Scout’s Honor: Where is Steve McGowan now?

What is Scout’s Honor about?

Scout’s Honor is the latest Netflix documentary film, tackling shocking sexual abuse cases from deep within the Boy Scouts of America. Survivors, whistle-blowers and experts all come together for this film, recounting the decades-long cover-up and its impact on both the Boy Scouts and, more importantly, some of the victims at the heart of such heinous crimes.

Director Brian Knappenberger brings together various different people involved in the Boy Scouts through the years, and their accounts of what happened are equal parts haunting and shocking.

Who is Steve McGowan?

Steve McGowan grew up in Charleston, West Virginia and attended the Xaverian Brothers High School and has a deep history entrenched with the Boy Scouts, ever since he was a young boy. 

Steve’s background in scouting saw him recruited by back in 2007 to help front a group called the West Virginia Project Arrow Task, which was in charge of moving the Boy Scouts’ national Jamboree from a Virginia military base to a more permanent location; the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve.

As a result of his dedication and entrenched efforts to faithfully support the Boy Scouts throughout his life, he was awarded the Silver Buffalo Award at the National Annual Meeting in Dallas.

Steve then served as the Boys Scouts of America’s general counsel from 2013 to 2022.

Within the documentary, Steve repeatedly refutes claims about the Boy Scouts, even going so far as to make controversial statements in response to the shocking numbers regarding the abuse. Within the film he says: 

“82,000… over what period time? And we don’t even know that that’s the number. But one is too many.”

As he continues, Steve suggests that the Scouts were a scapegoat for a society-wide issue, distancing the Boy Scouts of America as an organization from those preying on kids from within. “The Boy Scouts of America did not abuse these kids. We had some bad people that got in,” Steve says within the film.

Where is Steven McGowan now?

Steve McGowan left his position from the Boys Scouts of America’s general counsel in 2022. This is unsurprising in many ways, given the company filed for bankruptcy around this time. The Boy Scouts of America ended its bankruptcy in April 2023. As a result, they’re expected to pay $2.4 billion to over 82,000 sexual abuse survivors.

As for Steve, he was living in West Virginia with his wife. Currently, he’s moved and is still married, living in Sebastian, Florida, “living the dream”. He’s now retired from his role and has interests outside the Boy Scouts in both fishing and photography. He also donates to various different causes too, most recently on August 26th to the Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Foundation Inc.

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3 thoughts on “Scout’s Honor: Where is Steve McGowan now?”

  1. Watching this documentary and it’s hard to look at Steven M during each of his interviews. He is a protector of pedophilia. All of his comments minimize the sexual violence of 82,000 + children endured. within an organization Steven had power over to do something about. Absolutely disgusting and speaks to his wretched character. Sexual violence took away a piece of each of these children and has forever ramifications. But oh Steven, you just keep smiling and pretending there’s just not much that could have been done. You are an accomplice to sexual violence aiding and abetting the perpetrators in the name of what? Greed? Pride? Ego? A tarnished legacy?

    To all those who braved through the stigma and minimization to share your beyond painful experience(s)-you are not alone and my heart send love and peace to each of your hearts. So brave.

  2. I just watched the Netflix documentary. Steve McGowan is a liar and is totally complicit in the sexual abuse of many boys. Aside from blatant lying, he has the F’ing hubrice to say that he is now retired and “living the dream” in Sebastian, Florida. I pray that he greats exactly what he deserves. My bone marrow cancer is now in remission. How fortunate for Steve. Please expose him!!!! Shame him!!! Harass him! I am so angrier that he got away with not even a slap on the wrist.

  3. I am watching this documentary now, and I cannot belive the this national organization was not required to be mandated reporters as many of who provide care and services to those in our community are mandated to do. How could this organization fail to scrutinize those who had access to our children and refuze not as for a government ID such as a drivers license just flabbergasts me. This organization failed our children, and those of us as perents who trusted them to be honest and protect our children. Steve McGowan interview screams what a moron trying to continue to DENY what happened. Typical organizational money grabber wanting to keep everything as it is, so he keeps his job…and organization running. I am so happy that Netflix made this documentry. It is about time we realized the truth. They refused gay men into their organization, but welcomed child molesters into their midsts! Unbelievable… Go get them Netflix. So glad McGowan lost his job. He should have been held responible for covering up what has been going on…

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