Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Hare Moon

Episode 4 of Season 3 starts with Harvey and Roz discussing taking their relationship to the next level. In the morning, we see that the snake woman from the carnival has spent the night with his father while Nick continues to struggle with his inner demons. Meanwhile, the Spellman’s discuss the upcoming Hare Moon celebration, despite Sabrina claiming that they should not think of it while their powers are waning.

At Baxter high, Mrs Caldwell is confused when Lucy’s mother thanks her again for saving her daughter, unaware that a demon ( Lilith) is going around looking like her. In the academy, Ambrose tells the Spellmans that the reason they lost their powers is because they’ve imprisoned Lucifer, which prompts them to confront him about it. He tells them that he’ll give their powers back but only if they free him. As Zelda refuses to, Lucifer claims that they won’t even be able to ask Lilith for help as she’s not Queen of Hell. After this revelation, Sabrina has an idea; find the source of Lucifer’s power in hell to help them with the issue at hand.

Harvey, Roz and Theo head to the empty carnival to investigate the snake charmer woman, Nagaina. Roz enters her tent and as she starts touching her things, the woman appears. Cutting back to Harvey and Roz, we see them face to face with their leader, Carcosa, just as Roz rushes out screaming which prompts them to run away.

In Hell, Sabrina and Ambrose speak to Lilith about Lucifer’s power. She tells him that they come within him and are celestial, leading them to the conclusion that they need another angel. This leads them to Dorian who has an angel trapped in one of his paintings whom they will use for his blood. After leaving the carnival, Roz has a bad reaction and is unable to stop shaking. Harvey rushes to Hilda and asks for her help but she’s unable to as her powers are fading.

After witnessing Nick indulging in some questionable pain-inducing acts, Sabrina returns home with the angel’s blood. As they don’t have enough, they decide to bathe with it in a Moon pool to regain their powers.

The ritual starts in the woods and as Sabrina releases the rabbit, she sees strange men and women with deformed animal masks, who turn out to be the people from the carnival, there to celebrate Ostera. Hilda then suggests they sit down together for some lunch. As they all get to know each other, the Spellmans realise that they’re pagan witches and try to get rid of them by summoning a storm. Unfortunately, they’re unable to because of their waning powers.

Frustrated that he’s unable to help Roz, Harvey heads back to the carnival where he finds strange looking statues before we cut back to the forest where Nick is being reprimanded for killing a snake. After he storms away, Sabrina asks him to talk to her about his torment. He explains that what he had to endure in Hell was agonizing and he did it for her and this world. Unable to contain his anger, he tells her she wasn’t worth it and all he sees when he looks at her is Lucifer.

Unable to deal with his pain, Nick decides to go back to Lucifer’s cell and end things once and for all but the latter offers him mercury and dragon’s tears in exchange for a favour. On her way to offer a pie as a peace offering, Dorcas and Agatha run into trouble with the Pagan witches. In the evening, the coven start the Hare moon ritual, calling at the moon to receive its energy. Suddenly, the lunar light causes a glow over their bodies while we see the pagans casting a spell which makes the moon disappear. Zelda remains worried though as she realises what’s happening and orders everyone to go home.

At the same time, Harvey returns to find Roz turned into a statue resembling the ones he found in the carnival tent. The witches and warlocks arrive at the academy and find their beds full of snakes. They also find the pagans outside who claim that the old gods are returning and implore them to join in worshiping them. As they disappear, we see Agatha has become insane and Dorcas is now a statue. The episode ends with Zelda deciding to free the dark lord, given they have little choice. As she heads down, she finds a bloody Nick on the floor with green liquid coming out of his eyes.

As we reach the midway point of the season, we start to see just what the pagans are capable of and things are not looking good for the coven, especially with their powers waning. Roz, Agatha and Dorcas have already fallen victim to them too which makes this episode all the more dramatic and thrilling.

The Hare Moon ritual saw the witches change their attire to a brighter white which was quite the nice contrast too. Sabrina is faced with heartache as Nick pushes her away, unable to deal with his inner torment and this plays in nicely to the teen drama elements. At the end we’re left to wonder if he’s still affected by Lucifer or if he has now changed after the pain he had to endure.

While this episode spends less time in Hell, it remains one of the strongest of the season so far and a very promising sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

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