Run – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Running On Empty

A dramatic detour is in the works this week, as Run delivers a surprisingly exciting episode that injects some much-needed drama into the fold and allows the plot rather than the characters to dictate what happens going forward. Although the characters continue to have trouble exuding empathy, there’s enough enjoyment to be had with this episode to certainly act as a glimmer of hope going forward.

Episode 5 of Run begins with Billy breaking the fourth wall and telling us about his plan. Addressing the audience, he tells us that whatever happens on the train will end up as the premise to his new book deal. All of this happens to be filmed by Fiona and as the camera pans out, we’re left to wonder whether they both planned all of this together.

Back on the train, Ruby and Billy jump off the carriage in pursuit of Fiona. Unfortunately they lose her but it does allow Billy and Ruby to discuss the nature of his relationship with Fiona as they trudge through the fields, with Billy nonchalantly admitting to sleeping with her in the past.

Together, they break into a farmhouse and finally find Fiona there with the bag of money. Unfortunately she holds all the cards given the secrets she knows about them both, along with the audio file she’s holding as a blackmail bargaining chip.

It’s here the truth is finally revealed and Billy admits that he knew about Ruby having kids. As Billy and Fiona fight upstairs, Ruby receives a call from Lawrence but she hangs up on him after hearing a scream coming from the room. With Billy slumped over by the window, Fiona happens to have fallen (or been pushed?) out and lands on hay-bales below – impaled by sharp, rusty spikes.

Lawrence phones again and asks outright whether Ruby’s having an affair. She lies though and tells him she’s not but Lawrence realizes something is up. As we pan out from his face we see he has a browser window open on his computer, confirming the texts between her and Billy.

Ruby decides they should leave and they hurry away after picking up the bag of money. A man inside sees everything though and rushes off in the opposite direction.

Along the way they find a stranger on the road and ask her to take them to the station. Billy happens to be distraught and torn up about Fiona, prompting Ruby to lie and pretend that Billy’s mother has cancer. Upon hearing this, she agrees to take them to the train station while ironically talking about death and animals given she happens to be a taxidermist.

After dropping them off and driving away, Ruby realizes she’s lost her phone; the last place she had it was back at the house. As she curses to the heavens, she realizes this means heading back to the scene of the crime again, which is where the episode ends.

With a bit more urgency and a nice twist with Fiona’s death, Run finally injects some excitement after several episodes of comedic quips and light drip-feeds of information. The biggest question now lies with the fate of Fiona – did Fiona fall out the window or did Billy push her?

The cameo from Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a nice touch too and her character certainly does well to fit in with the tone and mood of the show. With a nice cliffhanger ending and plenty of questions hanging over this one, it looks like Run may just have hit that second wind, turning up the pace and promising a dramatic second half to this series.

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