Scout’s Honor: Where is Detective Michael Johnson now?

What is Scout’s Honor about?

Scout’s Honor is the latest Netflix documentary film, tackling shocking sexual abuse cases from deep within the Boy Scouts of America. Survivors, whistle-blowers and experts all come together for this film, recounting the decades-long cover-up and its impact on both the Boy Scouts and, more importantly, some of the victims at the heart of such heinous crimes.

Director Brian Knappenberger brings together various different people involved in the Boy Scouts through the years, and their accounts of what happened are equal parts haunting and shocking.

Who is Detective Michael Johnson?

Michael Johnson grew up interested in the law, something that eventually saw him become a Texan police detective, after initial time serving on SWAT teams back in 1986. With almost 30 years of experience behind him, Mike’s speciality lies in investigating child abuse cases. Specifically, looking into sexual abuse, assault and exploitation.

Mike was instrumental in establishing the first Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Plano, Texas. Since 1992, he’s conducted trainings for MDTs and first responders nationwide in an attempt to help with child sexual abuse, exploitation and other crimes against children.

In 2010, he was recruited by Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts of America) to be the Director of Youth Protection. During that time, he implemented many changes, including revising the policy to no longer allow 18-21 year old adults to participate in overnight programs with youths as young as 14. Furthermore, the discriminatory policy against LGBTQ+ youth and leaders was abolished, and Mike even implemented training programs and information for volunteers, youth, staff and parents to help inform an raise awareness surrounding reported crimes committed against children.

In Mike’s own words, these programs are “just a drop in the bucket for all the reforms needed.”

Where is Detective Michael “Mike” Johnson now?

Unfortunately, Mike’s contract with the Boy Scouts was terminated in December 2020, a few months after the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy. The reasoning for this was classed as “financial restructuring”. Mike was initially told to sign NDA agreements in exchange for severance pay from the Boy Scouts. Essentially, they tried to pay him off and keep quiet about everything going on.

Mike declined, instead deciding to serve as a whistle-blower and lift the lid on all the horrors within the Boy Scouts. “To me being silent knowing what I know is being complicit.”

To this date, Congress still hasn’t started a proper investigation into the Boy Scouts to properly prevent what’s happened from ever occurring again. And unfortunately, based on what’s in this documentary film, Mike believes that kids are still not safe.

The Boy Scouts of America ended its bankruptcy in April 2023. As a result, they’re expected to pay $2.4 billion to over 82,000 sexual abuse survivors.

As for Michael Johnson, there isn’t a lot of information but he does continue to live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas. He is currently retired, and hopes that by serving as a whistle-blower for Netflix’s documentary, it’ll give people the courage to come forward and blow the lid on the systemic abuse within the Boy Scouts.

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4 thoughts on “Scout’s Honor: Where is Detective Michael Johnson now?”

  1. I don’t Mr Johnson if you will ever see this comment, or be made aware of it.

    I just watched the documentary Scouts Honor….I was shocked and horrified by its content. Seeing so called “top executives”
    Try and explain away their incompetence, negligence, and failure to protect kids.

    But you Sir, stood out and stood up. Thank you for your courage, your strength of character, and you commit to keep kids safe.

    To all those who suffered my heart goes out to all of you.

    Charles Braine

  2. I would like Michael Johnson (and the Scouts) to undertand that people who were abused here actually may perpetuate abuse, even as a kid. My brother was abused by Scout Leaders and then abused me at age 8. It’s not just “the raw number”.

  3. Thank you infinitely for this superlative film. A long time coming…having a son who was sexually abused forty years ago, I was hesitant to view, but I’m certainly glad I garnered the courage to watch. Absolutely brilliant!

  4. Way to Go Michael Johnson!
    Watching the Documentary last night made you realize that some people like Michael Johnson really do exist!
    I truely believe no child is safe being part of the BSA, it may have slowed down but the monsters are stiil out there…
    So many similarities with each and every case.
    I have my own horror story and hopefully one day everyone will be able to express themselves!

    Thank you Michael Johnson for being you!

    Michael Brullo

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