Save Me Too – Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Wild Goose Chase

Episode 3 of Save Me Too begins with Nelly talking to Grace on the rooftop and questioning her over what happened with Gideon. Unfortunately she remains haunted by the vision of him with a knife in his chest and refuses to talk.

While Grace listens from afar, Zita and Nelly talk about her ordeal and he pleads with Zita to let Grace sleep for the night. Thanks to his insistence to stand by Grace, and the incident at the pub the previous night, Nelly remains surrounded by friends looking at him with disdain, including Goz who confronts him and questions whether Grace was the one who killed Gideon.

Grace admits to Nelly back home that Paul, one of the men who sexually abused her, was there the night Gideon was killed. With Goz by his side, Nelly heads out around the different hardware stores and starts asking questions, desperate to find out where he is.

Melon returns home and finds Bernie gone. Given what she knows about his past and the sexual exploits he was involved in, it’s all too much for Bernie to even think about raising a little girl around him so she leaves to stay at her sister’s house.

Nelly continues to look around and finally finds the right hardware store that may know where Paul is. He asks the cashier Bevinnie for the database but she refuses to give up the information.

While Grace gets blind drunk in Zita’s flat, Claire heads off with Tam to Maeve’s house where she brings up Jody and the possibility that she’s dead. Outside, Claire talks to Tam about this being a possibility while Grace continues to fly off the handle, getting blind drunk in Zita’s apartment.

DS Shola O’Halloran arrives at Daisy’s house and reveals that her car was found near to the murder scene. Unfortunately this gets back to Goz who questions Nelly outside the hardware store. Eventually Nelly spills the truth about what happened that night. As he relays the night’s events, something triggers in his mind and it sends him rushing back to Jennifer’s house.

After a somewhat heated exchange, Nelly finally calms down enough for the two to have a proper conversation. As he learns details about that night, he mentions Paul but she looks confused, going on to tell him that no-one went in the house with that description. As the weight of this hits Nelly like a sledgehammer he comes to a shocking realization – Grace was the one who killed Gideon.

The plot thickens! With Grace seemingly the one behind Gideon’s murder there’s an interesting father/daughter relationship between Nelly and Grace here sees the former completely blinded by what’s happening around him as he launches a crusade to save this young girl.

Once again this brings us back to the main title of the show which is such a cleverly worded double entendre. By adding the “too”, it deflects the attention from Jody back to Nelly who finds himself haunted by Jody’s memory and consumed by rage and revenge.

Quite how the second half of this season will develop remains to be seen but while not quite as powerful as the first two episodes – especially given the wild goose chase taking up much of the run-time – Save Me Too remains a very gripping drama well worth watching.

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