Has ‘Love, Victor’ Been Renewed For Season 4? Here’s What We Know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The third season of Love, Victor ended on a happy note for Victor Salazar as he finally ended up with the man of his dreams. Felix and Mia also received their happily ever after, and Isobel was finally able to reconnect with her son.

The ending was everything you probably hoped it would be but if you want to see more of Victor and his family and friends, you might be interested in a fourth season.

But is this likely to happen? Well, we have some good and bad news if you’re a fan of the show.

Will there be a fourth season of Love, Victor?

Victor went on a journey of self-discovery in season 3 but sadly for viewers, Victor’s journey is seemingly now over as the show has been cancelled. This might be unsurprising as the final episode of the third season wrapped everything up nicely so there wasn’t much of a need for a fourth season anyway.

Still, if you’re a fan of the show, its cancellation might still come as a blow to you.

Why won’t there be a Season 4 of Love, Victor?

In a recent interview, series showrunner Isaac Aptaker told Radio Times why there won’t be a fourth season of the show. He said:

“I think the feeling for everyone was that we had really told the story we set out to tell. Victor has had this journey, and really in three distinct chapters.

And with all of our cast… they were sort of fresh-faced 20/21-year-olds who were playing high school. And as the years have gone on, they’re now mid-20s playing high school [so] it feels like the show has grown up and gone on this journey.

It felt like a really natural, full circle ending point.”

Co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger also had this to say in her interview with Radio Times.

“We love this show deeply. Our cast loves this show. We love our viewers. But we do feel so grateful going into this season that we knew that it was our final season and we all got to really write towards the ending for everybody that felt right to us.

So often on TV, you don’t get to write to that, you don’t get to know what your plan is. Knowing that we get to give an ending here is hugely exciting, and just so satisfying for us and we think we have something… that will leave everyone feeling really good and really satisfied.”


It is rare that shows get wrapped up neatly as they are often cancelled before they get the chance to bring their stories and character arcs to a close. As such, it’s good to know that the series showrunners had the opportunity to give Victor and the other characters of the show the ending they deserve.

Will there be another show like Love, Victor?

If you’re a fan of Love, Victor, you will be glad to know that there are lots of great shows featuring queer representation on our streaming services. These include Heartstopper, Where Your Eyes Linger, Young Royals, and Sex Education. Admittedly, Love, Victor stands out because of its Latinx representation but if you’re looking for other LTBTQ characters, you shouldn’t struggle to find your next binge-watch.

But if you’re looking for another chapter in the ‘Love’ franchise after Simon and Victor, there is a chance that this could happen. In his interview with Radio Times, Isaac Aptaker had this to say:

“It’s always on the table…We love high school stories. We always say ‘that’s our last high school thing’, and now we’re about to actually do another. But it’s such a rich time.

“There’s so much discovery and the stakes are so high. It’s such a juicy time of life to write about. So yeah, it’s been a true pleasure getting to tell these stories for three seasons and a movie, and I would never say no more.”


Personally, we think Rahim deserves his own spin-off show as he became a bit of a background character in Season 3. Liam is another character who could get his own series as his coming-out story only just started in the last season. We could even see the return of Victor as he could mentor Liam in the same way that Simon mentored him.

This is just speculation, however, as, despite Aptaker’s encouraging words about another high school ‘Love’ show, there is no definite word on a new series just yet.


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Would you like to see Love, Victor return for a fourth season? Or do you agree with the show’s cancellation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Has ‘Love, Victor’ Been Renewed For Season 4? Here’s What We Know”

  1. Yes, I watched ‘Love Victor’ here in the UK. It had a lovely feel to it and reminded me of ‘Fame’ in the 1980s. I loved the show and would love to see how their lives pan out, whether they stay together, etc..
    Please do more series!

  2. The storyline is definitely not over as it can go in so many directions, please continue the series why end it here, we all want to see the characters grow up and go through college and face adulthood, we absolutely love this series and we all hate to see it end so please consider continuing it as pretty much everybody would like that

  3. So much you can do with the series, whether that be a spin off featuring Rahim & Alex or following the cast through college, either way don’t kill it I feel like it has just begun and we’d all hate to see it end like this

  4. I think the series deserves not only a proper ending, but season 4 could be a spin off to college and an eventual reunion with Simon in NYC.(especially with benji and victor their love story is only at the beginning). But regardless of where to couple end up, the series could continue with them having their own experiencing at college while still keeping up and providing advice/knowledge for Rabin and Alex who is freshly out of the closet. Don’t make season 3 the last of it, the series was so amazing and there’s so many options and directions you could go with as the cast was so amazing 😭

  5. I can bet, that if you ask all the Cast Members of making a movie or movie series, starting with graduation time together & working together, it will definitely spark a joy and happy reunion and awesome response. Please consider it.
    Many of us are patiently waiting for it.
    We love to watch continuous Love Victor & Benji.

  6. I too agree with the previous comments. Creating a Movie or Movie Series will draw millions to the Love & Challenges these individuals will experience, along with all the excitement that follows it; Including Victor taking Benji to NYC to meet Simon, in order to expand the Movie or Series. Everyone loves to see & hear all about Love. Why not expand Victor & Benji and their college experiences as living together becoming independent & exploring everything, including disagreements and making up, visiting all other couples & supporting them in their challenges. It would make millions and I’ll be the first in line. Please consider it.

  7. I Love the show Love Victor!! There is more to be told. Bring in a 4th season on to college. We want this show to continue!!

  8. Me too. It was a great show and I’m sure more stories could be told. Perhaps we will get to see another spin-off with Victor giving life advice to somebody else going through a coming out journey.

  9. I understand the show’s creators reasoning for concluding Love, Victor with season three, however, I am so in love with the the series I really.hate to see it end. I don’t understand why the storyline cannot continue to develop the characters as they are growing up. I will miss Love, Victor.

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