Seaspiracy (2021) – Netflix Movie Review

A Must-Watch Film

Seaspiracy is absolutely shocking. It’s a damning and illuminating documentary that lifts the shiny veil clinging to our oceans to expose a rotten and corrupt core. Behind the sustainable promises from big corporations and plastic straw campaigns worldwide, the real truth is left hidden. Under this plastic layer of deception though is an industry that’s literally killing our oceans.

This 90 minute documentary is an unflinching look at the damage done to our blue planet. Well-researched and hard-hitting, what begins as an examination into whaling soon spirals into so much worse. Pest control, deceptively coloured salmon and sea piracy are but a few topics discussed here, and the longer the film goes on the more horrifying the truths are.

A lot of the time buzz words like “must-see” and “shocking” are thrown around the entertainment industry and lose their credibility. Honestly though, this film deserves both those labels. Every part of this industry is mired in corruption and greed, right the way through to the non-profit organizations that serve as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What’s particularly interesting here though is just how much the buck is passed around. No one seems able to answer simple questions and as the film progresses, this becomes more and more apparent.

This globe-trotting documentary examines all forms of ocean corruption, from salmon farms in Scotland across to Shark Fin markets in China. A lot of these scenes are shot with either shaky handheld or spy cameras, backing up the threat these filmmakers face in doing this. In fact, one scene shows the camera crew forced to scramble out a building mid-interview thanks to a police tip off.

Alongside this fly-on-the-wall approach are a lot of facts that use great comparisons to show the devastation of the damage done to our oceans. Understanding the sheer scale of this through diagrams or expository text laid over establishing shots works really well to hammer home the message.

Sure, some people will go into this and write it off as sensationalist or conspiratorial but to be honest, the fact Ali Tabrizi and his team had so many issues interviewing higher-ups to explain themselves is pretty telling.

The final 15 minutes of this documentary changes tone slightly, with a poignant, sombre reminder of what’s happening to our oceans. With the water bleached a sickly shade of red, these scenes depict a form of whaling called Grind. The sound design here in particular is harrowing, and coupled with the images themselves, make for an incredibly difficult watch.

Our oceans are in real trouble. According to one study seafood may disappear by the year 2048, and if that happens we’ll be looking at a real ecological disaster like none other. I don’t know about you guys but this documentary has put me off eating fish for a long time. Powerful, harrowing and absolutely unmissable, Seaspiracy is a must-watch film.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

3 thoughts on “Seaspiracy (2021) – Netflix Movie Review”

  1. This is how I see it when watching this film. It’s another typical white man trying to save the world, just like other white in US, Australia, and England always think they are way superior to pinpoint what’s wrong in this world and to force others to follow them. Have these white ever looked into themselves and thought how racist af they could be? Think of their problems first before going to dig other people’s crap.

    Don’t get me wrong. Killing whales and sharks definitely should be prohibited.

  2. Watch.
    Look out for the truth.
    Trust nobody connected with money or interest to the harmful industry.
    It is our responsibility to leave a better world for our children.

  3. This movie is critically important. One comment about the man interviewed near the end who says that killing a whale is one life and killing a chicken is one life and he’d rather kill one whale than two thousand chickens as he is only taking one life… that is a simplistic and damaging argument as there are far fewer whales than chickens, chickens live only a few years, whales are more highly evolved, and chickens are much easier to reproduce (etc.)… add in that complexity and one whale life has MUCH greater value than one chicken life, and is harder for the planet to recover from. If he really cares about taking lives, and not just spinning what he thinks is a defensible argument, he would stop killing whales and even perhaps stop killing chickens and become vegan.

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