Has Outer Range been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Outer Range is a moody, atmospheric neo-noir thriller. At times the show does have a tendency of meandering off in different directions, but the central mystery is exciting, gripping and utterly enthralling.

What is Outer Range Season 1 about?

The story takes place on a large expanse of land in Wyoming, US, split by a dividing fence between two rival farms. The Abbott family have been on this farm for generations but when Royal uncovers a bizarre mystery on the western expanse of his land, he’s unwittingly sucked into a sci-fi bending plot that changes his life forever.

This is intertwined with a brewing rivalry between the Abbott and Tillerson families. Royal’s sons, Perry and Rhett, end up fighting with Wayne Tillerson’s boys at a bar that night, with Trevor and Perry trading blows. When tragedy strikes, an investigation is launched against the Abbott family. Fronting this is Sherriff Joy, who becomes a more central part of this story as the episodes tick by.

These two intertwined storylines are further complicated by the arrival of a mysterious woman called Autumn. She convinces Royal to let her stay on the land, far away from their house.

Has Outer Range been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Amazon have renewed Outer Range for season 2! Given the respectable ratings over the weeks, and the mystery box nature of this series, that’s great news for those who have stuck with this and want to see a resolution.

Amazon have a pretty good track record with renewals, although mystery shows like this in general have a poor track record across the industry – just ask Night Sky! Everyone is after the next LOST and as we saw during the mid 2000’s, it’s not easy to find one that grips in quite the same way.

We predicted that Amazon would renew this one and we’re delighted to see the streaming giants do just that!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Amazon Prime have only just green-lit a sequel. However, given Amazon have labelled this as “the first season”, one could use semantics to argue Amazon always had another season up their sleeve.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us with season 2.

Are you excited to see Outer Range return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

90 thoughts on “Has Outer Range been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Please renew Outer Range!!!! I’ve been patiently waiting for MORE!!!! DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!!! THE SHOW IS AWESOME!!!!!

  2. This has been a gripping series giving the option of truth in history of the 1880s and science fiction possibility of truth in alternate wormhole theory postulates that a theoretical passage through space-time could create shortcuts for long journeys across time and maybe the universe. We could return to the original time of the damage to our atmosphere correcting global warming. i love this show! Please continue the series.

  3. We very much enjoyed season 1 of Outer Range and look forward to more seasons of this show. It is a great sci-fi show and would be a shame to not further explore the great expanse of possible plots with twists and turns. We know so little about the hole and what is going on. This needs to be investigated for several more seasons. PLEASE

  4. I would be thrilled if Amazon did a season 2,3,4,5!!! There is so much untapped potential from this first season!! As a previous OR lover stated there are too many unanswered questions!!
    I love Outer Range! Ease keep it coming!!

  5. Oh please, oh please, oh please renew Outer Range for at least one more season. There are too many unanswered questions and it is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.

  6. Yes definitely other range kept me on my edge I would love to see season two and more seasons as well had very great actors and also a mystery of why a hole was on his ranch

  7. Without a doubt one of the greatest tv series type shows I’ve ever watched. With these fantastic actors, this mystery/action,suspenseful thriller is exciting, scary and astonishing through and through.. Please renew for a season 2,3,4,5 etc etc

  8. I just binge watched the show from 9p (I was just gonna check it out) until after 5am!! Thank the Lord it’s Friday and not Sunday!!
    Please renew…please🥺

  9. This show could be a slow burner like the way Breaking Bad started.I didn’t start BB until the third season. Please, at least a conclusion.

  10. Everyone I know that watched this show TOLD SOMEONE ELSE they HAD to watch it. That’s exceptional, I don’t know of another movie or series where this has happened. 1883 is the closest example which is rather intriguing since both are westerns of a sort & bloody fantastic stories in their own right, neat that both are such new shows also, westerns are making a HUGE comeback leaving people clamoring for more. We’ve never been so sad about a show not being renewed as we were with 1883, if this also happens with Outer Range we will be as devastated as it is possible to be about a show we fell so head over heals in love with. 1883, while exceptional, did end on a note where it would be harder to recreate a bit of the magic that two of the main characters brought to the story. Not the case with Outer Range, where the story alone opens up so many possiblities that are begging to be explored in MANY seasons to come. DON’T FAIL US AMAZON, PLEASE!! RENEW Outer Range for Season 2 AND MANY MORE!!

  11. Yes, we need a second season of “Outer Range,” there are too many unanswered questions. What happens to Trevor? Amy and Rebecca? Who and what is Autumn? What happened to the hole? What becomes of the Tillerson ranch?

  12. A Second Season of Outer Range is definitely needed, if not several more. This show has serious potential, with the “hole” presenting innumerable avenues it can explore

  13. Next to SG1 id like to see another season of Outer Range. Few really good Science Fiction series renewing or reseeing. Thanks

  14. are you kidding? I spread the word about Outer Range right after I started watching it and now I have a multitude of outer ranger addicteds all mad at me because until now the show has not been continued. if people at Amazon Studios decide not to continue the show, I’m dead.

  15. Loved it!!! Yes, For sure rootin for a second season! They would be crazy not to simply based around how season one ended. Thank you!

  16. I took three screenwriting classes and I am trying to wrap my head around the writing of Outer Range at times it is brilliant and at times disjointed It certainly is a set up for a second season or even more but as all series go these are financial decisions based on how many viewers like the show, so although it is interesting enough to renew it depends on how many watch it. If everyone wants more they need to share season one with those who have not seen it!

  17. Just finished binge watching all of season one and yes I would support a season two. Thank you

  18. Hurry up & renew this show!!! Icant stand the waiting to find out what’s next for Royal & his family!!

  19. We have to have another season! Outer range is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! Love the cast, the story, and mystery of it all…… please come back with a second season!

  20. You cannot possibly stop now! Please say this is a tease und there are more secrets to be unveiled. Stay tuned!

  21. I would like ti see a second season. This thing that TV series do ending a show without a good ending sucks.

  22. I hate when TV series don’t have an ending. If there isn’t going to be a season 2 at least do a two-part episode to end it that would be so much appreciated. I really don’t want to start sending out peanuts again. LOL 😆

  23. Are y’all in need of some kudos? Yes we NEED a second season. But 1st I do believe someone should write in a doctor for Amy or who ever that is back in the bedroom. She’s is non responsive and hemorrhaging in the back room Yo.

  24. Loved the indigenous people,, the bison, the location, and the mystery. Make season 2 please!!

  25. I feel like if you don’t at least have a second season you have wasted about 7 to 8 hours of my time. This is why I hate to watch new series. I am sick of being left high and dry. I need a great ending and not a cheesy lost all your good writers either. This really sucks.

  26. I loved Outer Range. Lots of things happening. Lots of things unanswered. Definitely need a season 2. Come on prime, don’t end shows after one season. You’ll lose fans that way. Come on and announce a season two ASAP!!!!!

  27. Need season 2 to figure out where all those Bison came from and where the heck is Perry! Soooo many loose ends to finish up-don’t leave all the fans hanging!!!

  28. Second season NEEDED! Don’t keep putting one season shows that leave us nowhere to go and have no ending. Outer range is amazing and deserves to continue not only for the fans but for the hard-working actors who have made the first season such an amazing and refreshing change! Do it Justice Amazon!

  29. I binge watched the season in about a day. I was disappointed there wasn’t another season the way the first season ended was a cliffhanger so I definitely want to see another season. The actors played the characters good Josh Brolin is a great actor

  30. I’m feel there are so Many Unanswered questions. How can there NOT Be a 2nd Season? Lets make this Happen! I thought the first season was very intriguing entertaining and left you full of questions for the second season! It would totally suck if there’s no second season and ongoing seasons!!!

  31. Please do give us more seasons…at the very least a season 2. I am so tired of the same shows with no interesting storyline and filthy language seemingly added to impress young people or, perhaps, the script writers are being paid by the word. I hope Billy is not dead. He is weird, but interestingly weird. The show needs him. I also hope the acting sheriff, Royal’s wife, the loco neighbor, and Perry to return. Of course, I expect Royal and Autumn to be there.

  32. I love this show. Outer Range needs a season two. If these writers repeat the wonder of season one it will be a hit. I love the characters as well as the actors portraying them. Fantastic!!

  33. Outer Range is a very good except for that bear scene where they used cheap graphics it almost lost me there but other than that its Is definitely top notch

  34. I absolutely loved this show. I I binged it in one day and was hooked! Please bring back a second season of Outer Range. It is one of the best shows on Prime thus far.

  35. I am completely hooked! Love the casting and want another season or as many needed.

  36. Bring it back. Too many shows are being canceled after the 1st season and us fans are left disappointed. Again.

  37. Absolutely loved loved watching this season. We need another. Absolutely gripped us. Best series I’ve watched for a long time!


  39. This story line is magnificent. One of the most intelligently complicated sagas. I was totally hooked. Great cast, beautifully written and I want more. Please let there be another season.

  40. Loved it! Josh Brolin and the other cast members are great together. It has a lot of mystery & suspense. It really holds your attention, very upset No season 2 yet .my children are grown and live on their own and they all watch it. It has to have a good ending to this story there are many questions that need to be answered so far great story line

  41. I am in a twist with the ending of season 1 of Outer Range…. Is Autumn like a time-travelled version of Royal’s granddaughter, or what gives? Royal told his wife the family was not gone… need to satisfy this itch!!

  42. I thought the show was excellent and I did not invest myself in it to not have it play through. I would like some closure as to what the whole in the range is!

  43. I’m not really a josh Brolin fan, but I actually think he’s brilliant as Royal… I’ll be really quite gutted if they don’t make another season…

  44. Josh Brolin is GREAT as Royal! Since I am mad at him for not being there for his son’s
    last bull ride, we need Season 2 so he can redeem himself! He wants HIS family but left Rhett to ride
    by himself! SO many spinoffs possible and this is just mesmerizing TV!

  45. This show has an appeal about space and time theories that have some realm of possibilities and is very well put together sci-fi is a genre that viewers will love I’m hoping and praying that they renew

  46. Yes, we need a second season and more! The acting is superb and the story is compelling. I can’t imagine how it could all get wrapped up in only two more episodes.

  47. Yes would definitely like to see another season. The first season was good. I agree as an adults I am sick of stupid stuff they are putting on TV especially the reality shows to many of them.

  48. Yes definitely has all the possibilities of the new Lost, we deserve 10 series at least

  49. Definitely need a second season of Outer Range. I really liked Season 1. Can’t leave us hanging like that!

  50. Amazon..don’t leave us hanging here..there’s more to the mystery.
    There must be a season 2 in the future for Outer Ramge. Season 1 is only the start of a great story. Finish what you started for all of us fans! Please !

  51. I am completely hooked! Love the casting and want another season or as many needed.

  52. Hell yes have a second season. How you going to wrap this up in 2 episodes. What’s with the spoon feeding the episodes to us. Are you that insecure? Jeez

  53. Love the more adult themes this show has! We adults r definitely sick sick sick of all the teeney bopper – vampire love stories- over the top soap operas and don’t forget the zombies !! Are there any real writers left in Hollywood? I subscribe to many stations and honestly I will take the BBC over our American tv any day. Thanks for letting me vent i feel better already- haha

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