Has The Upshaws been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Upshaws is a lively and vibrant Netflix sitcom, with all the usual hallmarks of this genre.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Well, read ahead and we’ll let you know what we know so far about a renewal.

What is The Upshaws about?

With a talented cast at the helm, The Upshaws centers on a working-class African America family in Indiana. At the center of this are Kim Fields and Mike Epps, who are a married couple in a modern family, attempting to navigate through the nuances of modern living.

The episodic structure sees numerous different events occur across the chapters, ranging from affairs, juggling work/life balance, along with an ongoing story involving Regina taking her GMAT.

Has The Upshaws been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, The Upshaws has been renewed for a third season. Given the ending though, there’s certainly room for a sequel should Netflix decide to greenlight this one.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate per episode. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars). Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, The Upshaws has had a pretty mixed reception from critics but more positive from audiences, which is probably behind Netflix’s decision. That’s great news though for fans of the sitcom, which is quickly growing into a reliable sitcom for Netflix.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 3 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 3 at this point, given Netflix have only just green-lit a sequel. However, you can expect plenty more comedy and family shenanigans to interweave across the season, with our characters all returning and engaging in a heartfelt mix of drama and comedy.

Would you like to see The Upshaws return for a third season? Or do you think the story has run its course now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

80 thoughts on “Has The Upshaws been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Martin’s wife ain’t in this show I was confusing Upshaws with that Damon Wayans sitcom/family show that he made a few years ago. Dunno how I did that lol my bad.

  2. Upshaws is dope. The rule I follow when it comes to black comedies is, if it stars (or at least has in its main cast) Mike Epps, Jamie Foxx or Wanda Sykes, it’s gonna be a banger. It hasn’t failed me yet; The Upshaws is bingeworthy feelgood sitcomness plus we have the bonus of seeing Martin’s hot wife in this show now and even though it’s been like 30 years the woman hasn’t even gained a wrinkle, she looks incredible.

    The show has been renewed and we’re getting a season 3, but Netflix is on a murder spree with its content and has been axing a TON of its best shows and cult favorites after the first 1/2 seasons, so steel yourself for the fact Upshaws may not get a 4th and pray that they end Season 3 with an episode that gives some kind of ambiguous closure (as paradoxical as that might sound)..

  3. Yes bring back up Shores season 3 but please make the season longer much longer not just Eight Episodes also bring back the original cast this show was the best you ever had Netflix

  4. Pleeaaaseeeew bring back the Upshaws! I want to HU with Wanda Sykes and she was hilarious then. is hilarious. Mike Epps and Kim Fields are funny too, and I look forward to the show. Bring it back! Bring it back!😀

  5. Please Netflix bring on the 3rd season of the upshaws. It’s a great and funny comedy. I absolutely loved the other 2 seasons.

  6. Please Renew this sitcom. I love that this show brings true situations on television that were never brought to TV before. Such as situations with the husband giving a car to the mother of his child. Hmmm

  7. Hurry up and bring mike Epps and the gang back for season 3 and this time with more advertising about the upcoming season, my son mentioned it to me and because I didn’t see any advertising about season 2 I had to go back any binge watch entire season 2 and yes! Well worth it, so come on with season 3 Asap

  8. Hoping for a new season as well like some of the previous post finding something to watch is a chore anymore I find little series on Netflix and they are canceled after one or two seasons if they are lucky maybe three Netflix we are ever so grateful for your platform but stop killing your series that is ordinary people like leave the critiquing to us real viewers not those stuffy shirts

  9. Netflix would b crazy not to renew a season 3.
    This show is so funny. Real life issues.
    And the entire cast is always in sync.
    Bring back the Upshaw’s please. Thank you

  10. See this why I keep Netflix for awhile then cancel they axx.Soon as you find a series you like they want to play the numbers game, please put season 3,4,5 etc out there we won’t let you down. Or I’ll just come back for a little while until I get tired of seeing the same stuff over and over. Ijs

  11. I really enjoy The Upshaws. The cast and The storylines. I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for over 15 years. The Upshaws is one of the reasons I continue as a Netflix subscriber.

  12. Watched both seasons on my day off and two things happened. I enjoyed it completely and identify with the story line and two wish I had not watched both seasons so quickly because now I have to find something else to watch so a third season is needed

  13. This is one of the most ‘real’ shows I’ve seen in a long time. It gives a good perspective into the reality of what life is like for millions of Americans with families that have very similar circumstances, WITHOUT glorifying the ‘ho’ aspect or any other negative stigmas. I feel this show could really help families learn to competent and give a positive ‘roll model’ for dads that don’t live with all or some of their children. COME ON NETFLIX! use your platform!

  14. I’m so upset I slept on this one! By far one of the best shows on Netflix at the moment. Wanks Sykes is a revelation and our little “Tootie” is all grown up and beautiful. The Dynamic is perfect and the punchlines are over the top hysterical. Looking forward to a third season!

  15. I would love see
    Episode 3 very good
    Show it was very realistic sitcom show they ever put on TV please
    I really want know what happened when they when to jail so i joy thery episode 3
    Thank you

  16. Too much cursing but funny… Shows did teach on Parenting/Acceptance/Bullying & Consequences/Cheating Separation From Family/Life change with prison mentality still /keeping family out of your business kids/drinking blaming others/Misunderstandings/trust/
    forgiveness etc.

  17. I just finished watching this ready to play the next season and then it wasn’t there! You all need to green light and go with this show, it has the best punch lines! Humor, clean to watch, and lifted my spirits! Please renew the show!!!

  18. Kim Fields !!!!! Wow !

    I’m 47 years old and I am so delighted to rediscover for myself Kim Fields on screen greatness here by watching The Upshaws. She is awesome, dynamic, funny, sexy, and of course all around beautiful here in the role as Regina Upshaw the hardworking mother and wife of a blue collar auto mechanic. I don’t ever recall having a crush on Tootie of Facts of Life, but I definitely have one here on Regina of The Upshaws and are essentially watching this Netflix show because of her. Lol I liked Facts of Life and upon seeing her in this show I can’t help but think it’s unfortunate that she seemingly never previously played such a central role on a TV sitcom like this until now. I realize there is more to show business that goes beyond acting and behind the camera, like producing, writing, directing, etc., which I bet she became quite accomplished since Facts of Life. Yet she is so wonderful here in the role as Regina Upshaw and I really wish to see a lot more of Kim Fields in the future either in TV or Movies. The other actors and actresses in the show are appreciated as well.

  19. Please bring the Upshaws back for season 3 & many more seasons. I enjoyed every episode.

  20. Please renew season 3 i watch season 1&2 everdaylove this show well cast very funny too.

  21. I hope they continue this series. I’m hooked. I need more shows. Netflix please keep it going.

  22. I just love the Upshaws! You don’t know how many times I watch season 1and 2 back to back. They’re now my family, a hilariously funny family. Please bring back season 3 because I have to see what happens with Lacreatia and Benny in jail for the stolen parts and to see if Benny Jrs daughter is really his daughter.
    Please I’m hooked on this show!!! Thank you🙌🏼❤️
    Season 3 The Upshaws!!!!!


  24. I had heard about the show on the view when Kim Fields was one of the guests. And they talked about the show. I started watching it on Monday the 18th and finished July 29 I couldn’t stop watching the show. I looked at episode one and two and it took me two days and I want more. It is funny as hell and it had me laughing. Great show. Please let me know if there is a third season because I will watch it.

  25. Please renew for 3rd season and more after, very Funny most definitely needed specially in the World 🌎 right now, we need to laugh, please renew

  26. Upshaws is reality in so many homes. N their language speaks our language. Renew it please n keep it going.

  27. Yes!! There needs to be more shows like this on Netflix! And with a cast including two hilarious comedians, Mike Epps, AND Wanda Sykes?? It’s the a perfect duo. There are not enough black sitcoms on Netflix or any other streaming outlets, besides Tyler Perry’s. No disrespect to Perry- I LOVE him, but his sitcoms aren’t the best. The Upshaws is GOOD, and makes me laugh hard out loud!!! But we need more scenes with Epps and Sykes, like season one when they get drunk together! I couldn’t stop laughing. Please bring it back for another season!!!!!!

  28. Yes, keep the series going. In this chaotic world the Upshaws provides laughter to a too often depressing time that we are all living in.

  29. It’s a must this show is better than shows on regular tv even have ideas about plots for the 3rd season

  30. Yes we need a third season we waited so long for the second season it was not long enough I’m really looking forward to the third season and please don’t take so long this time everyone I speak to ,that seen it feels the same way. 😆

  31. Why is there any hesitation about renewing THE UPSHAWS? It is only the best written, funniest, best ensemble cast on television. Quick witted with quips unparalleled by any other comedy show.
    THE UPSHAWS, MODERN FAMILY, SCRUBS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT are some of the most brilliantly written scripts. You have to be alert and aware to get the references on THE UPSHAWS which we love. I explained the reference of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME in one episode to my husband. I know all my students in English got it!

  32. Yes, this show is refreshing and very relatable. I enjoy the comedic bantering with all the cast members. Wanda, Mike, and Kim are great together. Please, give us at least 10 seasons!!
    Thanks in advance

  33. I love this show!!! I watched season 2 a soon as it came out! I’m ready to see more! Wanda Sykes and Michael Epps are hil-freakn-larious and Kim Fields is a living Legend! All of the cast members mesh well and bring a wonderful quality to the show. Plus, we need this show…. it’s so….real! And funny!

  34. Just finished season 2 and this sitcom hits on a lot of real life situations👏👏👏. I can see some of my life situations is this show. Can’t wait for season 3💛❤💛❤

  35. Oh please, please, renew The Upshaw’s.
    There isn’t any other sitcom on any channel that is smart, funny and intelligent.
    Most stop at sit and forget good writing, actual humor and cast chemistry.
    The Upshaw’s have it all.

  36. Please add a season 3. Wanda Sykes is ridiculous funny. There’s too much going on right now to leave the show hanging. Kim Fields is one of my all-time favorites too. I love her in this role as a working mom.

  37. My husband and I Love the Upshaws,So Realistic! Please, Please let there be a season 3.. Season 2 left so much up in the air, would Love to see how everything turns out..

  38. Yes please continue with as many Seasons as possible.. This show is the best thing from Netflix in a long time.. Can’t go wrong with Mike and Wanda!! But please don’t make us wait too long between Seasons!!!!

  39. I WOULD love to see 3rd season of the Upshaws. I love the show and it has alot of comedy and moments. Pleas let their be another season.

  40. Please please please make a season 3 cause at the end of season 2 it was getting good and I need to know what’s going to happen next please make a season 3

  41. This show needs more seasons. I’ve always enjoyed watching Mike Epp’s movies and stand ups. But this show made me laugh and think of life in a positive way. I would love to see more seasons for this show.

  42. I absolutely love the show. Very relatable. However, Kim Fields just does not sound good with all the profanity. I can’t believe she allowed her character to play this part in such a way. But oh well, I enjoyed the show and hopefully we will get a season 3!

  43. I absolutely LOVE the Upshaws!! It’s so real and relatable. I hope it gets many more seasons. Netflix needs to keep this one going. Wanda Sykes is hilarious as always!

  44. Yes I love the show please bring it back for a season 3,4 and beyond. It’s so real life humor

  45. I love this show its funny and has me laughing out loud love it loveit please renew for a third season the actors are great

  46. Season 3 PLEASE!! My family, customers and neighbors love this show. Can’t get funnier than Mike Epps and Wanda.

  47. Season 3 please! This show keeps me on stitches! Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes are hilarious. Reminds me of Good Times. I so need laughter in my life now!!! Bring it back!

  48. Wait wait how you all get season 2 early we just got it over here in omaha Nebraska damn it’s so true we’re like 10 years behind 😂 just finished watching season 2 was great!!!

  49. Upshaw, definitely need yo continue. The suspense of raising a Big family, Oldest son Bernard has a daughter, Kelvin and Sister best friend kissed. ? Beenie and his boy who connected him with cheap parts, plus Lucricia and Sister, will they come back as a family. The suspense? Continue with the Upshaw season 3,4 and the the finale.

  50. Yes, a third season should be a go…. Can’t leave an open plot… it’s funny, it’s entertaining and it’s a family comedy show I can relate too….keep it going… dont leave it henging….Love the show, love the cast…it’s a keeper for many more seasons.

  51. YES YES YES!!! We love Everything about this show!!! Please renew!!! It puts smiles on our faces!! Lifts up our hearts!! Lots of chuckles throughout the show! Love Wanda Sykes!! Please make the right choice on this one!!!

  52. I really love this show. It makes me laugh and remember things my mom use to say. The show makes me feel good and laugh a lot but also has some seriousness in regards to certain situations covered. Hope there is a season 3.

  53. I seen season 1and 2 loved it please season 3 I hope so please. It’s a comfort show.

  54. What a funny show. Wanda Sykes, Kim Fields (all grown up!) as sisters, with real relatable family issues. Today’s family of Baby Daddy and Baby Momma dramas made with humor and love. One of the best Netflix comedies ever!

  55. I love the show. It’s more realistic than most of the crazy stuff on TV. The everyday life reminds me if the Jeffersons the Cosby Show and Martin had a baby and a side chick.

    I hope it comes back there is plenty real life to laugh a out.

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