Run – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Long Train Running

Run returns this week with another slice of drama, this time with a bit more plot development and plenty of intrigue going forward. At the same time we also learn more about Ruby’s family set-up, with some startling home truths about how she feels about her child, which certainly doesn’t help her case.

Episode 4 of Run begins five years ago with Billy speaking on stage and delivering a compelling speech to a group. At the same time, Fiona stands on the fringes and deletes Ruby’s text of “Run” which she sent at her wedding.

Back in the present, Billy and Ruby oversleep and rush to the station, barely making the train. After falling sleep in one of the carriages, Ruby wakes up to 32 missed calls from Laurence but struggles to get through to him. Billy meanwhile lies about messages from Fiona, who also happens to be on the train.

Ruby questions Billy about his bag of money but when Alice shows up, things get awkward given she holds secrets that they’re both keeping from one another. Finally, Ruby receives a call from Laurence and it turns out her son Scooter broke his arm. Ruby speaks to Scooter on the phone who confirms they’ve now got an aupair which certainly sends her into a bit of a spin.

When Alice comforts her, she tells the imposter she doesn’t want her kids to get on okay, outright admitting she wants them to be upset at her absence but that she can’t leave Billy either.

Fiona tells Billy she has proof of the “real reason he text her” and heads up to speak to Ruby, showing her the audio recording of her night with Billy and demanding the bag of money otherwise she’ll release the details to Laurence.

Reluctantly handing it over, Billy confronts Ruby and they discuss Fiona and the money. Rushing after her down the train carriage, Fiona clutches the bag of cash and jumps off the train.

With a bit more plot development this time around, Run certainly starts to crank up the tension but it does so at the expense of likable characters. Given this story revolves around Billy and Ruby running away together, there’s nothing here to suggest Ruby’s life is actually that bad at home.

She has absolutely no reason to be annoyed with Laurence either over him hiring an aupair to help given she’s run off and had an affair behind his back. Her admitting she wants Scooter to suffer in her absence is another nail in the unlikable coffin for her too and no amount of chemistry with Billy will change that.

As we’ve seen recently from shows like Normal People, you can make flawed characters and play out this affair angle but the execution here is lacking, to say the least. Still, Fiona jumping off the train and an unknown future for these characters is just enough to keep you sticking around next week to find out what happens next.

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