Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Two Worlds Collide

Following Sabrina’s crazy reveal last episode, we return to Hilda struggling to mend Ambrose’s wounds. Thankfully, Sabrina wakes up and heals him. It appears she has new powers now and after controlling the weather, Roz approaches her and decides she wants Sabrina to give her back her sight. It works too, as Roz is able to see again.

Fresh off their honeymoon, Blackwood and Zelda return to Green Dale amid the chaos. Faustus is now the Anti Pope and they all meet with the council to discuss the recent events that transpired. As Blackwood is filled in on the recent drama surrounding the witch-hunters and Sabrina, Hilda spends some time with her sister but she doesn’t seem herself.

Having come to a decision, the council agree to allow Sabrina and Nick to attend again but Ambrose is still be be executed. Fighting his case, Sabrina explains that he was controlled by his familiar and not in control of his actions. Prepared to hear the allegations, she’s given 24 hours to bring proof of this, leaving Blackwood to disguise his disdain over Sabrina’s newfound powers.

On the hunt for the familiar, Nick and Sabrina eventualy find Leviathan and bring it back to life. He says he knows the truth and will tell the council Blackwood used him to control Ambrose, much to the relief of Sabrina. Unfortunately, Dorian warns Faustus of this development and he commands Zelda to get rid of the mouse, whose acting under his control. After killing the familiar, Hilda realizes her sister is under a spell to make her more obedient, controlled by a music box which Sabrina manages to conjure forth with her powers.

Despite breaking the spell and freeing Zelda, the damage has already been done and Hilda explains that if Sabrina uses her powers to stop the execution, the council will find her in contempt, shunning her as a heretic and subsequently killing her.

As the day of the execution beckons, all eyes are on Sabrina, gauging what she’s going to do. At the guillotine, the executioner pulls the level but the contraption backfires, subsequently cutting off his head. It appears that Zelda tampered with it but as the Dark Lord presents himself to everyone, it’s soon revealed that it’s really Sabrina appearing as an illusion to stop the execution.

It seems to fool them too as the council remove Father Blackwood from his position as Anti Pope while Sabrina goes ahead and throws a joint party for both mortals and witches. Intent on performing a miracle infront of everyone, she climbs on the roof with a broomstick but just before she jumps, Harvey and Theo stop her.

They’ve found something that she needs to see.  Following them, they reveal an altar to her with Sabrina’s face in mosaic and a prophecy declaring her as the herald of Hell.

With the Dark Lord’s plan finally coming to fruition, this season of Sabrina looks set for an explosive finish. The developing story with Wardwell is certainly intriguing and quite how she’ll get her revenge on the Dark Lord is anyone’s guess. With Sabrina flexing her newfound powers and both the witch and human worlds crashing together, Sabrina really steps up its game to deliver another exciting episode.


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