Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Case of the Hand Collector

Episode 5 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions opens with Isshiki (Toto) receiving the news about a joint investigation for a serial killing case in Aichi Prefecture. Amamiya informs him that Omito “Eagle Eye” Kawasemi will be joining them.

Isshiki is excited, because Kawasemi is a highly revered detective with the best clearance rate in the country. Kawasemi could also become the next police superintendent general, a dream which Amammiya also harbours.

Amamiya assigns Isshiki to take point on the investigation to avoid assigning any of her best team members. Kawasemi arrives and grabs immediate attention with his acute observation and nitpicking. He has a streak of blue hair, wears gloves and carries a pair of tweezers. 

Amamiya lists down the peculiarities of Kawasemi’s personality. When Isshiki asks if she knows Kawasemi personally, she says that they worked at the same local station when she was a newbie. Kawasemi spots Isshiki and bluntly states that Isshiki is unfit for detective work because he has zero aptitude.

Amamiya and Kawasemi are at loggerheads from the get go. She disfigures his pair of tweezers when he tries to clear some dust on her. 

Kawasemi beacons his partner Yamane who pops up and handles a new pair of tweezers along with the related case files. The files are meticulously organized and labelled. Yamane says he is happy just helping Kawasemi.

Kawasemi does not like it that Isshiki is assigned to look over the case. He and Yamane then head off to the crime scene without even acknowledging Isshiki.

Yamane narrates the case details. The dead body is found in a truck of a company from Aichi prefecture. The truck driver was told that the cargo contains statues but one of those was a dead body of a man whose hands are cut.

Isshiki is completely ignored by Kawasemi. He works on something that will allow him to work and also be noticed by Kawasemi. Come on, Ron Kamonohashi! Ron appears dressed in a long black overcoat and a pointy hat.

Ron introduces himself as a consultant of hands aka the hand puppet master Tekemono Kamoni. Kawasemi disproves of Tekemono but after he nitpicks, he finds that the hand puppet master might actually be of help.

After Ron hears from Isshiki about Kawasemi’s reputation, Ron is fired up to crack the case before Kawasemi does. Ron takes hold of Yamane to get the case details since Kawasemi won’t bother him with even a glance.

Yamane explains the serial killer case from Aichi Prefecture. The culprit kills with a single stab to the heart and also cuts off the victim’s hands. The culprit is dubbed as “The Hand Collector” because of his modus operandi.

Yamane also reveals that Kawasemi has narrowed down a list of suspects. He also informally investigates one of the suspects and that person’s actions make Kawasemi think that the person might be the killer. The trio ends up in a scuffle and the suspect escapes.

Kawasemi takes it upon himself to solve the case since he let the culprit go. The person that Kawasemi let go is the latest victim. Ron finds this as a fun challenge, and goes on to make deductions of his own based on the dead body. The deceased has a small bird tattoo on his forearm.

Ron gets into a frenzy when he is unable to take the puppets off. Kawasemi dismisses him. Isshiki pulls hard on the hand puppets and ends up crashing into Yamane. Meanwhile, Ron declares that Kawasemi is lying and that Isshiki will be the one to catch the killer.

Kawasemi asks Ron to prove that he is lying. Ron says that Kawasemi has good reflexes and agility which would make it impossible for him to let go of the culprit. Kawasemi agrees that he lied and he did so for Yamane’s sake. The case has been taking a mental toll on Yamane. Yamane who is usually prim and proper was sporting one less button on his coat the other day. So, Kawasemi covered for Yamane’s mistake.

Ron points out to Yamane that he is missing a button again. Yamane launches into a frenzy. Ron shows Yamane that the button is on the hand puppet. Yamane said that he is glad to have found the button again.

Ron calls Spitz, who reveals the dead man’s details. The dead man is a 48-year-old man named Mushanokouji Minoru. He is a part-timer. Spitz is talking from Minoru’s house and the house is covered with hand motifs from wall to wall.

There is also a fridge with three sets of cut hands at his home. Minoru is indeed the Hand Collector. Kawasemi asks Isshiki to explain what just happened when Ron sprays black sugar syrup on Isshiki, thus cutting him off. Ron and Isshiki head out with Ron saying that Isshiki would solve the case. Isshiki cleans up in the washroom and later Ron explains the case to him.

In the evening, Isshiki says that Minoru is the Hand Collector. There is no copycat either. Minoru killed himself. He stabbed himself and someone else remove the jacket he was wearing to make it look like a murder. Minoru knew he would be jailed after Kawasemi closed up on him.

Kawasemi then deduces that Minoru might have killed himself the previous night itself. The only person who met Minoru then was Yamane. Isshiki declares that Yamane cut off Minoru’s hands. He goes to explain Yamane’s actions and his current behaviour.

Yamane profusely denies the allegations. But Isshiki proceeds to explain that Yamane is such a stickler for integrity and prim appearances that he could not come clean to Kawasemi about his lost handcuffs.

Isshiki explains that Yamane must have hid Minoru’s dead body to show that Minoru had escaped and then severed Minoru’s hands. Doing so would make everyone think that the cuffs were gone along with the hands.

Kawasemi protests that his partner would not do such thing. Isshiki says that Kawasemi’s overbearing nature of having everything prim and proper and ideal in his eyes caused Yamane to break under the pressure. Yamane accepts the charges.

Kawasemi consoles Yamane. He says that it will be difficult for Yamane to return as a police officer but he would wait for his partner to return nonetheless. After Yamane is taken away to prison, Kawasemi focuses on Isshiki and Ron. He says that Ron uses Isshiki to harness his power.

Isshiki tells Ron that he did not compel Yamane to die to which Ron says that Yamane did not kill anyone. Kawasemi thinks to himself that Isshiki is indeed a good detective after all.

The Episode Review

Well, Kawasemi is quite the competition for Ron. It was interesting to see Kawasemi get challenged by Ron and vice versa. We see how much over-exertion of rules and the constant need to be impeccable can cause a person to break down under pressure. Poor Yamane. I hope Kawasemi learnt a small lesson from this too. We see Spitz helping Ron and Isshiki like he had promised earlier. The forthcoming episodes just got more interesting!

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