Schmigadoon Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

How We Change

What happens to Josh and Mel?

Episode 6 of Schmigadoon begins this finale with Josh and Mel out in the woods, building up their tent together. It’s a complete bust, and in the end, they sleep out under the stars.

In the present, Josh finds Carson hanging out high up in a tree. He refuses to budge and has decided to ditch everything belonging to Emma. Josh talks him down though – and talks himself into realizing what he needs to do. He watches as Carson and Emma patch up their differences, hugging it out. However, Emma agrees to walk with Josh up and over the bridge in the morning.

Meanwhile, Lopez races up to find Mel, who ends up sleeping by the side of the road. He promises to be there for her, although Lope’s Mum has tagged along for the ride too. Mel is not sure this is the right step forward, questioning her choice of being with Lopez.

Up at the bridge, Josh too questions the exact same thing. He decides against being with Emma and races off to find Mel again.

Does Mildred become the town mayor?

In town, the election gets underway with the people about to vote on Mildred becoming Mayor. However, Josh and Mel jump in and end up patching up their differences in front of everyone. As predicted at the start of the season, Josh ends up singing to Mel about how he feels. The pair dance under the spotlight as everything is tinted in a shade of purple to match Mel’s dress.

This confession allows the people to actually open up and decide to be more honest and free about how they really feel. There’s a host of confessions (and Carson calling Mildred a bastard) as Nancy rocks up and reveals that her Mother is actually Mildred!

Well, Mayor Menlove continues on in hiss role while the entire town start singing to round out this season. It’s all about change; and specifically changing direction in life. This song and dance leads all the way up to our path out of town.

Do Josh and Mel make it back home?

Having rekindled the spark they once had, Josh and Mel hold hands and walk back to New York….or do they? The episode ends on a semi-cliffhanger as it’s unclear whether the pair have actually made it back or not. The ambiguous ending does work rather well, leaving enough to whet the appetite and also a tantalizing glimpse of a possible second season.

So what happens if the pair are unsuccessful in making it to the other side? What happens if they’re stuck in Schmigadoon? Or do you think they made it back successfully? It would appear they have but this ending does leave that prospect open to interpretation.

The Episode Review

Schmigadoon rounds out its six episode series with a decent Coda; the whole town singing and dancing about change after managing to round out their mini character arcs.

There’s been some strong character work here, leaning into the idea of change and embracing your true self, which is something we see right at the very end of the show with that final song.

Meanwhile, the cliffhanger leaves things open for a second season but to be honest, this one feels like a one-and-done deal. This has been a really compelling and well written musical romp, rounding out these six episodes in the best way possible.

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