Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Last Challenge

Episode 7 of Season 3 begins right at the moment Zelda gets shot. Sabrina rushes to see what happened followed by Prudence, Ambrose and Mambo Marie. She tells them that her spirit is between both worlds and will need great strength to come back. Suddenly a banshee starts to wail outside, which Prudence explains that is an omen that someone in the house may die soon.

Lucifer wakes up, freed of Blackwood’s body and finds Lilith waiting for him. She tells him that she gave Blackwood the Mark of Cain which means no one can hurt him but also, that she has Lucifer’s seed making her pregnant with his child. For now, he decides to delay her execution and decides to sort out what Sabrina has done to hell.

Back in the carnival. Blackwood arrives to make a deal with them. He’ll tell them how to enter the academy through secret tunnels in exchange for returning something they stole from him. In the meantime, things are getting steamy for our teens in the bedroom; Theo and Robin get closer as the latter reveals that he is a hobgoblin while Roz has a vision of Harvey in bed with Sabrina while she kisses him. She relays her worries to him but he replies that he’s all in, despite the spell not working.

In Hell, Lucifer takes his throne back and kills one of the three kings. However, the remaining two tell him that both Sabrina and Caliban are undergoing a challenge to collect the unholy regalia’s and the winner will have the throne.

Still desperate to find a way to regain energy for the witches, Ambrose and Sabrina realize that they need another coven to help them. This prompts Sabrina to think of the cheerleading squad. She convinces them to come do a dance which seems to work for the members of the church of the night. Suddenly, Blackwood arrives with the pagans. Sabrina manages to teleport the cheerleaders back to school and the rest of the coven into Hell. We then see that Agatha has killed Dorcas as she is still under Pan’s spell.

In Hell, Lucifer and Lilith greet them while Ambrose convinces Sabrina to carry on with the challenge as the unholy regalia would give her great powers to defeat the pagans while in the Nether Realm Hilda and Zelda meet with their brother Edward and ask for his guidance.

Sabrina heads to a cave in the hottest circle in Hell to find Judas Iscariot and ask him for the 30 pieces of silver he received for betraying the Nazarene. He tells her that the easiest way to get it is to betray someone with a kiss. She then teleports to Baxter High and almost betrays Roz by kissing Harvey but changes her mind at the last minute. He then explains that the harder way to get them is to retrieve the coins from the Field of Blood where the First Vampire, Vlad the Empaler, is buried.

Back in Baxter High, Harvey, Roz and Theo are cornered in the library by Carcosa and Naigana as they still need the blood of a virgin for the resurrection of their god. Suddenly, they’re saved by Robin who uses his speed to take them away. They try to contact Sabrina but Nick comes instead, ready to help them. They then come face to face with the pagans as they close in on them to complete the resurrection of The Green Man.

In the Field of Blood, Sabrina manages to retrieve the coins from the the vampire’s tomb. Unfortunately, Vlad wakes up and tries to control Sabrina. He tries to bite her neck but gets burnt by her blood because she is the daughter of Lucifer while we see Edward taking his sisters back in time and showing them how to regain their powers.

Things are looking bad for the sisters as Agatha arrives at the house and tells Prudence that she killed Dorcas. Just as Agatha is about to stab her other sister, Prudence has no other choice but to use her own sword and impales her. Unfortunately, Blackwood is behind her and stabs her in the back while asking where the twins are.

Back in the house Nick is shocked to find both Prudence and Agatha bleeding and dying, while Zelda regains conscious with the answers but is quickly stabbed by Blackwood. In Hell, Sabrina returns to Judas and unfortunately realizes that it was an ambush set by Caliban who then traps her in stone while the Pagans starts the ritual to bring back the Green Man, which is where the episode closes.

The penultimate episode of Sabrina brings us some shocking twists ready for the climactic finale which promises to be thrilling and full of dramatic moments. Caliban has indeed betrayed her and with her coven in danger, things are looking dire for our dark witch.

The pagans and Blackwood have so far claimed quite a few casualties which adds even more tension to the show as we’re left wondering just what will happen in the last episode. With a multitude of enemies after her and her coven, Sabrina will have her work cut out, especially now that she’s trapped in stone. The finale is up next and after a much improved third season, Sabrina should end on a high note, even if we’re left with a cliffhanger and things wide open for the next installment.

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