Resident Evil – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Resident Evil begins in The University back in 2030. Jade and Amrita work together to try and reanimate a lizard but decide to “go bigger” and by that, they decide to experiment on a giant crocodile. This is the sea creature underneath the boat, but don’t expect much more of an explanation than that.

How does Jade escape from Umbrella?

In 2022, Billie and Jade are taken back home where they’re forced to pack their bags. While they shuffle inside, Evelyn tries to turn Bert against his clone. Evelyn admits that she’s the one keeping them safe and tries to bring him onboard with her new project.

Back at the house, Billie begins to turn and she pounces on Roth, knocking him down while demanding Jade leave. Billie is brought before Evelyn, where she realizes Billie was the one bitten all those episodes ago. Evelyn rattles off all of Billie’s symptoms and decides to tell her the truth. She also claims to be the only one who can help. Billie complies with Evelyn’s wishes, as it turns out she is infected but for some reason she’s not turning.

Jade meanwhile, heads over to see Simon, whose Mum is drugged up on Joy and gleefully making dinner. Jade speaks to Simon in confidence and reveals the truth about the Joy pills.

What happens to Billie and Jade at the lab?

Simon rings Evelyn, who admits she did drug them but only so she could keep their family together. Simon shuns Evelyn and helps Jade break into the labs, which is still unbelievably unguarded. That’s probably just as well, given Billie breaks free from her room, kills one of the doctors and lashes out at Evelyn. With everything spiraling, Bert shows up and helps calm her down and stop hallucinating.

Jade and Simon catch up and find themselves reunited with Bert and Billie. All of them bust out the room but unfortunately Evelyn and her guards are there. Billie bites Simon and infects him. When Evelyn sees this, she’s shocked but eventually shoots her son in the head. Hey, remember that jogger that Billie scratched back in episode 2? Is he also infected? Who knows, he’s never mentioned again.

Does Albert Wesker die?

With the gang managing to scramble free, Albert decides to sacrifice himself, buying the girls precious time and allowing Bert to live his life. While the trio flee, Albert hands over a note just before they do, telling Jade to “find her”. Evelyn shows up and shoots Albert, promising that she is the future of the company. Albert though, bides his time and eventually blows the lab sky high while Bert, Billie and Jade manage to get free.

In 2036, Jade and Billie are surrounded by zombies. After knocking down her sister, Billie snatches up her tablet from inside and takes off. She unleashes a whole bunch of drones that help turn the tables, easily killing numerous infected.

While they’re fighting, Arjun and the others take off on their boat, pleading with Jade to catch up. She eventually does and grabs hold of a rope, scrambling to safety at the last second. Getting aboard, Jade pleads with them to “press the button” and be done with their pursuers.

What happens to Bea? Does she survive?

Saqim eventually does just this, alongside Arjun as they use keys to press the red button and unleash their secret weapon. And this happens to be their killer croc attached to the back of the ship. It breaks free and begins attacking what’s left of those on the shore. Unfortunately, it turns out Bea has wandered off on her own and she’s not on the boat. What is up with stupid characters in this show?

Anyway, Jade and Arjun decide to try and find her, taking a boat back to shore. Although they track her down, the giant croc turns its attention to them instead. And consequently knocks them both out the boat.

When Jade regains consciousness on the shore, she finds Arjun is in a rough way with a severed leg. He tasks Jade with heading off and tracking down their daughter. As for Billie, she manages to get away in a helicopter.

With a giant croc on the loose, it catches up with Bea but for some reason, it doesn’t attack her. Billie returns to finish the job, shooting the giant croc with a rocket launcher. Somehow, the next scene shows Billie on the ground walking toward her with numerous soldiers down walking toward her.

How does Resident Evil Season 1 end?

Billie is intrigued by the croc not attacking Bea and begins questioning her. In the wake of all this drama, Jade actually catches up with her daughter and is reunited. In order to save Bea, Jade decides to offer herself up to Umbrella. “I don’t need you anymore.” Billie says and shoots Jade in the stomach. She then takes off with Bea and, presumably, the helicopter that was in the air moments before.

Jade is still alive though, and as we see a montage across our two storylines, we see a monster has survived in the remnants of the Umbrella lab, while Albert’s note for Jade is an address to find Ada Wong.

The Episode Review

So if the writing was bad in this show, it’s topped off with a moldy cherry on top; a cliffhanger ending that resolves nothing. This story is so far removed from Resident Evil that it belies belief at times. There are just enough bits of nostalgia to keep fans of the games watching but these are poorly implemented into a story that can’t quite decide what sort of show it wants to be.

There’s clearly a push/pull going on in the writing room between those who want to implement parts of the games and those who very clearly don’t. In the end, we get this strange dual-timeline affair with absolutely no crossover (not yet anyway) and essentially played out as two storylines in one – but neither that interesting.

Most of this show has been preoccupied with teen drama and there hasn’t even been a zombie outbreak, as Billie is clearly Patient Zero alongside her twin sister.

Under any other name other than Resident Evil this may have been okay but the writers have poorly constructed this story with loose worldbuilding and absolutely no rhyme or reason to events that are happening. We get a little history involving 1998 and the original Raccoon City, along with familiar character names, but that’s pretty much it in terms of similarities.

Instead, Resident Evil is the latest in a long line of IPs that have been bastardized and removed from their central premise to the point of being unrecognizable. This is a poor show, with poor writing, poor characters and a poor understanding of what made Resident Evil great to begin with. This one’s a misfire and I’d be surprised if this is renewed for a second season.

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