Save Me Too – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Who Killed Gideon Charles?

Episode 2 of Save Me Too begins with Grace questioned in court over her relationship with Gideon. It’s a tough story to hear and while Gideon sits nonchalantly in his chair, Nelly and the others sit uncomfortably listening to her giving evidence and what she was made to do as a 14 years old.

After listening to this, Claire and Nelly talk on the phone and they discuss how this horrifying story could have been what Jody was going through. Nelly promises her Gideon won’t take everything from them and vows to put him away no matter what.

The next day, Nelly speaks to Grace at the court-house where she pleads with him not to go back on the stand and testify. Sitting with her, Nelly calms her down and hits Grace with the hard truths – if she backs out now, Gideon wins.

Back on the stand, the defence dig up old skeletons from Grace’s past including her retraction to rape allegations. Unfortunately it’s one step too far and Grace walks out midway through being questioned. Gideon meanwhile, phones his wife from behind bars and promises he’ll be with her soon.

In the morning, the court session returns and as the prosecution is unable to continue, thanks to Grace running away, Gideon is found not guilty.

Back home, Jennifer curses her luck thanks to Gideon’s sexual exploits while in the pub Nelly continues to see Jody’s ghost, overcome with rage following Gideon being let out and the group acting like they’re mourning Jody’s death.

Nelly’s birthday rolls round and after sleeping at Zita’s and speaking to her about how he feels, he and Goz head out together and roll round to Gideon’s house, scouting out the place and following Jennifer – which again is where we see the first episode tie into this one. This also sees the moment Gideon was picked up by Jennifer and dropped off at a “friend’s” house come to fruition.

Deciding to head in to the house herself and figure out what’s going on, Jennifer ignores Gideon and finds him in the living room, pleading with her to leave. Upstairs Grace hides but it quickly becomes apparent that the call Nelly received at the apartment was from Grace telling him she’s sorry and that Gideon is in the house.

Nelly races to the address and finds Gideon stabbed and lying in a pool of his own blood on the floor. Grace tells him she didn’t kill him and pleads with Nelly for help. This ties in with the scene of Nelly waiting outside the pub with bloodied knuckles after picking her up, where he makes the decision to let her hide out at Stace’s pub.

As the episode comes to a close, DS Shola knocks on the door to the pub and while Grace waits upstairs, Stace heads down and answers the door. At the same time, Jennifer learns that Gideon Charles was killed too but her emotionless reaction sees her sit on the stairs contemplating this news. Was she the one who killed Gideon?

With some clever editing and lots to debate going forward, Save Me Too continues to deliver enjoyable drama wrapped up in this mystery. There’s a lot to like about this series and, more so than the first, there’s a lot more depth than a straight forward mystery making for a much more intimate and gripping second season.

The excellent editing, weaving the various different scenes into one another, is a smart touch while the acting from Lennie James and the others really helps to give this a believable feel. The scripts are smartly written and each episode, from the looks of it anyway, appears to be ending things on a big question mark, enticing you to watch the next one immediately. The biggest question of all though remains central to this mystery- who killed Gideon Charles?

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