Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions – Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Case of the Live Broadcast Murder

Episode 6 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions opens with Isshiki meeting a blood-shot eyed Ron. Isshiki is holding an invitation, and Ron expresses his amazement over the wonders of television. He particularly enjoys the show ‘Psychi Abilities: Fact or Fiction?’.

After the opening montage, a live telecast of the same show is airing. The host introduces herself as Ono Yako and introduces the guests. Torage Dankichi is a psychic and Usaki Mafu is a neurosurgeon. The two are pitted against each other to verify if psychic abilities truly exist. Usaki is dozing as the show begins, and her head is wrapped with bandages.

Isshiki and Ron are watching the telecast as Isshiki is surprised to see Usaki in bandages but Ron is indifferent. Despite being a world-class neurosurgeon, Usaki is rather clumsy in day-to-day activities like cutting fruit.

Ron applauds Usaki’s skills as a neurosurgeon. Her accuracy is 0.001m and is no less than a superdoctor.

Torage says that he will show that he can control a mind using only writing, when the host asks him about his performance. Ron cheers Torage but he does not actually believe in in psychic powers. The existence of psychic powers would only mean more challenge and fun for him to solve the cases.

Torage offers a prize of 100,00 yen to anyone from the audience who can resist his psychic abilities. Several hands are raised but Torage picks a young man wearing a white hoodie.

Torage says a disclaimer that there is no suggestion involved and the subject is also provided with noise cancelling earphones. The subject would be compelled to follow what is written on the card. The subject does exactly as shown to him on the card by Torage. The writing is in English language. The host and the audience are stunned.

Usaki contradicts by saying that Torage is mocking neuroscience. She says that the subject was not chosen at random. She had analysed the subject’s movements with scientific algorithms. She says that the current subject was also the subject of Torage’s previous demonstration and is in kahoots with Torage.

Torage says Usaki’s accusations are false. He challenges her and in order to prove his claim, he writes the word ‘death’ in English on the card. The subject promptly drops down ded. The set descends into a chaos and the live broadcast is halted. Isshiki and Ron rush to the scene of crime.

Ron introduces himself as Asatsuki Kamoji, a fan of Torage. Ron outrights asks Torage how he killed the subject. Torage haughtily says he did it with his psychic abilities but he cannot be tried under the modern laws. Ron asks for Torage’s sign on Isshiki’s small notebook with the same pen Torage wrote those words earlier.

Torage puts the blame on Usaki for not believing him and being the catalyst to the subject’s death. Usaki’s assistant, Shikata is also present at the scene. Usaki blames herself for letting someone die in front of her eyes. Usaki says that she analysed the subject and his death was caused by a neurotoxin. He went into a cardiac arrest which could have been caused by the botulinum toxin.

Ron concurs her analyses. He says that he found a mark on the subject’s neck which could have happened because of a needle. Usaki also dismisses the fact that Torage might have injected the needle onto the subject. Since there was no one behind the subject either, she is unsure how it all transpired.

Shikata says that Usaki arrived at the telecast right after an all-night surgery. Ron announces that Isshiki will reveal the psychic’s trick. Ron, Isshiki, Shikata and Usaki go over the events following the subject’s demise.

Ron remarks that the subject’s body was not twitching after he fell. Usaki mentions the subject was momentarily awake during the CPR but he stopped breathing soon after. Everyone is gathered on set and Isshiki proceeds to present his analysis by re-enacting the events.

He asks Torage for his pen but Usaki bumps into him, causing them both to fall. Usaki fills in for the subject, whereas Isshiki fills in for Torage. They use the same cue cards as earlier. They follow the same patterns as well. When Isshiki shows her the card with ‘death’ written on it, Usaki promptly falls down. But real trick is now.

Before showing the card to the subject, Torage inverted it and it read ‘sleep’. Hence proven that the subject fell asleep instead of falling dead. Torage injected the subject with poison later amidst the chaos on set. Torage protests but Isshiki presents the murder weapon as well. It is concealed within the thick pen Torage was using all along.

Torage says that the subject was indeed in kahoots with him and he was threatening to reveal Torage’s tricks if he wasn’t paid 90 percent of the earnings. Ron begins his hypnosis on Torage but Isshiki butts in. His had sports an inky dot and he believes he is injected with the poisoned needle.

Torage says that he swapped the pen’s tip with the needle so there is no chance of leaving ink residue. The pens were exchanged when Usaki bumped into Torage earlier.

Ron and Isshiki leave. He’s shocked over Isshiki accidentally hitting his hand on the pen. Ron expresses his regret over his hypnosis but he does not talk back to Isshiki and leaves dejectedly. Usaki arrives to thank Isshiki.

In the past, one of Usaki’s patients refused surgery as they believed in psychic powers. That is why Usaki appears on the show to debunk the myths. She thanks Isshiki for his deductions adding that it will help save a lot of lives.

Isshiki apologises on Ron’s behalf for pressuring Torage to kill himself. Usaki thinks to herself that what Ron did was more than just pressuring.

Isshiki catches up to Ron and urges him to not drop sleuthing over a trivial accident. Ron blames himself for endangering Isshiki’s life, while Isshiki says words of encouragement to Ron. He then hands him the invitation he had initially intended to give at Ron’s house.

It is an invite to watch the Leonid meteor shower at an observatory on a remote island named Nandan Island. Ron remarks that the place is famous for the black sugar syrup. The episode ends with Isshiki and Ron back to bantering.

The Episode Review

That one was a quick solve, don’t you think? Something tells me that Usaki might make an appearance again, a cameo perhaps if not a lengthy one.

After Isshiki having a near miss with a poisoned needle, Ron receives another wake up call to keep himself in check. It was fun to see Ron put up a farce again. We can also see a visible growth in Isshiki’s deductions. Despite Ron helping him, he does make efforts to pitch in two cents of his own. 

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