Has Westworld been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Westworld is HBO’s cerebrally charged sci-fi thriller. Based on the 1973 film of the same name, Westworld’s first season was a groundbreaking piece of TV. The second season and beyond? Not so much. The third season in particular really changed the dynamic of the series, bleeding viewers as a result. However, season 4 has come back and managed to pick things up, bringing back what made the show so good to begin with.

What is Westworld about?

The park has been reset with a new lick of paint, the characters have been revamped and the balance has been rescaled much more effectively this time around. No one character has the upper-hand (looking at you super Maeve who can not be harmed and controls everything) and the season is all the stronger for it.

Our story picks up seven years after the events of season 3. Through fragmented flashbacks (and a lot more during episode 4) we learn that Rehoboam has been destroyed completely. Maeve and Caleb have been fighting the good fight and have now gone their separate ways.

At the end of the last season, Dolores was killed but she’s back again, this time under a new alias of Christina and she doesn’t seem to remember anything. But she is a puzzle box unto herself, with a recurring motif linked to some sort of tower.

There’s also a separate strand involving Bernard, which is clearly going to be a larger part of the story coming in the second half of this season. He’s off on a fetch quest but to where? Well, that would be telling but expect the season to reveal more over time.

We have ongoing coverage of Westworld across the site, including season reviews for all 4 seasons and recaps for every episode. You can check that out HERE.

Has Westworld been renewed for season 5?

At the time of writing, Westworld has not been renewed for season 5. Given the ending though, that’s perhaps going to come as quite the shock.

The viewing figures for Westworld season 4 were, quite simply, atrocious. A lot of money was pumped into the production design of this and the cast (who are still getting paid despite the show being cancelled). Season 3 officially killed interest in the show, with its two Mary Sue characters front and center, and although season 4 went some way to remedy that, it’s clear the damage had already been done.

What we know about season 5 so far:

Given HBO have only just announced a cancellation for Westworld, it’s unclear what the future holds for this sci-fi series. Unless another network picks this up and continues the story, it seems unlikely that this will go any further. The conclusion does open things up for a follow-up but right now, that seems very unlikely indeed.

Would you like to see Westworld return for a fifth season? What did you think of the ending? Will the characters return for a follow-up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. This show costs a 100 million per season to make and HBO has been doing a lot of cuts. If House of Dragon is a success, Westworld will be cancelled the moment ratings are out for House of Dragon

  2. Ok as for season five it should evolved that Christina should show human emotions and make the existing world what’s left to co exist and entail to not to destroy what’s left of the human existence but make us learn that we have feelings, technology has did more that we forgot to use our brains to think and reason. As for knowledge that just a joke, the reason I am saying this I am a product of the 1950,s .now all this technological has been a stand still, for example I can receive anything from Shakespeare to a lexicon and a whiz at crosswords. When technology has been updated and rerouted.but if the series must end ,make it end that technology gets a better chance

  3. Please let there be a season 5
    If season 5 is going to be the very last season please make ending that all viewers will be happy with & not left disappointed.

  4. I love the scenes with Christina and Teddy. Evan Rachel Wood is my fav since I’m from Raleigh NC. Bring them back to the sublime. Young William needs another appearance too. Bring on Season 5.

  5. season 1 and 2 were pretty much a drawn out version of the 2 movies.
    they should have taken it into another direction .

  6. Westworld was one of my best binges and I look forward to season 5. I really enjoy the scenery and the writers keeps the imagination on edge. Lots of twist and turns kind of like life but on a more exciting level. It’s a good escape from all that we have gone through and continue to experience

  7. I’ve loved Westworld from the beginning and am hoping for a fifth season where everyone gets to be happy in an expansion of the main characters since some were killed off they should somehow be brought back.William,though not human is the evilest villain yet and needs to be dealt with in the most horrific way!Some way that would satisfy everyone!Please don’t leave it the way it is now!Dolores,aka Christina should be happy with Teddy even though how things happen in season 4 seem to be her fault I think the evil in her died and what’s left is a sweet sensitive girl who deserves the happiness she was denied and so definitely does Teddy!

  8. I love it, that’s almost the only series I watch. I’ve loved all of the seasons. and the actors are so great. super great.

  9. Season 3 was fine – and its relatively straight forward plot was likely a reaction to *some* viewers not being able to handle Benard’s scrambled memories occurring out of order in Season 2. If you watch all seasons back to back – like I recently did – you’ll see the writing stayed fantastic throughout – but the budget cuts become quite clear during seasons 3 and 4 – still the show remained great IMO. For these writers, creators and actors to pull off a story this well plotted out with as many surprises as they have is quite the accomplishment (every week I catch a reference to previous episodes and how they led to the current situation). I’ve noticed significantly less involvement from Joy (co-wrote 2 eps maybe?) and Nolan (0 eps this season so far), although I’m sure they plot out the season. Regardless, two of the best episodes of the series occurred just a few weeks ago with back-to-back stunners starting with Episode 4’s excellent “Generation Lost” and then its follow-up Episode 5: “Zhuangzi”. These are as good as anything from Season 1 – it’s a shame so called “fans” didn’t trust the writers and creators – they’re missing out on one of the best sci-fi shows ever. Bring on Season 5 for us so called “Outliers”!

  10. Season 3 and 4 was the best part of West World . What were you all watching? Roll on season 5

  11. Heck Yeah!
    I’ve absolutely loved Westworld since its inception (although Season 3 was the series’ weakest season). Season 4 has brought back all the elements that made Season 1 so epic: creative storytelling, varying but not confusing timelines, & a focus on a world where the hosts now have the upper hand. We NEED Season 5 to come full circle & finish the story the way the show’s creators & producers originally meant to.

  12. I love the characters and the twist and turns of the storylines. I went back and binge seasons 2 to 4 and they were great. Got me hooked up. I wish more of the characters and hopefully for season 5.

  13. I sure hope there will be a season 5, I love WW !!! Season 4 is great and much better than 3. Season 1 & 2 were 11s out of 10. Season 3 was a 5 and this season a 9.

  14. Yes, lets all agree that season three was a big bore move at a glacial (before of course accounting for global climate change which makes it a imperfect allegory), and they could have told the same story, and gotten the same points across without the mind numbing slowness…a good example was the tediousness of building the new character of Dolores/Christa. I think they could have seriously done this in one third of the time. And seriously how is it that the entire series uber bad guy William never dies but instead gets to kill so far all the biggest heroes again and again. After all he is by far the most simple of all simpletons with the one atom of intelligence all given over to his one and only agenda—my job is to kill and destroy everything. SO SIMPLISTIC, SO LACKING IN ANY IMAGINATION!!! PLAESE, if you do get a 5th season, you need one where William dies, dies, dies, early on; preferably in the very opening frame of the season, but just after he gets to so a future vision where utopia exists and humans and cyborgs live i perfect harmony with each other.

  15. Being a sci-fi aficionado and enthralled by the original films way back when, I’ve enjoyed all four seasons and hope they return for a 5th.

  16. Westworld is the best show and every season has proven this …
    Cliffhanger HBO knows the quality of its material.
    My opinion is it will be renewed

  17. Hey Gareth, you’re absolutely right I do apologize! Realized the last part of the article in italics said second rather than fifth. I’ve just gone in and corrected that now though, appreciate the heads up!

    -Greg W

  18. I think you mean renewed for a fifth season not renewed for a second season…
    Another second season would be fine. Seasons 3&4 were pants, forget season 5, no one is watching now.

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