very touching to see on screen.

The Episode Review

A short episode with only a few long scenes in it that carry the narrative; Most of the rating for this comes from how appreciative fans of the show are going to like to see Mary and Chrishell back to being great friends again, it seems. But boy, can we not wait to see what Cassandra has in store towards the end of the season.

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