Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Four Little Pigs and a Spider

Episode 5 of Season 3 begins with Nick chained to the floor while Sabrina reveals that he took a lot of drugs and freed the dark lord. They tell him he needs to get clean but as they don’t have enough time, Ambrose decides to use the egg from Loch Ness as it can control time and space.

After checking on Roz, Sabrina is cornered by Lilith who tells her she’s wanted in Hell for the second Unholy Regalia challenge, which is to retrieve Pontius Pilate’s bowl. She tries to back out of it but Lilith reveals that her refusal is the reason why the cosmos is unbalanced, causing all the latest troubles her coven has been facing.

After Zelda convinces her to go, Sabrina learns from Lilith that the bowl is in Golgotha just outside of Jerusalem. She explains that getting it will be difficult as it has been locked in an eternal time loop and would require time magick to retrieve it. Remembering Ambrose’s words, Sabrina decides to take some of the egg water and heads to Dorian to use one of his portals.

Meanwhile, Ambrose and Prudence find out that Agatha has been rendered insane because of the gaze of the Great God Pan. They then move to Dorcas and comes up with another idea. The stones buried beneath the clearing could be used to amplify their energies which in turn could enable them to call for witch reinforcements against the pagans. Cutting back to Hilda, we see that the pagans have put her under a spider spell as she starts to show signs of turning into one.

Lilith takes Sabrina through the portal and as she douses herself with the water, she’s transported back in time where she comes across Pontius. Suddenly she gets taken and imprisoned alongside Calaban and another prisoner called Barabbas, cursed to repeat the same day. After finding out what Pontius does every day, she plans to steal his bowl after he washes his hands in it.

Theo defends Robin from Billy at school while in the academy, Elspeth and Melvin decide to pledge their allegiance to the Pagans after being visited by the dark lord. Unfortunately, Carcosa stabs Elspeth’s throat as a sacrifice causing Melvin to run away.

Back in Golgotha, after Pontius washes his hands Sabrina manages to trick him and runs with the bowl thanks to a glamour spell. The undead centurions run after her but she manages to escape back to the present time. In the academy, the witches gather for the summoning of the wayward witches. Unfortunately, Agatha arrives and breaks one of the stones. They are interrupted by Melvin who bursts inside, panting, to tell them the Pagans killed Elspeth.

Harvey also becomes influenced by the dark lord as he heads to the carnival with other boys to trash it while Theo and Robin spend time together. The latter confess that he doesn’t always follow his parent’s belief and is not happy with his life. At the carnival, the boys led by Harvey are busy destroying everything. Unfortunately, Circe arrives and turns four of them into pigs.

Back in the academy, Ambrose and Sabrina decide to look at Nick and find out that his blood contains some of Satan’s residue, which is corrupting him. He decides that the best way to help him would be to try extracting the residue using Sabrina’s blood. They perform a ritual and it seems to have worked. As he comes back to his normal self, Sabrina wants to go back to how they used to be but he refuses, not sure if it was the dark lord who made him that way or some dark part of himself. Thinking it’s for the best, he decides to break up with her despite her protests.

Hilda, who’s now completely disfigured and looking like a spider, decides to visit Dr Cee while Sabrina brings the bowl back to Hell. She’s surprised to see Caliban has returned too, as he explains that he waited 2000 years under the dust of ages. After they talk about the next challenge, Sabrina reveals to Lilith that the Dark Lord has escaped. Lilith thinks that he will try killing her as she betrayed him.

Ambrose has an idea to use the dark lord’s residue to protect them against the pagans. The episode then ends with the summoned witches arriving and as they’re angry to have been called in, Gryla threatens to have everyone in the coven killed.

With the second challenge now done, Sabrina is getting closer to finish the quest as we also start seeing another side to Caliban. Perhaps he is not as bad as he claims to be and who knows, maybe he will end up joining their ranks in the future or even perhaps be her new suitor as some have suggested – especially now that Nick has broken up with her. This was quite a sad moment though, especially after what Sabrina went through to be reunited with him.

It’s quite surprising to see that Robin is having second thoughts about his allegiance to the Pagans. However, l remain dubious over whether he is telling the truth. Poor Hilda is also having a lot of trouble and her sister has really been neglecting her.

This was quite a tense episode with more interesting story progression whilst dealing with the different characters’ relationship. This season has so far been a big improvement over the last with less filler episodes and some darker themes too, introducing new legends in the world for our dark witch to deal with. All this make this third installment worth watching, especially for anyone looking for a good magical fantasy series.


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