Schmigadoon! – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Famous As Hell

Episode 5 of Schmigadoon season 2 begins with our ever-lovable narrator singing us a recap of what’s happened so far. As he “exits stage right”, Josh and Melissa seem to be getting along a lot better now. Melissa shows up to the theatre, ready to be the best chorus girl possible. Octavius also decides that she’s going to take over Jenny’s star role too.

Melissa gives an amazing performance, singing alone on stage, much to the surprise and awe of Josh. At the end, she gets a standing ovation, with Octavius even joining in with the applauding. As for Josh, when he leaves the theatre, he finds a whole bunch of the hippies following his lead.

After helping one of the followers, the hippies decide they need to follow him as their new leader. The narrator is there too, egging them on, and of course he ends up doing a solo, discussing Melissa and Josh’s changed fortunes and their newfound fame. Melissa is making it big at the theatre, much to the disdain of Jenny, while Josh is the new leader of the hippies, much to the annoyance of Topher.

When Josh and Melissa discuss their great work together, they find themselves knocked back down to earth quite quickly, as Jenny and Topher confront them about taking their roles in Schmicago. Kicked out of Jenny’s, the pair decide to shack up at Coddwell’s instead. Of course, she and Dooley are preparing to kill off all the orphans.

Unbeknownst to the orphans of course, who end up getting a gift for Coddwell with their entire life savings – a ribbon. There’s a sweet moment of genuine care from Coddwell, but it washes away quickly, like waves on a rock, as she goes back to her original plan of killing the “little blighters.”

Josh is worried that night and can’t sleep. Hr’s convinced they need to investigate exactly whats going on, especially after seeing all of Dooley’s knives. The pair sneak into the butcher’s, where they find evidence of the orphans about to be killed off. Specifically, being turned into sausages.

They’re spotted by our couple though, who explain over a spot of tea that actually, orphan aren’t really people so it’s okay to kill them. Josh and Melissa try and talk them around, and decide that Dooley just needs to have his rage re-directed toward Octavius instead.

Melissa decides to entertain this idea, and agrees to serve up Octavius on a platter. She tries to persuade him, acting all charismatic and flirty, but unfortunately he’s wise to her plan and he takes off in his car to parts unknown. He’s going to have his way with her. He’s not going to kill Melissa though. No, instead he decides that Melissa should be his bride…and Josh is going to meet a sticky end.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode sets everything up for a dramatic conclusion to the tale next week, and features some absolute bangers too. That “Famous as Hell” song is great, while the narrator’s inclusion in the tale this second season has actually heightened a lot of the drama and comedy.

On the subject of the latter, Schmigadoon season 2 has been consistently funny throughout its run, and this episode exemplifies that perfectly. There’s a satirical edge to the musical scene, while at the same time a lot of love and care has been putting into making something that feels like a proper musical too.

The story has been pretty good, although this is still one of those shows that would have been much better as a binge-watch rather than drip-fed weekly. That gripe aside, the ending leaves the door wide open for next week’s finale.

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