Run On – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Hard To Get

Episode 12 of Run On returns with Yeong-Hwa crying after Dan-A’s kiss. He claims this is all a big ruse and believes Mr Jeong is outside the door too. Eventually he leaves and begins crying, claiming to be falling for Dan-A again when he had moved past her. To try and calm him down, she decides to go out for a meal with him. She even offers to pay for the food too.

Afterwards though he leaves, playing hard to get as Dan-A falls for this tactic. Remembering what happened in the past, she drags Yeong-Hwa to her car and gives him a lift home. After dropping the boy off, she questions her own motives, which is in turn echoed by Yeong-Hwa who asks just what she’s doing. Eventually though he walks away and asks that she make her mind up about him.

Meanwhile, Mi-Joo returns to the office as May shows her the note left behind by Seon-Gyeom. She worries that his Father may have something to say about them together but for now, Mi-Joo is happy to try and weather that storm.

Seon-Gyeom continues to train Woo-Sik, mixing in his cleaning job gig with rehab and running. The stretches and crunches he’s doing at work all contribute toward being nursed back to full health too, which works perfectly for what Seon-Gyeom’s trying to teach him.

That evening, Tae-Woong arrives to see his sister. They discuss the gallery, with the former admitting he wants to try and lift her mood by offering it to her. In fact, Dan-A actually just wants her brother to be on her side for the upcoming family war with Myeong-Min and Myeong-Pil. As Tae-Woong leaves, she wonders whether he’s matured now.

Well, Tae-Woong heads to the bar and winds up speaking to Ji-Hyun about Dan-A’s stress and crying.

Meanwhile, training continues for both Mi-Joo and Woo-Sik. Mi-Joo heads out for an early morning run while Yeong-Il arrives to check on Woo-Sik. Afterwards, Seon-Gyeom heads out to get his eyes checked at the opticians. Mi-Joo is not happy with his choice of spectacles. Eventually, Seon-Gyeom settles on contact lenses instead.

Mi-Joo heads home after work and runs into Eun-Bi who admits that she’s seen something strange. In fact, Assemblyman Ki has eyes all over town and knows that she and Seon-Gyeom are dating. She warns Mi-Joo over what this means and tells her to be careful. After working all night, Mi-Joo decides against going for a run and sleeps instead.

Dan-A decides to ring Yeong-Hwa. After some words of wisdom from Ji-Hyun, she tries her best to see Yeong-Hwa who’s obviously playing hard to get. While she’s in her car, she watches as he skips away from the coffee shop.

Yeong-Hwa eventually runs into Mi-Joo who’s lurking around outside his apartment. They head out for breakfast together where Yeong-Hwa admits he needs help for his TOEIC test. After offering some tools to help, Yeong-Hwa and Dan-A finally meet again and this time are on the same page.

Seon-Gyeom shows up to greet his sister and saves her from their Father and his friends. It’s obviously that Ki is using her as a decide to further his political agenda. Given Seon-Gyeom’s unpleasant greeting though, Jeong-Do is left humiliated and turns his anger toward Mi-Joo.

Ki immediately heads over to her place and blames the girl, claiming she’s the reason why his reputation is going down. Mi-Joo holds her own in front of him though, threatening to get the police involved if he comes back again. Heading back up to her apartment, Mi-Joo begins crying.

After a confrontation of his own with Ki, Seon-Gyeom shows up at Mi-Joo’s place and apologizes for her Father dropping by. Mi-Joo admits that she feels bad about the whole situation and tells him it’s not his fault. However, she’s not sure whether she can continue on or not.

The Episode Review

Run On returns this week with another character-driven slice of life drama. With Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom’s relationship strained thanks to Assemblyman Ki’s interference, it remains to be seen what will happen with these two, especially with a possible break-up on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Yeong-Hwa and Dan-A continue to grow closer, with Dan-A going one step further and allowing herself to feel real emotions with Yeong-Hwa. Their relationship has easily been the stand-out for this drama and their moments together really help lift this Korean drama.

After the big breakthrough yesterday, the rest of the episodes here feel like they’re gearing up for a dramatic finish. Of course, this isn’t the sort of drama to be full of twists and turns as such, and much like Record Of Youth this plays out much closer to a slow-burn, rhythmic slice of life.

Quite what next week’s double bill has in store for us though remains to be seen.

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