Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Angels & Demons

The sixth episode begins two weeks before the dramatic events at the end of the previous episode, where we see Luke being tortured by a group known as The Order Of The Innocents. As they ask him about the Witches of Green Dale, he screams in pain while hung upside down.

After this brief prologue, we cut back to present day where we see Sabrina reeling over Ambrose’s imprisonment, pleading with Prudence to see reason and proclaims his innocence. Scoffing at her claims of them being friends, she snubs her offer and instead, embraces her newfound Blackwood title. Ambrose is to be executed for his crimes and unfortunately, even the High Council will not help Sabrina with this matter.

Determined to free him from his fate, Hilda visits Ambrose. Only, it turns out she’s being tricked by Agatha with a glamour while the reverse is happening to Ambrose, with Dorcas miraged to look like Hilda to convince him to confess to his crimes. After eventually convincing Prudence to throw the bones of a freshly-cooked chicken at Ambrose, Sabrina’s cousin escapes from his cell, just in time to see the witch-hunters arrive at Green Dale.

As the witches and warlocks convene at the Academy, bracing themselves for the witch-hunters to arrive, it turns out they have divine powers of their own. Overpowering the weird sisters, Nick, Sabrina and Harvey band together, going after the hunters at the Academy. Only Sabrina can go in though as they’ve blessed the church, acting as a barrier to anyone not baptisted.

Unfortunately, she gets shot twice and falls to her knees, but not before they kill Melvin. As the witches watch on in shock, Sabrina returns to life, more powerful than ever before as she levitates above the room and controls the angels. Forcing them to pray to the Dark Lord, she burns them while engulfed in flames herself, proclaiming that she is the Dark Lord’s sword. After burning them to a crisp and resurrecting the fallen witches, the Academy watch on in stunned silence as Sabrina’s true purpose is revealed to them.

Still reeling from the death of Adam, Wardwell realizes the crow she holds so dear is the one who betrayed her. Consumed by rage, she decides to get revenge on the Dark Lord, leaving us with one final shot of her rage-stricken face.

When it comes to memorable episodes, Sabrina delivers one of the best episodes in its entire run-time. The conflict between the angels and witches is really well written and the shocking plot developments throughout the episode are timed perfectly. It’s taken a while, but Sabrina delivers a fantastic episode, doubling down on its plot and magic to great effect. Quite where the season goes from here is anyone’s guess but for now, Sabrina finally delivers a really memorable episode in its run-time this year.


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