Has The Orville been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Orville began life as a Star Trek parody, but Seth McFarlane’s sci-fi series has since become something far more dramatic and meaningful. Season 3 touched on the theme of what it means to be alive, for example, and some of the episodes dealt with such weighty subjects as gender change, suicide, and the power of forgiveness.

Of course, The Orville is still a comedy at heart so there are still laughs to be had. However, the show’s dramatic subplots set it apart from similar space spoofs that are no longer in existence, and are the reason, perhaps, for The Orville’s enduring popularity.

But will The Orville be back for a Season 4? Or have we seen the last of  Ed Mercer, Kelly Grayson, and the rest of the Orville crew?

Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

Has The Orville been renewed for Season 4?

Many people expected Season 4 to be announced at Disney’s annual D23 Expo this year. Unfortunately, there was no news of a new season of The Orville, but as the show has proven popular with both critics and audiences, it would be disappointing if the show was cancelled.

In an interview published at TV Line, Seth McFarlane discussed a fourth series but he wasn’t sure if his show would be renewed. He said:

“It’s tough to chart what exactly what a Season 4 would be because when we started writing Season 3, half the stuff that happened — the shifting of the Alliances, the Kaylon becoming an ally, the Moclans becoming enemies — I never could have predicted. It’s just something that came about in the writers’ room over time. Certainly, we set up threads this year, and most were pretty obvious, that lend themselves to payoffs in a Season 4, but how everything intertwines and evolves and develops…. I don’t even know if we’re picked up!”

Fans of the shows are certainly keen for a Season 4 and if you’re disappointed that there hasn’t been official word on a new series just yet, you might want to join the legion of other fans and sign the petition at Change.org.

What could happen in Season 4?

Season 3 ended on a happy note, despite the tragic loss of one of the main season’s characters in the penultimate episode. And several of the major plotlines were wrapped up. As such, there isn’t necessarily a need for Season 4 as Season 3 ended on a positive and conclusive note.

However, with a whole universe to explore and the potential for further adventures, there is still plenty of scope for another season.

If it is given the green light, we will likely see Ed and Kelly grow closer together as they seemed to fall back in love with one another at the end of Season 3. The relationship between Isaac and Claire will likely develop too, perhaps with an exploration of what married life looks like when one partner is a human and another is a robot!

This is just speculation but if you have your own ideas for Season 4, please let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

Who could be in Season 4?

If the show does return, we will likely see most of the major cast members again. As a reminder, these include:

Seth MacFarlane: Capt. Ed Mercer
Adrianne Palicki: Cmdr. Kelly Grayson
Penny Johnson Jerald: Dr. Claire Finn
Scott Grimes: Lt. Gordon Malloy
Peter Macon: Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
J. Lee: Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr
Mark Jackson: Isaac

Sadly, there are some cast members who won’t return for Season 4. Norm McDonald, who voiced the gloopy green alien Yaphit, passed away last year, so even if his character does return, we will no longer be blessed with his comedic voicework. Lisa Banes, who played the role of Speria Balask, also passed away after being involved in a tragic accident.

Without going into spoilers, there will be another cast member missing from Season 4 as their character met an untimely end near the end of Season 3. If you have seen the show, you will already know who we are talking about.

When could Season 4 be released?

If the show is given the green light for a fourth season, we might see Season 4 at the end of 2023. Of course, this is assuming all of the cast and crew can fit the show into their busy schedules. As they haven’t been granted official word of a renewal, they will likely busy themselves with other projects over the coming months so we might have to wait a while longer before we see them together again.

This is all we know for now but if The Orville does get a fourth season, we will update this page accordingly.

Would you like to see a fourth season of The Orville? What did you think of the last season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

30 thoughts on “Has The Orville been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. When you can laugh and cry in anyone episode you know you are onto a winner. I have loved SI-FI all my life and watched countless shows. Star trek has always been a favourite of mine. The Orville has somehow eclipsed it!! I join the thousands of people who wish for a season 4 (and more). Save the show Disney you are onto a winner!!

  2. Yes love The Orville! The Space scenes or excellent! Some of the best in cinemas today! There’s plenty of story lines to continue, Seth MacFarlane is a good creator and actor worth watching!

  3. Just discovered The Orville and enjoying it thoughly.My family has enjoyed all the Star Trek series and find Orville evolving into a very interesting serries so far. Hoping to see the Betazoids types in future yet. Feringie types? My family is loving what we’ve seen so far.

  4. Yes, please, keep the show going! The whole household loves it and was so disappointed to find there was no season 4. 😭

  5. The show has great entertainment value and I always enjoy watching it. I have viewed all 3 seasons twice as there is always something that I catch the second time around. Please renew for another season and hopefully if it’s great another season after that. Most shows run their courses after about 5 seasons. The cast is awesome and deserve at least another season. I also like the idea of star celebrities making appearances, Bruce Willis’s voice for that flower was so funny.

  6. We definitely need a season 4. There are so many questions left unanswered. Namely Ed’s daughter. What happens with her? Also I’d like to see more about the spider people we saw in the “ Shadow Realm” episode. It was said in that episode that we would see them again.

  7. This is a great show. It start as a parody of star trek but it took a life of their own. We need a 4, 5, and 6 season, because there is so many questions unanswered. And please do not do like season 3 that took an eternity.

  8. Apart from the wrong decision to drop the beautiful Halston Sage seasons 1,2 and 3 have been brilliant funny and thought provoking dealing with our times issues, I’ve spent the last week totally engrossed in the first 3 seasons and would have no problem watching another 3 or 4 or more, being a Star Trek fan for many years it makes the show even more special when some of the trek cast make appearances.

  9. How about giving us a Disney comic book of season four just like Marvel so we can at the very least read what the writers already wrote for season four.There are so many positives on a out come of sales and gives you more time to put a season four into production.

  10. The series went so much further than what it’s original premise was. It actually dares to question about the main current hypes in the global world today. I see some people here already got triggered. Perhaps less #makefeelgood TV and more constructive criticism in a jacket of a delightful show as this is what we exactly need.

  11. I just watched The Orville Season 3 episode 7,From Unknown Graves. There was a part,in the show,where Topa,Boratus & the othe father’s daughter,finally got changed,to female. I was Very Happy,about that. I was glad,they did show her,as a young female child. I was expecting that. I also watched episode 8.Midnight Blue. Topa got snatched from Haveena’s Colony. Just because,she was female & that Haveena gave her,some secret information,that went against the Peace Treaty. To be Honest, when she went before the Council,to testify that she was went against the Treaty,it Really,Truly touched my Heart. I almost cried,when she was speaking the truth. Yes. It did Hurt me,to see Topa get Physically Abused by a man. Made me Mad!! If this show,is aspired from the Original Star Trek,I do not think,anybody on that show,got abused,like Topa did!!!!…Very Shameful,of Disney+,to allow,’Child Abusement,to be seen,on their platform!!!!..I DO NOT CARE,IF THE ABUSEMENT,WAS MEANT TO BE SEEN………IT SHOULD NOT BE SEEN!!!!!!……NOT ON TV OR ANY PLATFORM..PERIOD!!!!!!!………IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF,IMEDIATELY!!!!!!….I WANT THE PERSON/PERSONS RESPONSIBLE,FOR IT TO BE ALLOWED…….TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!

  12. I do hope there will be a season 4, this show has grown so much and I applaud Seth and the entire cast and crew. This show has grown beyond a love letter to Star Trek to become Appointment viewing in its own right!

  13. I would love to see a season 4 & beyond. I would like to see what happens with Ed’s daughter. If those creatures they found in krill space come back. What happens now that the chancellor is jailed & a lot more.

  14. i love this show and would like see more then 16-20 shows a yr. I am a Star Trek fan since I was in school and this show is diff and love how the special ideas that you can see we are dealing now.

  15. What would be an equivalent race in The Orville for The Ferengi? Money, in terms of their own planet, and shocking salespeople, with some weird alien stuff that is helpful like super-strength. A bit like door-to-door meets Star Trek, but they are telepaths so you can’t put anything fake past them. They KNOW what you want, LOL.

    And a bit like the episode about the society that upvotes and downvotes, one of the crew is walking behind a rather attractive female, who is telepath, and she gives him a filthy look LOL.

    Or Ed Mercer goes to a planet where they actually still have J W’s LOL instead of worship of Kelly, just sad distraught J W’s trying to get by in a world that has long since forgotten them, until they have something their planet needs etc.

  16. I am old enough to remember when the first Star Trek began and I was a fan. I was hooked from the start. The Orville is better than a parody of Star Trek. I hope for more seasons.

  17. I have only just found this show on Disney+ and it is so much more than a spoof of Star Trek, which I had been led to believe. As I write this I have nearly finished season 3, but I already know that there has to be another season and hopefully more than that.

    Save this show.

  18. At first, I thought this series was stupid, but it and its characters have grown in depth and there are real issues between them. I have always been excited every week to watch the next episode! Granted, I wish there were more episodes in a season, but I’ll take what the give us. I’m voting for renewal!!!!

  19. Enough of these teases. I want to see a season 4 with 16 – 20 episodes that they can release over 2 years.

  20. Great ideas, thanks! Here’s hoping the next season – if it happens – incorporates your suggestions.

  21. I would like to see an alternate evil universe episode. Almost every version of star trek has one of these episodes. That and malfunctioning holo decks. I would also really like to see a space cowboy. Specifically Nathan Fillion for a guest star appearance. Was thinking he could play a rich benefactor that supports the union with his vast fortune thats been handed down for generations from owning a ranch. Mals waygu meat is the best in the galaxy, and very expensive because of food replicators. All the aliens love mals meat claiming exotic distinct textures and tastes compared to replication meats.

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