Has Tehran been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Tehran is a nail-biting thriller set deep in the heart of Mossad operations. Tamar is our protagonist, and she engages in numerous high-stake operations.

What is Tehran Season 2 about?

Tehran season 2 sees Tamar and Milad on the run from the authorities. They’re desperate to get out of town, with Faraz working to track them down before they escape.

Complicating matters further is Mohammadi, the new General who’s promoted. He promises swift vengeance to all those who may oppose the country.

With Mossad working to get Tamar out, our protagonist breaks protocol and makes stopping The General her number 1 priority.

We have extensive coverage on Tehran season 2 across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 8 episodes, which you can find HERE.

Has Tehran been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, AppleTV+ has not renewed Tehran for season 3. Given Apple’s track record for renewing a lot of its shows, it’ll be interesting to see if they do renew this one.

Both critic and audience reviews have been pretty good for this season and the ending is pretty ambiguous too, with room for another season should Apple decide to green-light this one.

Given how many Apple shows have been renewed, plus how solid this show actually is, we predict that Tehran will be renewed for season 3.

What we know about season 3 so far:

Not much is known about season 3 at the time of writing. Given Apple’s great track record with renewals, we’ll have to wait and see if they decide to renew this for another season.

It’s likely that Tehran will get the nod, and the story could develop certain aspects from the final, including THAT final scene (no spoilers here!) and what it means for Tamar’s future

We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it becomes available.

Would you like to see Tehran return for a third season and beyond? What did you think of seasons 1 and 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. One of the best series on TV right now. I can’t wait for season 3 because the first 2 seasons were spell binding.

  2. More of Tehran!! This is one off the best thrillers, that I have watched. i do have one question: why was the funeral by the clerics spoken in Arabic? I assumed that it would have been in Persian.

  3. I hope there is a season 3! Although many of the nail biting scenes seemed to far off to be real, it provided a modern James Bond thriller! It was entertaining enough to keep me glued to my seat and continue with my Apple TV subscription, so there you go Apple TV, it’s making $$!

  4. Please renew for Season 3, three adults in this household look forward to watching Tehran and heartily want renewal.

  5. ***WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Nail-biting questions for Season 3 – Why did Nahid murder Marjan; did her husband Faraz tell her to? And the General of the RG was supposed to be killed by an aerosol; so how did Tamar and Milad manage to so quickly and with such ease organise the blowing up of where the General was paying his respects to Peyman? I know a bomb was detonated by the mobile but the phone or the bomb didn’t blow up straight away when the mobile was answered; I guess it had a 20-second time delay. There’s no way Milad could have escaped their car blowing up and it was obviously meant to kill the both of them once they were in it and Milad started the engine. Tamar can trust no one now; how will she escape from Iran: and will she have to seek asylum in another country because she didn’t have permission from Mossad to take the General out? She can claim that Marjan lied to her – which was true up until the last half an hour or so in their time which was edited for the episode – and she was unaware this was the case and carried on using another method as she thought the aerosol method was too difficult to proceed with.

  6. The series is overall good and I enjoy the suspense. I can also practice some Farsi. What I don’t like about the show is the opening music which NOT Persian and it’s really annoying – please change that music. In series 2, I’m impressed that Glenn Close is speaking Farsi although many Iranians may not understand what she’s trying to say in Farsi. Can you make the series end with Iran becoming a Democracy without a theocratic regime and allow women to dress however they wish and not have to cover up their hair with a hijab?

  7. I hate TV but absolutely
    Love Tehran. Intelligently made. Mail biting suspense. We need season 3,4,5,6 and beyond. Thank you for creating this show. So refreshing!

  8. I loved season 1&2. So much I watched both seasons in 1 day. It’s that good ‼️
    Once again please give us Season 3.
    The ending was ..OK now what happens to Tamar ??!!
    So many questions to answer, amazing plots
    & twists. Go for it Apple‼️‼️

  9. PLEASE RENEW fir Season 3🙏🙏
    The end of Season 2 left me frustrated.
    There MUST be a Season 3‼️ Gotta end better for Tamar than this‼️

  10. Although I love this programme I do sornd most of the time hiding under a blanket because I can’t watch !! So tense

  11. I truly enjoyed Seasons 1&2 of Tehran and am awaiting Season 3 and beyond. A truly refreshing series.

  12. Tehran is an absolutely brilliant show, as was Fauda on Netflix. Here’s hoping they quickly get series 3 and more after that, on the go quickly. I would also like to see a further series of the great Aussie show Mr Inbetween.

  13. Yes you must renew Apple TV!!! The show is so well done as are most Israeli shows. Very gripping. We need to know what will happen to Tamar as she is totally alone in Tehran The Guards are after and the Missad tried to killer. She had no friends or contacts. We need some closure.

  14. I think this triller action about spy’s series is a masterpiece. Please Apple renew is a must!!! So that the public can choose between junk and masterpieces.

  15. This show is so good. The end of season 2 had so many surprising twists. I thought, “there’s no way they would do X”, and then they did it. Really great cast. And I can’t help liking some of the “bad guys” too because it shows their human side too.

  16. A 3rd season is a must, usually not a fan of any kind of series, this one really grabbed me and made me waiting for the next one. The final of the 2nd season leaves so many open optionas, please go,ahead!

  17. Yes please. More Tehran. I just finished the 2nd season and it was a nail biter. Lots of surprises.
    Looking forward to season 3.

  18. Tehran is one of if not the best show I have seen in a long time! I just watched Season 2 finale and was totally shocked in a good way at the ending! I am a film critic and life long film nut and figure things out very quickly! This got me! This show has to have another season at least! Well written and really well acted! This is so good and timely! I will lose faith in Apple+ if they can’t see this!!! HBO screwed up cancelling “Deadwood”. This for this fairly new channel would be the same! It’s that good! Season 3 please!

  19. Apple should absolutely renew this for a 3rd season. Great story line, well acted, exciting, very binge-worthy.

  20. Apple — Please RENEW!!!

    A great show that is different from the rest and leads me to watch other shows on Apple TV.

    Thank you

  21. Absolutely brilliant show. Definitely want to see Session 3. One of the better shows on Apple TV.

  22. Please give us Season 3 …
    This show is punctuating my week. Brilliant characters… compelling. We need more, please!

  23. The way these wonderful guys are acting I am sure the director, producers, and script writers themselves might think this is real.

  24. Apple absolutely needs to renew Tehran! It’s probably my favorite series on Apple and we need to find out what happens next with Tamar !!

  25. Love the show! The cast is very good. I like Tamar and boyfriend. I can’t wait for another season

  26. This show is Awesome, and Tamar is Crazy Beautiful ! This is the best show on Apple TV+. Better than Homeland l’d say.

  27. Absolutely should be renewed for a third season very good series one of the best I’ve seen so far this year.

  28. Brilliant series and definitely wanting to watch Season 3! Best thing shown on TV for many years!!!

  29. Thrilling, addictive. Could not stop watching. Please, renew for 3 seasons or more…please.

  30. Tehran is an amazing show, so different than anything I’ve seen, fresh and exciting. I really hope Apple renews a 3rd season. The last episode in season 2 leaves us anxiously waiting for what next! Can’t wait!!!

  31. Tehran is the best show we have seen in years! Please bring Season 3 back. You cannot end the show with season 2. Acting is excellent and so is the subject matter and the script. Our favorite show👍👍👍

  32. Omg this series is the best. We need season 3 asap! Don’t leave us hanging with that riveting ending on season 2.

  33. I love this series, its gripping and thrilling, actors are very good and convincing. Hope AppleTv will renew for another season! Pleasssse!!!1🙏🙏🙏

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