Schmigadoon! – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Schmigadoon begins with our usual flashback to the time before our fantasy land musical shenanigans. Mel and Josh disagree over the correct phrase for “dog eat dog” world, with Mel convinced it’s Doggy Dog. The cracks are there, but they’re only exacerbated by what’s going on right now.

In the present Mel and Jorge Lopez discuss their top three worst moments of the day. It’s a weird thing to do with a new love interest, but it soon paves way for more dancing between them.

Galivanting across the different rooms, Mel and Jorge dance their way into the path of the Countess. Yes, Gabriele Von Blerkom has arrived and her purpose is obviously to stir things up and act as a spanner in the works for our pair.

Speaking of which, Mildred comes up with another plan back in the town square. Through another song, she spins a story about the two strangers corrupting their town. Well, Mildred decides that new leadership is needed to drive the pair out. And that new leader? Mildred Layton of course.

Elsewhere, Mel and Gabriele head out for their drive in this “very obviously doctored” car ride (which is supposed to be as a throwback to the old era of film to be fair) as the pair discuss Lopez.

It doesn’t take long for a song to break out – and if that wasn’t obvious enough, Gabriele brandishes a gun, admits to being a Nazi, and kicks Mel – quite literally – to the curb. However, by this proverbial curb happens to be Melissa’s stone heart. It turns out she had it all this time.

Meanwhile, Josh and Emma head out with Carson to the woods for a picnic. She doesn’t want Josh to leave but he gushes over how much he loves New York. As they talk, it turns out Carson is actually Emma’s son but she’s kept it a secret from him all this time.

When Carson overhears Emma’s confession, he bolts out to the woods. Josh inevitably hurries off to follow but stumbles into the path of a stone heart with his name on.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode throws a new contrived spanner in the works in the form of Gabrielle Von Blerkom. While Mel breaks the fourth wall to reveal this is an ode to the Sound of Music, narratively speaking it feels like a last ditch attempt to add some unpredictability to this one. But to be honest, it’s not really needed.

The fun here comes from the simple story used to parody and satirize musicals, something these later episodes haven’t quite managed to do with the same pizzazz as those opening chapters.

However, the ending certainly leavers the door wide open for next week’s finale, where Josh and Mel will likely get back together and live happily ever after… won’t they?

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