Has The Empress been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Empress has captivated audiences and given them a déjà vu. Just like Netflix’s super successful The Crown, The Empress is an extremely impressive period piece with almost a psychological twist. Unlike many shows grounded in the past, the show is not so much about history as it is about historical figures.

Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz’s marriage and the former’s subsequent time in the palace navigating the royal duties and her love affair with Franz are at the core of the plot.

Having finished season 1 and the cliffhanger it ends at, you must be wondering if it has been renewed for season 2. Here’s what we know:

What is The Empress about?

Elisabeth (Devrim Lingnau) is wedded to the Emperor of Austria, Franz (Philip Froissant) in an unexpected turn of events. Originally, Elisabeth’s sister Helene (Elissa Schlott) was supposed to marry the Emperor but a chance meeting and love, at first sight, changed things.

Franz’s overbearing matriarch, Sophie (Melika Foroutan), keeps a tight watch over her son’s personal and political life. Brother Maximilian (Johannes Nussbaum) is a bit of a show-off and wild goose, much like Elisabeth, who takes time adjusting to the royal traditions and excesses the palace offers her.

Season 1 focuses on this reconciliation of the Empress’ free-spirited worldview and the restrictive walls of royalty. In the background, a bloody conspiracy brews from those who revolt against the crown’s ways. At the core of the tension is an imminent war between the Russians and the Allied, forcing the Empire to make a difficult choice.

We have extensive coverage of The Empress on the site, including ongoing recaps for all episodes. You can check that out HERE!

Has The Empress been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing this, The Empress has officially been renewed for season 2. The Empress was billed as a limited series but given how the finale ends and the fact that the show had been trending in the top 10 for several months, this is great news.

Moreover, instant comparisons to The Crown and critical appreciation for season 1 are more fundamental and sound reasons for Netflix to come up with the announcement soon.

This article over at DigitalSpy breaks down the details in full but it’s great to see the show will be returning for more in the future.

What could happen in Season 2 and when could it be released?

In terms of plot, writers have an entire life to choose from. Elisabeth reigned for a long time and saw many a war in her tenure. Her eccentric and mysterious personality also garnered the attention of many historians. Her shenanigans while on the throne – like building a castle on a Greek island and learning Greek to live in isolation – will keep us guessing as to season two’s plot. The sky is the limit for season 2. It should begin from the moment season 1 ended – Elisabeth winning the confidence of the public, something the crown couldn’t do for decades.

Season 1 was itself light on historical accuracy so that element also remains. We might even be able to see it only in the second half of 2023.

Are you happy to see The Empress renewed for season 2? What do you think will happen in the next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Please, please complete the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It is a great series even though it is not in English – kept watching.

  2. Loved the series. I hope you continue series. We truly need to see more after that ending. Wouldn’t be fair to end it there.

  3. You really must continue the series! The whole production is wonderful and deserves continuation. Also, not doing so makes the audience lose faith in the network and it’s follow through.

  4. Yes please finish out this story!! I just watched the six episode of season one and want to watch more! The ending leaves you compelled to watch further. I want to know what happens and the love story between Franz and Elisabeth…. Loved season one!

  5. The Empress was incredible!
    I could not stop watching. I watched the whole season in one day. Please renew for more seasons! The story line is incredible, mysterious and haunting. The actors are so believable as is the set!
    I’m hooked!

  6. A resounding YES! I was so so disappointed when it ended. I’ve read about her and this production is glorious. Please bring it back for many more seasons!

  7. The fan base is there. The screen wrıtıng ıs good. Hıstorıcal accuracy ıs aiso better than expected. She was a complex character for a gırl of 16 when marrıed and ın that court wıth that mother-ın-law survıval was not a gıven. I am bettıng Netfiıx wıll provıde further seasons that wıll take us at least to the Mayerlıng “ıncıdent” and maybe to her assassınatıon. The people love thıs kınd of story, aiways loved Sısı, and demonstrate the usefuness of monarchy wıth ıts star system just lıke the movıes.

  8. Yes. The Empress is one of the best produced and performed original series, and it completely engaged both my spouse and me. I recommend it to all who love to dream between the lines of history.

  9. I hesitated to watch “The Empress”, and I avoid new series in general, but I got caught up in it. Since it ended with a cliffhanger, as much as I enjoyed it, I was frustrated that it ended abruptly, with no further seasons in the works. Netflix should let subscribers know when series are incomplete. I agree with comments that Netflix should not disappoint subscribers by leaving them hanging, wondering if there will be future episodes, let alone a satisfying ending. I think I’ll go back to only watching movies and documentaries. I’m also going to search for biographies of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, either in book or audio form.

  10. More of “The Empress”… it was a beautiful story that you want to continue … the love story also to continue please …don’t break our hearts ….it’s the best thing I’ve seen on net Netflix for many years …and I watch a lot of their international language stories …it must continue please please please!

  11. The Empress was like a book I couldn’t put down! The fabulous story with twists and turns. Terrific acting and the breath taking costumes. For my sanity please can we have more?

  12. Season 2 yes please! I really was interested, I feel like ending was unfinished. I loved the characters and the storyline.

  13. I wholeheartedly agree we need a second season, or the rest of the first! Most of Netflix original series have 10-12 episodes in the 1st season. Why only 6 with the Empress???

  14. As most people did make comments regarding how NETFLIX shows us something without being able to finish it.

    As all, YES, I would like to see many more episodes of The Empress show.

    Yes, it is a great production, the actors are so well prepared, excellent cinematography, excellent acting, very highly prepared all the dresses, great designs. It’s a real shame not to see more of it.

    So please screenwriters, keep going with your excellent work. We really would like to see more of this beautiful presentation. Thank you.

  15. Yes please continue with season 2 of the Empress. It left you hanging at the end and I hate that. Very disappointing in the end!

  16. Loved this show.
    I hate watching a series, and boom, no more.
    Really considering cancel Netflix, this is not the first series I watched and suddenly, no more series.
    This is so disappointing once again, no wonder you are loosing customers.
    So, we are paying to watch a series and just like that no more.

  17. It would be a disservice to The Empress story if it does not continue. The cinematography, actors, costumes and story line is excellent. It would be disappointing in so many ways if the series does not continue with additional seasons.
    If the audience has any influence in the decision – we seek additional seasons, just like The Crown.

  18. I loved I can wait for more episodes please Netflix make more episodes is a very good show ❤️ The Empress ❤️

  19. YES YES YES !!!! Empress must continue for more seasons . So cruel not to . Loooove the characters and believability. Very addictive to watch . Just want MORE !!!

  20. Loved the story and the characters. The ending scene where she goes out to be with the people was the best moment of the show and guarantees a following for subsequent seasons. The only downside was their decision to go woke and dress the little boy in a dress at the end. Hopefully they don’t destroy this series like so many of their contemporary writers have done to theirs. I just want the fictionalized history, keep your politics to yourself.

  21. Such a rich and eventful life. It would be a joke to end the story with the 6th episode of season 1. Just ridiculous. Excellently made series and definitely meriting multiple season follow ups. Season 2 – at least 10 episodes please…. Ditto for seasons 3,4 and 5. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  22. Please please we all need season 2 can’t leave it like that, I absolutely loved it so so please please let’s have season 2susan

  23. We thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of the Empress and look forward to hopefully a Season 2. Do not disappoint us. It was a joy to view an adult programme.

  24. Please please please, do a series 2. Loved the empress series 1 . You can’t leave us in this limbo!!!

  25. Excellent series and well acted but ending of series 1 at a cliffhanger for a, I am sure enthusiastic audience is rather cruel. It is like seeing an unfinished masterpiece which is just about to reach a climax and suddenly the power switched off.
    We demand Series 2 to put us out of our misery 🙏❤️Joe

  26. Despite the liberties taken by the writers and the director in terms of the actual history of the Empress Sisi of Austria, the drama on Netflix is an excellent one. I implore Netflix to continue the series.

  27. Definitely needs a season 2. It should be historically accurate. Otherwise it will lose credibility..

  28. Of course the life of Sisi, Empress Elizabeth, was long, fascinating and eccentric. To do her justice a number of seasons should be filmed. I sincerely doubt that any embellishments will be needed as her life was full of exciting and tragic events.

  29. Great series but quite short with only 6 episodes to view. And the last show leaves us without a satisfactory ending. Give us more of Elisabet and her untraditional behavior along with the other dysfunctional family members. Great casting and a stunning production.

  30. This is one of the better series from Netflix, both in plot and aesthetics. If a first series has to end, it ended perfectly. The ending keeps us all looking forward and patiently waiting for Season Two.

  31. Hello writer it would be a great honor if you do a season 2,3,4-10 . Because you just have to. Thank you

  32. Absolutely needs more episodes and more seasons. The story really isn’t finished by no means, and did I miss something? Isn’t she pregnant? Doesn’t need for the matriarch to push her out, yet, Franz needs to know, many scenario opportunities. Darn it,,, only 6 episodes, that’s just too short IMHO ❤️

  33. LOVED season 1. Binngge watched in 2 days. Will re watch again. Such a good production. The settings,costumes and acting were brilliant. PLEASE, Netflix we need more seasons of The Empress.

  34. I binges watched it in 2 days and was enthralled with every moment! Please please Netflix make at least a season 2 if not more. Fantastic characters, fantastic script, fantastic story!!

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