Schmigadoon! – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Over and Done

Episode 6 of Schmigadoon season 2 starts with Josh tied up, awaiting a sticky end. As for Melissa, she’s dressed up in a wedding dress and preparing for the worst. She’s had to sign a whole bunch of documents to divorce Josh and marry Octavius Kratt, as Bobby shamelessly shows up and serves as our antagonist’s lawyer.

Does Sergeant Rivera see the error of his ways?

The wedding is in an hour’s time but it seems like there’s no way out for Melissa. As for Josh, he speaks to Sergeant Rivera, who has him at gunpoint. Rivera bemoans the hippies and how free they are. He’s been promised a new act at the club by Kratt… something he’s been promised for the last 36 years. When Kratt rings and tells Rivera he needs to kill Josh, the officer starts to doubt what he’s doing.

Dooley shows up at Coddwell’s orphanage with his cleaver and a lust for blood. He’s desperate to kill one of the orphans but instead, Coddwell takes him into her bedroom and the pair make sweet love.

Stalling for time works as Topher arrives with all his hippies. Jenny is there too, but it’s Dooley and Coddwell who show and
turn the tables. Jenny hears Dooley’s impassioned plea but believes that he’s not really her father. Just Dooley he looks set to slit his own throat, Rivera speaks up and admits that everything is true. He’s the one who helped frame Dooley and tells Jenny that yes, he is her father.

What happens at the wedding?

With all of this cleared up, we pass across to the wedding. Just before Octavius marries Melissa, everyone races in. Dooley throws his cleaver, which lands on Kratt’s cape, but this actually works in his favour, as the chandelier falls, courtesy of Coddwell, and crushes him.

With Kratt gone, Madam Frau takes over the club and uses her position to promote exciting new talent, including Sergeant Rivera who ends up doing a drag act. As for Bobby, she splits up Kratt’s monopolies, while Topher and Jenny find a new lease of life at the orphanage. As for Coddwell and Dooley, they go into business together and make an absolute killing.

How does Schmigadoon season 2 end?

So what of Josh and Melissa? Well, they’re free to leave Schmicago… but will they? Well, Josh and Melissa decide that yes, they are going to go. It’s going to be a big struggle but they’ve now learned that together they’re stronger if they stay united. Melissa has realized that life is difficult but they’re just looking for something real and that comes from making their own luck in life and starting every day with a “happy beginning”.

The Episode Review

Schmigadoon season 2 ends with a rather rushed and somewhat underwhelming finale and while I appreciate that’s kinda the point in order to wrap everything up, this almost needed an extended run-time to really wrap everything up in a consistent and satisfying manner.

Melissa and Josh have been so desperate to get away from their real lives and while season 1 had a strong message about finding true love and trusting your partner, the second loses that somewhere along the way. Instead, we get the pair returning to their real lives again, happier than they were, but seemingly still with the same issues that are technically unresolved.

It’s a shame too because there’s definitely been some standout moments in this season. Some of the songs have been great, while the subplots are actually relatively well written too. While it’s not a bad ending, it’s not a particularly great one either unfortunately.

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