Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Pack it up, pack it in

As we inch closer to the season finale, tension is on the rise among many members of the Oppenheim Group’s real estate agents. Episode 10 of Selling Sunset’s newest season follows the two main feuds that are going on at the moment. Amanza, Chrishell, Bre, and the newest addition to the show, Cassandra

Before we get into all of that, for the fashion-oriented fans of Selling Sunet, we finally get to see Chrishell’s closet full of different shoes. It’s something that probably has fans of her going crazy since Chrishell is one of the more standout characters on the show who has an eye for the right kind of fashion. It also comes at a time in the show when her sister is visiting, and Chrishell has a sentimental moment with her as she teases the idea of her and G going to Las Vegas to get married.

As for Amanza, she chooses self-care over going into the office to work. Her and Mary both get their ears pierced. This season, Amanza has inherited the issues Mary had last season with playing mom from the real estate agents. And it burned both of them, so she has kind of flocked to Mary for help since all the help she has tried to provide has backfired on her.

The next big thing looming is the arrival of Cassandra in the office. Although it isn’t official yet, it is clear that by next season she may have a desk there. The scene that sets this off is Chelsea mentioning that she has been friendly with a potential new agent for Jason.

It is indeed Cassandra, as we have seen her and Chelsea hanging out over the last few episodes. Jason says he isn’t looking for anyone to come in, but he would take the meeting to get to know someone. Oddly, this is how Chelsea got a job. Jason felt hesitant but, of course, ended up saying yes.

The calculated move to mention Cassandra to Jason is to be in the office while everyone is there. The best thing about this is Bre’s reaction to Chelsea’s mentioning it very openly. The looming event that is setting up the season finale is the grand opening of the new Los Angeles office. Jason mentions having Cassandra come by the party, and maybe they could talk.

The Episode Review

Chrishell’s villain era, which was mentioned in a previous recap, seems to be behind her at this time. Her sentimental moment with her sister during the episode is a nice touch. Cassandra seems like a go-getter with a vindictive side. She may be all smiles, but there is something toxic about what she’s trying to do. The season finale seems to be shaping up to be a big one.

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