Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Hedge Witches

Episode 6 of Season 3 begins where we left off with all the hedge witches arriving, angry to have been summoned. Zelda defends herself by explaining that the pagans are threatening them and that they’re in danger too. As they have drinks together, Zelda offers the academy as a place for them to reside in exchange for their help. In Hell, Lilith receives a warning gift from the Dark Lord which scares her and causes her to go into hiding. She decides to ask Zelda for asylum but the latter refuses so Lilith decides to find a christian woman.

Meanwhile, Sabrina heads to see Harvey and Theo. As she sees them covered in mud, they explain what happened and reveal that Robin is a Pagan. He tells them they’re planning a slaughter but doesn’t want to be a part of it. They plan to sacrifice a virgin to resurrect a pagan god called the Greenman. Caliban arrives to make a deal and tells them of a spell to turn Roz back to normal. In exchange, he proposes to team up to find the third unholy Regalia, Judas’ pieces of silver, and rule Hell together by getting married. She refuses but tries to counter offer with a political alignment instead of romantic one.

In Baxter high, the teens gather to perform the ritual to save Roz. However, Caliban explains that Harvey has to offer his love and kiss her to bring her back to life. If he ever kisses her again though, she will turn back to stone. It doesn’t work though so Caliban tells him that it must be because he doesn’t truly love her. Robin then suggests that Circe could turn her back to normal.

Lilith, using a glamour to make her look like Adam, arrives at Mrs Wardwell’s house and asks her to hide and protect him. The dark Lord, dressed as father Blackwood, also arrives in her house to tell her Satan is in town and has witches as his helpers – the Spellman’s. He then finds Lilith and gets ready to perform the separation ritual. However, she manages to make Lucifer sleep, which in turn allows her to speak to Blackwood and tell him they need to perform a special act to keep them alive.

Spider Hilda is now after blood and wants Dr Cee to fertilise her eggs and as she does, we hear him scream. She then calls her sister sobbing after killing Dr Cee. Zelda rushes to the shop and finds her sister almost turned into a spider, begging to be killed with a shotgun which she has no choice of doing. After killing her sister, Zelda buries her and performs the rites to resurrection, hoping that she will return to normal.

The hedge witches perform a ritual to give Sabrina more powers as she heads to find Circe and bring her back to the academy. As they threaten her, she turns them and the four pigs back to flesh. Sabrina does a ritual to sever emotional ties with Nick, but also Harvey as she thinks she may still have feelings for him. The episode ends with Mrs Wardwell arriving at the Spellman’s and shooting Zelda as she wants to get rid of witches.

As with most episodes this season, the latest one ends with a cliffhanger and this was quite the bombshell reveal too. Both aunts are in serious trouble; Hilda had to be killed while Zelda has been shot by Mrs Wardwell. Sabrina will have to face her greatest challenge yet, as she’s forced to deal with the predicaments her Aunts find themselves in.

The addition of the hedge witches in this episodes was a really nice touch too and I especially enjoyed the scene where they each give their powers to Sabrina as she faces the pagans. So far the season has been building towards a climactic finale quite smoothly, with plenty of twists, new ideas and great acting showcased across the season. With two more seasons already green-lit, it’s almost inevitable the season will end with a cliffhanger but in the meantime, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has certainly delivered a magical season so far.

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