Run On – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Running Away

Episode 13 of Run On begins with a teary-eyed Mi-Joo telling Seon-Gyeom she doesn’t want to be disappointed anymore. As she voices her problems, Seon-Gyeom asks if she wants to break up. Her silence speaks volumes as he presser her for an answer. Eventually Mi-Joo agrees to give it some time to think over what she wants to do.

With Seon-Gyeom back home, Mi-Joo heads back inside and flashes back to an earlier conversation with Seon-Gyeom’s sister about her dilemma. She doesn’t want to lose sight of work but finds it hard to deny her own feelings for Seon-Gyeom. Well, when she speaks to May about a movie, it brings back memories of her impromptu date with Seon-Gyeom earlier in the season. As she thinks over this night, Mi-Joo worries that she may have lectured Seon-Gyeom too much.

Meanwhile, Yeong-Hwa does some research online and applies for the charity run. However, Seon-Gyeom is distracted and keeps mulling over exactly what Mi-Joo wants and whether she really will break up with him or not.

Thanks to her past relationships, Mi-Joo believes everything will fall apart sooner or later. Every time she’s tried to rectify her issues in the past, her boyfriends have avoided the situation and worse, broken up with her. As she thinks this over with May, she realizes she’s avoiding the situation.

Elsewhere, Yeong-Hwa heads out with Dan-A. Given her birthday is coming up, Yeong-Hwa asks her to come along and celebrate with him. Instead, she continues to hurt his feelings and calls him a vending machine.

Back on the training field, Seon-Gyeom continues to train Woo-Sik as he knocks his 100m time down to 10.38 seconds. At the same time, tensions begin to mount for Assemblyman Ki as his opponent in the upcoming elections, Assemblyman No, begins to gain some ground.

In the morning, Seon-Gyeom arrives all dressed up ready to represent Woo-Sik. He meets the manager of the Jieum Construction Track Team, handing over a portfolio full of Woo-Sik’s stats and accomplishments but he’s rejected immediately. Unfortunately, Woo-Sik has quite the reputation of being a whistleblower and this is going to make Seon-Gyeom’s job a lot harder.

Although the manager apologizes for being rude, Seon-Gyeom leaves empty handed. Unfortunately this mixes with his disappointment surrounding Mi-Joo and he finds himself alone.

Seon-Gyeom watches a movie by himself and stays until the end credits. At the same time, Eun-Bi starts to struggle while golfing, which Dong Kyung suspects is a case of the YIPS.

Meanwhile, Tae-Woong receives some social media comments online from Yeong-Hwa calling him babe and he tries to get him to delete them. Getting nowhere, Tae-Woong eventually shows up and admits that Dan-A is his sister. Unfortunately everything goes horribly wrong and a big fight breaks out.

As this spills over to the street, Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo wind up running into one another. With everything coming unraveled, May makes Mi-Joo jump, which in turn leads to Dan-A’s cake falling on the floor. The boot of the car slowly opens to show more “Happy Birthday” gear too, solidfying that Dan-A’s birthday celebrations are a bust.

As everything simmers down, Tae-Woong admits that Dan-A wasn’t actually born on this day but her birth was only recorded after Myeong-Min’s, further solidifying how little her Father thinks of her.

Meanwhile, Su-Bin catches up with Mi-Joo at the clinic as it turns out she’s being bullied. After eventually sorting out the situation, Mi-Joo runs into Seon-Gyeom and tries to run away. Only, he follows after her and holds the girl from behind. He pleads with her not to go and asks Mi-Joo to like him.

The Episode Review

Run On returns this week with the central theme being running – both physically and emotionally. With Mi-Joo running away from her feelings, unsure whether to stick with Seon-Gyeom or not, Seon-Gyeom finds himself running toward her and unable to move forward without her around.

Meanwhile, Seon-Gyeom’s situation involving Woo-Sik hits another road block when the latter’s whistleblowing makes it incredibly difficult for him to get sponsored or back into running professionally.

Yeong-Hwa and Dan-A have a little less screen-time this episode too, with most of the angst focusing on Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom’s will they/won’t they during their break apart. Both characters manage to reflect on what they really want and it seems by the end that we’re gearing up for Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom to finally be together.

There’s still a few good, light-hearted bites of comedy here though too – namely the segments involving Dan-A’s birthday party which went horribly wrong.

For the most part though, Run On has been a really enjoyable series and the ending leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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