Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Things They Protect

Episode 2 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Lawrence’s friend Abel arriving at Lawrence’s and Cecilia’s home. Abel asks Lawrence if he could work at the church for a while since he didn’t like working with the people at his church. Although Lawrence doesn’t want him around, Cecilia convinces him to let Abel work for them.

Abel asks Lawrence for Cecilia’s name but doesn’t vocally tell him. Abel questions why no one calls Cecilia by her name since it’s nice. Lawrence leaves Abel with Cecilia to give himself time to finish some paperwork. Cecilia asks Abel if Lawrence has a sweetheart. Abel confirms he does, upsetting Cecilia. However, he says Lawrence views the scriptures are his sweetheart, calming Cecilia. Abel hands Cecilia the paper Lawrence wrote her name on as an apology.

Our trio head to the church. Cecilia learns this isn’t Abel’s first time visiting the church. Lawerence confirms Abel visited the church often and spent the night there despite being scolded for it. Abel questions why Lawrence hasn’t noticed Cecilia’s feelings for him. Cecilia tells Abel that Lawerence thinks of himself as her caregiver. Abel goes for a walk, and Lawrence says this is a great time for Cecilia to loll around. Cecilia’s concerned about how she’ll balance her habits with Abel nearby, but Lawerence questions why she’s so concerned about how someone else perceives her if she’s not afraid to show her true side to Lawerence.

Cecilia says she isn’t concerned about how Lawerence perceives her because he’ll accept her that way. Lawerence is glad Cecilia wants to only laze around when she’s around him because it makes him feel special. Lawerence leaves to attend to matters while Cecilia contemplates Lawerence’s best qualities. We get a montage of Cecilia and Lawerence performing their duties as Abel sits around doing nothing to help them. After a day’s work, Lawerence orders Abel to attend some clean-up duties. Cecilia questions why he’s hard on Abel, and Lawerence says he picked up his stern attitude from his grandfather.

Lawerence gets a severe headache as Abel returns. Abel tells Cecilia she bestowed him with too much divine protection, so she swiftly removes some to free Lawerence of his mental pain. Abel and Cecilia discuss the situation further. He admits he did all he can to protect Lawerence in the past. We cut to a flashback between a young Lawerence and his grandfather. Lawerence’s irritated that he can’t play the piano while his grandfather hands him a newspaper with news of a new lady saint being discovered.

Lawerence asks his grandfather if this is a huge deal. His grandfather says it is because more villages like theirs, who don’t have one, will request her to live here for their divine protection abilities. His grandfather shares stories he’s heard about Lady Saint’s protecting people from natural disasters, their hearts, and other outside evils. His grandfather tells Lawerence that he’s special. We cut to Abel informing Cecilia that Lawerence attracts all types of angels and demons, despite not being able to see them himself. Cecilia wishes she had enough power to protect Lawerence from all types of danger. Abel realizes they’re the perfect match for each other.

Cecilia and Abel admit they never told Lawerence about his supernatural attracting abilities. Cecilia tells Abel the church holds lots of fairies and four angels, and Abel says it might be dangerous to have them flying around since it could result in Lawerence succumbing to poor health conditions again. Abel reveals he came here to check on Lawerence since he received many letters concerning his health. However, Abel wasn’t too worried since Lawerence mentioned living with someone (Cecilia) who made his days brighter.

Cecilia tells Abel not to cut himself short while spouting how jealous she is of him for seeing Lawerence during his seminary days. Abel promises to bring Cecilia photos of those days next time. Lawerence wakes up and tries a meal Cecilia cooked. He likes it, but Abel forces Cecilia to try the dish, resulting in her leaving the room in embarrassment. Lawrence asks Abel to reveal why he came here. Abel promises not to let the nobles know of Cecilia’s presence and doesn’t plan to expose her. Abel asks Lawerence what he thinks of Cecilia, and Lawerence says he trusts and respects Cecilia.

Lawerence helps Cecila with a spider problem in her room and has Abel clean up the kitchen. While Lawerence respects Cecilia, he admits the term doesn’t capture how he feels about her. Lawerence vows to protect Cecilia with all his heart, and the episode closes with them staring out the window together.

The Episode Review

The wholesomeness continues in this chapter of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawerence. We get introduced to a new character this week regarding Abel. This chapter does a decent job of explaining his connection with Lawerence and showing us what he did to protect him before Cecilia entered his life. It would’ve been great to get more glimpses of Abel and Lawerwence together during their youth though.

However, the series has many more chances to do so. On that note, it was nice learning more about this anime’s world through Abel and Cecilia’s conversations about Lawerwence and his ability to attract supernatural entities. It’ll make viewers question if the anime will focus more on its fantasy elements since it feels barren of it so far. 

At the same time, this episode continues to tease audiences with the same clip of Lawerence meeting Cecilia for the first time. It’d be nice to receive more intel about that soon. It would give audiences a chance to compare Cecilia to what she was like then to who she is now for growth purposes.

Overall, this was another comfy chapter with humorous dialogue, relaxing imagery, and enjoyable character interactions. Hopefully, the series continues to develop Cecilia and Lawerence’s potential romance. 

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