Has Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) is the wildly popular TV Chosun Korean drama, streaming weekly on Netflix. Generally each episode can be found shortly after broadcast, with the hard-working subtitle team translating quickly.

This 16 episode drama continues to deliver a soapy blend of revenge, betrayal and interweaving character drama. Just like the first two seasons, this k-drama continues to split its story across three subplots involving our main couples and their partners.

What is Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 about?

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 continues to interweave its various different stories around these three families, with plenty of drama and romance along the way. Pi-Young romances a guy called Dong-Ma, who just so happens to be Seo-Ban’s brother. Seo-Ban starts romancing Si-Eun while Hye-Ryung finds herself possessed after a death close to Sa-Hyun rocks his world.

We have extensive coverage on Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3 across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 16 episodes. Feel free to check them out HERE!

Has Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) has not been renewed for season 4. Given the respectable ratings over the weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if they actually do renew this for a follow-up.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama topped out this year with a respectable nationwide rating of 9.1%. Now, it’s worth bearing in mind this is during a very packed weekend slate of shows and still remains TV Chosun’s highest-rated drama.

The network have struck gold with this show, despite its questionable writing and plotting. Whether you love or hate this one, there’s no question that it’s pulling in impressive numbers.

Based on this, there is a possibility that Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) may be renewed. We predict that this will be renewed.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details over the coming months.

What we know about season 4 so far

Beyond the really impressive ratings and the lack of closure for our story, there’s not much else to go on when it comes to a possible season 4 with this one.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

We will generally look to update this page when more information becomes available.

Would you like to see Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) return for a fourth season? Or do you think 3 seasons is enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

540 thoughts on “Has Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Season 4 should have been a must! At the very least, a two hour movie to give closure. It’s very disappointing to not know about the babies and having Dong Ma die!! That just can;t be!!!

  2. Just go ahead and give us a decade of the Series LOVE Marriage & Divorce, and please stop changing the main characters. It take away from the original affect of emotions you have for the actors and actresses.


    Why would you make a show, upload it on Netflix, and NOT HAVE a proper end/conclusion. What kind of a show is that?



    Unfair and unreasonable. No good explanation….

  4. YES We need a season 4….have watched this series 3 times already and love it. Do not kill Bu Bae as he is gorgeous. It’s time to see some happiness in this crazy world we live in. Canada

  5. There’s too much left undone,we need an ending. Weather it takes one or two more seasons,we the fans don’t want to be left wandering. We need all our questions answered. Pease?¿ Help us out.

  6. You need at least a season four just to finish up all the story lines, everything was left hanging. And I have to tell you the replacement actors where it nearest good as the originals. But that’s okay, we still want to see the storyline finish and don’t kill off, Dong ma. Right now he’s one of the best parts of the show. The replacement characters are a little weak. Sure, wish the original cast was there. But still gotta have a season 4 just to end all the storylines and tie everything up. Please, please don’t leave us hanging.

  7. Yes to season 4! My wife idolizes Love, Ft. Marriage and Divorce. She’s beside herself with an ending that has left her wanting closure and more. Watching this series has been the highlight of her days. Please bring it back!

  8. Can leave like this need season 4,5,6,7 . Love this show . Need more we don’t know about the babies please more

  9. How could you even think of killing dong ma? What sense does that make?? Im so disappointed right now, you’ve changed two male leading actors already, dong ma is the apple of this show, do not do this please, we need you to bring on few episodes, change that crap

  10. What the heck, season 4 please… Don’t leave us hanging, there were no closer

  11. There definitely needs to be a season four. The series makes no sense with the cliffhanger. Dong-ma is absolutely the best Korean crush. Please don’t kill him off!!!

  12. Please, please, please do a season 4, I could not stop watching it. In th world we live in now this keeps us hoping for humanity, please please please season 4. Thank you for your understanding.

  13. Season 4 pls. This show has helped me heal from an abusive, cheating husband. To be a more nurturing mother, especially loving and respecting myself. Staying strong, and independent, and to always have a voice. It’s important to create boundaries and protect my peace at all cost. Life is too short to hold grudges. Wishing my enemies well and continue to learn from experiences. Gifting myself wisdom, to choose a life through victory and not defeat. I choose to win! This show is a WINNER with great writers and actors!

  14. It so disappointing to leave us hanging. Why wet our appetite like that. I keep checking intermittently for news of a 4th season. Netflix, please…

  15. I would have prefered they ended it at season 3.
    The 2 good wives have actually being rewarded with nice men,hence nothing to act anymore.
    Why make Dogma dead though

  16. Please give u a season 4 even if it’s the final one just give us and it lol the answers and endings

  17. Don’t leave us hanging, obviously we need to know what happened to the characters, esp the ladies giving birth

    Please, Please do season4 it’s a must, but bring back the original characters.

  18. Season 4 is a MUST! Too many unfinished plots…loose ends need tying. I must have written so many different ways this story could go, and now I want to know just how this story continues.

  19. I was very reluctant to watch this drama because of the painful reality of cheating divorce and lying. But I found healing open mindedness understanding and relief. I’ve lived most of this in my lifetime.
    Even changing the actors characters is a fact of life. The murderous step mother and her desire for a younger man is not new but often not discussed. Nor is the male version of marriage to a older woman unless money is involved. The mail points of view in seeking a younger woman are only brought to the forefront by our society…ie… trophy wives. A man not wanting just anyone is featured here too ! The children learning about their parents decisions and being able to voice their feelings don’t get televised either but here the writers are thoroughly engaged with all aspects. Then the Spiritual World engaging so that we can see that even those we want to see live have not been spared in their comeuppance from the pain they inflicted knowingly and deliberately.
    Yesssss I want a finally but even a fifth season because I believe that this show has more to offer. Some stories need to be thoroughly told .

  20. How can they not do a season 4 It would be an injustice to not do so. You must learn it’s wrong to leave someone hanging without a way to help themselves.

  21. If Dong-ma is dead, then I’m fine with NO SEASON 4…You are not taking away my PiYoung’s badass happy ending!!!!

  22. Yes, renew for Season 4, or I am canceling my Netflix. They do this way too much. And, I always love the series and they end them. Or never do another season.

  23. Please do so the season 4 it’s fantastic k drama and i really love it. Many people are waiting for the next season hope you can grant people wish to see what happened to next season… Every episode brings excitement in every viewers… So please don’t hang us because we’re very excited to see what’s next😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Por favor estamos esperando la 4ta temporada. No nos pueden dejar con ese final. La espero con ansias

  25. Please continue with season four of Love featuring Marriage and Divorce… PLEASE CONTINUE WITH SEASON FOUR OF LOVE FEATURING MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 EXTREMELY GREAT SHOW!!!!

  26. I was concerned about the infidelity and the image the woman were portraying, so my vote was a down cast thumb.
    However, you brought the show back in Season 3, and Season 4 has to continue to restore my faith in family values and love, pespeciallylease.

  27. I am looking forward to watching Season 4 of “Love ft. Marriage and Divorce”. The writers can’t leave us hanging without a continuation of the story, can they?

  28. Can’t wait for season 4 love this show I couldn’t stop watching it. Please update when season 4 will come out 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Please my heart needs closure, give us a great ending. Keep alive both brothers, and their families. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait for season 4

    This show is such an intriguing study, and interesting, thought provoking show. With THE BEST DIALOGUE (Script) AND ACTORS!!!!
    PLEASE DON’T LET EITHER OF THE BROTHERS DIE!!!! Let their lives carry forward with their wives and blended families. I have watched several times ALL SEASONS.
    English Subtitles

  31. Hi the show is super intriguing keeps you wanting more please please renew for season 4 we are waiting 🙏 ❤ Love Marriage and Divorce gets a 10/10 rating

  32. I love this show ❤️I have been waiting patiently, pls bring it back. I watched Season 1-3 many times and can’t wait for the next. Pls! Pls! Season four come back! I’d ask for original characters to come back from Season 1-2 but as long as you come back, I’m good!! Thank you!🙏🏻❣️

  33. Omg! Don’t leave us hanging!! Atleast give us a season 4!!! WE NEED CLOSURE!
    And please give a good ending! Please please please give us season 4.

  34. Please have Bu Bae as Dongma dreaming not dead no amnesia or just have him hurt a little dreaming throughout the trauma but still allow him to have a happy life with Pi young and Jia. Give her noona happiness with her new husband and children. Allow the grandfather to enjoy his new extended family. They all been through enough. Please bring back if possible the original Yusin. Nothing against the replacement but the original actor just had a lot of confidence and charisma.

  35. Please don’t leave us all this way make a season 4 and don’t kill him make him lose his memory or something dramatic but don’t kill him please

  36. Pi-Young & her daughter deserve happiness… don’t take away Dong-ma. Seiun, Ban & her children deserve happiness as well. They deserve the best after all they went through. Please bring season 4 and make it a good ending.

  37. Please Netflix, renew Love(ft. Marriage and Divorce)!!! Writers: Please let the Seo Brothers live healthy and happy lives with their new spouses!! Also, please let the grandfather enjoy his new expanded family! Netflix, I’m waiting for Season 4 and 5!! 🥰

  38. I love this show and have a year already checking daily for new episodes! Hope they bring a season 4

  39. As a women of 46 going relatively having the same issues as the women on the show .. I look daily into the new season. l would love to see how their lives follow as it gives us hope for a better less complicated life .. IRL .. please bring the show back, I’m sure the show will still have great ratings. Do not leave us hanging here.

  40. Why would you leave us hanging like this????? I love the show and I need to know the conclusion.
    It’s only fair! Why would you do this to the ceo, with his wife giving birth. Please shoot season 4. Thx

  41. Season 4 of love ft marriage and divorce is very much appreciated.Please dont kill off Dongma.I’ve rewatched the show several times hoping to find something new and hidden every time.But still dont get why the writers needed to somewhat kill off Dongma like bro is the most appreciated character in the whole series and the fans are genuinely happy for the couple so please don’t make this a sad ending for the Seo family and please give us fans the satisfactory and happy ending (with no characters dead) , we deserve it.

  42. I was on Netflix looking for something interesting to watch and came upon “Love, Marriage and Divorce! At first i said to myself “this is crap”. But this woman were so beautiful and the gentleman’s were so handsome that I just gave it a try, and the fact that I didn’t have to read and concentrate on the story was even better. Well, here I am like an alcoholic that needs more alcohol or a addicted person that need its next fixed. I’m so emotionally hurt that it ended like this. I dont know if you have watch “All My Children” is a never ending soap opera in America. That’s how I wish “Love, Marriage and Divorce!” Were, that’s how awesome it is. Please come back and give this ladies a happy ending. 😊 I would like to see the babies. Some reincarnation would be nice. Thank you for such an awesome story. You are amazing.

  43. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring session 4 of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce….I LOVE THIS SHOW.. I wish they would of kept some of the original cast members.

  44. Please give us Season 4 ending of happiness for Sieun and Seo Ban + Pi Young and her husband. To see the baby born and Sieun go through and have her baby! That the newlyweds are happy for a change, including the father. Hopefully Sieun has twins (boy and girl) and live! This is a wonderful series to learn from. Why leave us hanging.

  45. Please renew and bring us season 4. Every season has been exceptional and even the change of some cast members was handled well and in no way detracted from this awesome drama. I’ve re-watched a second time and I’m longing for a final season or at least a film to bring all to a satisfactory conclusion. Myself and so many others are dying to know what secret Dong-ma told Si-eun about Seo Ban. Also, did Dong-ma die from his injuries, what happened between Yu-shin and A Mi. A slice of life movie or a season 4 would be sincerely appreciated by all the loyal fans of this drama. I believe a ‘happily ever after’ storyline for all characters would be most appreciated and satisfactory for all of us fans…no sad ending for the main characters. Please, please honor the loyal fans with a final season or film.

  46. Please please please do a season 4. My hope is that Dong Ma is not dead. He gets a glimpse into his past and learn from his mistakes. He awakens from his rest to see his son and wife by his side.

  47. I would love to see season 4, please don’t kill off Dong MA, let these women who suffered and remarry be happy with their new husband’s and babies. I am a devoted paying customer

  48. There should be a season 4 of Love, Marriage, and Divorce and if Netflix has it already, why are they holding back on it? You are leaving the viewers hanging and; makes me not want to watch any more series of any other shows, if I’m left hanging like this. Don’t do this to your paying customers, and possibly new customers because this particular show is being shared amongst friends and family members alike that are not members yet, but are willing to become one just to see the show. I know I’ll tell my people not to bother to start watching if there is not going to be a completion of Love, Marriage, and Divorce. Netflix, don’t do this to us.

  49. From usa. I really loved this series I’m rewatching it I can’t wait for the following seasons please hurry up

  50. From South Africa, I love this series with all my heart and I haven’t stopped talking about to my friends and they are watching it and they are hooked already!

    Please S4,5 and 6 please Netflix don’t dissapoint us 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  51. I sure hope Netflix goes beyond the more recent empty shows like Meghan and Harry saga and renews this one full of teachings and values. The show is popular so that’s not the issue. They are too much into politics and other people businesses Aka the BRF.

  52. A Season 4 over the globe is in demand. Everything was left hanging. And some of us have been left to keep re-watching the three seasons praying for a resolution in Season 4. PLEASE RENEW IT!! We’re all awaiting it!! I’ll help you write it if Phoebe is too busy!!?


  53. NEEDS SEASON 4 for a happy ending for the main character do not killed their happiness just eliminate the ghost don’t need for this to go further also the grim reaper the plot of the story is about Love and betrayal not supernatural. Just end this with happy positive ending for people to look up to for life inspiration and conclusion if the choose the wrong path. Then the writer could think of another story plot for supernatural fantasy drama separate from this. Right NETFLIX?

  54. Love the show just finished Season 3 and needs to have a happy ending for these women who had so much heartaches so definitely we need a Season 4 to have a conclusion and must have a positive impact for the viewers that patience and sacrifice are not a waste and should be rewarded so don’t spoiled these belief. These ghost stories need not to go further and these women who sacrifice needs happiness for a long time so don’t KILL there new found LOVE. You can eliminate older people after their story line had been told. Message to the writer: Please end the story in Positive Happy ending for the women’s new happy family!!! Thanks! NETFLIX PLEASE RENEW THE CONTRACT TO HAVE SEASON 4 FOR THIS KDRAMA SERIES I’m your subscriber for many many years here in USA and recently only watching Kdrama series OK????

  55. I’m addicted too this show. Sleepless nights watching it. Lol we need Season 4 with CEO alive. The person who should go is CEO’s dad he is older and his wife past away too he needs to be with his wife. WE WANT SEASON 4 PLEASE!!!!!

  56. Too many loose ends. Do not kill off the CEO, his wife is having a baby. Without a doubt, the CEO will have amnesia if he does not die. The crazy mother in law need psychological treatment and possibly will escape from hospital. The young girl friend with the psychiatrist hopefully will get married but he will still be in love with his first wife. Yes, the 4th season should have closure!!! Please bring it back!!!!! I loved this tv series.

  57. Please don’t leave it like this! I genuinely love this show! It touches the heart & mind. Before season 3 I was so eager waiting everyday for it to come out! And now i want to wait for a season 4! Please; this show really is amazing. I never get tired of watching it! Majority of the time it has me gasping, crying, & on the edge of my seat! Thank you!

  58. What!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you dare kill off the young CEO. Shock him back into his body and SAVE HIM, this should piss the grim reapers off. I just got through binge watching all three season. I stayed up until 5 am for three days watching. I am so hook on this show. There NEED TO BE A SEASON 4 without a doubt. Also changing the ex husband took me back the replacement was not up to par. He did a soso job. I enjoy the straight forward brother. The singer really need a storyline( try to get the husband back as she successfully stole one husband before, it will not work, but will be interesting to see the effort, proving some men actually are faithful) I enjoyed see the professor getting what he deserved. Please, please, please I need a season 4. Thanks to all the great actors, writers, and producers, great 😊 show.

  59. Oh my word, I love this show!! You can not leave season three with such an ending and expect us not to crave more.
    I am completley hooked and need to have a season 4 please.

  60. It took a few episodes to adjust to the actors being changed but then it became as if there was never a change. The acting skill of all of them is incredible! The little nuances and complete transformation into each character is fantastic! Hoping for a 4th season!

  61. The change of characters in Season 3 really threw me off and that was a huge disappointment. The best ones really changed the feel of the drama. The ghosts and grim reapers storyline was annoying, please don’t being it back IF there’s a season 4. Try another angel. The babies need to be birthed safely so that will be nice feel to it, to tie it all together. The musical lady can do, the storyline is boring. She can take her ex the professor with her too. It might be interesting to build on the Chairman’s storyline and have a bit of a backstory maybe as part of the reconcilation with his eldest son. So many ways to build on the cliffhangers but some characters definitely need to go. Season 3 had too many sub plots it was too much to try and keep up. Here’s to hoping the writers actually read blogs and viewers comments and take it on board (wishful thinking) :)) don’t kill of the young CEO, their little family was just starting to come together nicely but the men in that family are definitely as stiff as starched shirts…kkkk…can they smile a little more in Season 4 please…

  62. OMG! I love 💕 the show.😍😍❤️🥰 Can’t wait for season 4. We need to know what happened… Netflix, please renew.

  63. Omg just finished season 3 … please bring us a season 4 … we all need to know what happens all the characters? Please a season4 , 5, and 6!!!!

  64. Omg just finished season 3 … please bring us a season 4 … we all need to know what happens all the characters? Please a season4 , 5, and 6!!!!

  65. I have been waiting in suspense about season 4. I’m emotionally attached to these characters. Season 4 is a must!!

  66. Please do the voice over in spanish ,,,, it’s sucks having to read it , the reason I loved watching was because I set in on spanish and I could actually get into the show a lot better , Season four please do the voice over in spanish.

  67. This is my first time leaving a comment on a movie. This show resonated with me so much and the story line was so entertaining such that I couldn’t sleep for days, I binge watched from sn 1- 3(end) that how much I loved this show. If you produce upto 10 seasons, I would still watch. Special request, please don’t let seo dong-ma due, he’s one of the reason I continued watching the show

  68. There definitely needs to be a Season 4, as there is way too much left hanging. If you’re going to end it, at least close all the storylines out.
    It’s a great series. Actually 6 Seasons would be ideal.

  69. I would LOVE more seasons of this show. It’s truly how to navigate all the emotions of betrayal, divorce, Co parenting and trusting to take w chance at love 1 more time. It resonated with me from the start. I’ll be watching close for this renewal to come. It’s very loved by the fans of the show and the actors portraying these complex characters.

  70. Series that leave cliff hangers and don’t follow through with what the viewer expects is not a positive way to treat your viewership. Series don’t always produce the happy endings a viewer wants but what a cheap shot to end a series in this way.

    Netflix is playing with the viewers emotions and I for one will end my loyalty to your streaming. Btw your writers should be fired for ending this season with such utter disregard to the consumers that pay to see a series. I hope Netflix will get a bad reputation for leading viewers and ending this series the way it did. I’m not begging for it to continue because for Netflix it’s their greediness and the bottom dollar!!!

  71. Please don’t let Bu Bae die. And please allow Park Joo-mi and her baby be okay. I need her to have some happiness after what her first husband did. Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  73. Please! I thought Season 3 is a cliff hanger for upcoming Season 4. Friends and I are truly baffled by the way it ended. What the heck?
    Also, the change of your 3 actor/actress is not acceptable!

  74. Loved this show, bit disappointed with season 3 because of the change of characters, but got used to them . Need a season 4 to give these characters a happy ending as they have gone through so much turmoil in their lives , Show was so addictive 🥰 Bridget Ireland 🇮🇪

  75. You can’t leave it on that note.We have to know what happens to to the brothers and the babies.you can’t leave us hanging.

  76. Please provide a season 4, with as many of the original actors as possible. A happy ending would be wonderful. I love this K-drama. Thanks

  77. Yes, A season 4 needs to complete the I told a story about Ban and his father……. Hye-ryung sees ghosts and is Dong-ma dead?

  78. Please have a season 4 for this one! I was reeling in season 3 with all the cast changes as well as all the trauma. This was not a good way to end this drama. I have SO many questions and desires for hopeful endings. I really enjoyed watching this one. It was definitely one of my binge go to’s. I got hooked and then you take it away- so please, please bring it back and let’s have some happy endings for season 4 okay? Thank you, I know the writers and full cast and crew are working hard and we appreciate you!

  79. I can’t wait for season 4 of this I live in Australia and it is very popular. Please renew it quickly I’m
    Dying to see the next season

  80. Season 4 PLEASE! …and don’t kill off any of the Chairman’s family…sons, wives, their kids or new babies! Many lessons have come from this drama. Thank you🤗

  81. Please let there be a season 4– This is Great
    Please don’t kill off the younger son of the chairman.

  82. I am eagerly awaiting more seasons for this great show.
    Hats off to Phobe the writing of some of the scenes are brilliant, I really apreciate the conversation between Dong-ma and Dr Shin,
    It’s so obvious that it’s more to do with Pi-young
    Getting married than Ji-a, Dong-ma was right when he said he doesn’t want you to marry, PLEASE PLEASE bring us more seasons.. greatings from Australia

  83. I absolutely LOVE this show! There’s gotta be a season 4!!!!! Come on……don’t leave us hanging like this!!!!

  84. Please bring back season 4!!! The writers are awesome, all the actors are perfect.. please don’t let Dong ma die.. can’t you just not have anyone die please.. I love this show.. so addicted… please bring season 4 back

  85. My husband and I have become so obsessed with the amazing lessons in these seasons that we hunbly beg to have Season4. It is great reflection of how love can transform, forgive, endure and come in and out of our lives in so many forms. With The Lord, all things are possible. We will stand firmly in faith that the ratings and producers are guided with the ratings and comments of the audience they so genuinely attracted. From Steve and Noralie Lannon – California fans and married for 34 year. Mahalo and Aloha to TV Chosun for great screenwriting and cast.
    Looking forward to even greater results.

  86. Every season was great! But it had the worst ending Ive ever seen. So disappointed. She finally meets her prince after so much heartbreak, only for him to die…………. Terriable

  87. Netflix needs to let fans enjoy season 4… at the very least. Is not fair to let people start on something and let fans without closure. I am ruling for this couples to have what they deserve. Please!! Air season 4 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).

  88. There definitely needs to be a season 4. There are too many loose ends at the finale. Looking for to a really good, happy ending!!

  89. Of course! Season 3 ended strangely leaving us miserable guessing who dies, who marries etc. You can’t finish movie without at least if not happy end and then explainable end! What a question?

  90. Please there must be a season 4. There are two many loose ends and especially for the ladies that have found new husband’s and their families are happy again. Please 🙏 Please don’t let it end like this.

  91. Please let the season 4 come out the guy can’t die. Why will the ladies go through such pain again after finding new love.

  92. The love I have for this movie🥺🥺🥺well plotted, makes you smile, laugh,mad,angry,emotional,cry, suspenseful and keeps you thirsty of seeing what’s next… Season 4 is highly required👏🏾it was weird with the new actors but you get used to them slowly and please give our ladies happy endings❤️❤️❤️

  93. please dont let the ladies go through heartbreak again
    the series is called love marriage divorce not love marriage divorce and death

  94. Love love love this. Liked the original cast better. Dogma and Piyoung storyline was so sweet. Can’t stand the new mother in law. Also LOVED Bahn Seo’s love story.. Please don’t kill off Bu bae.

  95. Please bring season 4 LOVE ft. Marriage and Divorce. This is something to look forward at the end of the day after a long day at work. I love each actor and actresses in this spectacular K-drama🥰🙏

  96. TV Chosen has made a significant investment in “Love” (ft. “Marriage & Divorce”), it’s highest rated Kdrama. To leave audiences worldwide hanging with no storyline resolution for episode 3 would break trust with TV Chosun audiences worldwide and reduce it to the same status that Hollywood has become … a victim of its own money chase, another prostitution to money. To tarnish its own brand and break trust with its fan base before a proper closure would truly be a shame. As an American viewer, Korean productions have replaced American projects. The writing, cultural values, and talent exceed the usual Hollywood output. I fervently hope that season 4 will get a green light SOON, with better script continuity than season 3, hopefully. “Love” (ft. “Marriage & Divorce”) has significant relevance and lessons for audiences worlwide that need to be seen and heard.

  97. Yes please bring season 4 , can’t end like this. I want all same lady actors they are the best also the last to join them the beautiful gorgeous young man bring him back. These ladies deserve to be happy. For one mr producer make it about love , that is women can believe there is a chance for all of us!!!! Thank you

  98. Please don’t think about it anymore! Let season 4 begin. I miss the role of each character! Don’t let Dong ma die, don’t let anyone else die. Everything started to be happy. I miss and mourn Song Won’s passing.

  99. Absolutely need season 4. Amazing show and actors. Please please please don’t leave us hanging. Did he die did they have babies. You must continue 🙏

  100. Although the plot it a bit crazy and far-fetched, there is definitely a pull to offer/start a Season 4. We are all left hanging, and it’s killing us to the max! Please Netflix execs, DO sign them on again. We are all biting our fingernails and waiting for the next turn of events!!!

  101. Dong-ma je veux pas que tu meurs s’il te plaît !!!! Il faut que tu rencontres ton enfant !!!!😭😭😭

  102. We can’t wait for season 4, left us hanging on season 3! Love this series and the characters everyone is great. Was sad to see different faces on season 3, but things do happen and the show must continue. I am checking all the time, bring this awesome show for number 4!!!

  103. Season 4 please with happy ending!! I hate how it ended!! Please no deaths from the Seo family! Let those reapers go somewhere!

  104. I love this show praying there is a season 4. The end of season 3 just left you in limbo hopefully there will be a better ending.

  105. I am not a fan of Korean shows , but; LM&D was really good. I hope there will be another season of this very interesting show.

  106. Too many times amazing shows like this one are not recognized as a necessary, NO….mandatory continuation. Bravo to the talented writers and incredibly talented actors who produced a captivating, obsessive program! I am going to be incredibly overjoyed if the right “powers to be” ensure that this show has at least one more tantalizing season for us LM&D fanatics❣️

  107. I would love to see season 4 of Live, Marriage, and Divorce. To see the continuation of what happens to everyone with it ending in season 4.

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    Season 1/2/3
    Season 4 soon please….
    Let Dong Ma live. His family is the one that keeping the ratings up. Both couples deserve to be happy, they inspired all those whose been betrayed by the husbands and have painful divorces. Sa Pi Young and Dong Ma is a perfect couple, Si Eun and Engineer Seo thought us not to look on physical appearance to fall out of love.

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    All characters have something special in them. The children are jewels for the show, they need more dialogues. Enough with the killing of characters, they all fit perfectly in the drama.
    Even the grim reapers, the ghosts and shaman, spice the show, and give it the right amount of Korean society supertition.
    Perfect 10 for the show, must continue

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    Just wanna see a season 4 plsssssss

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    maybe a season 4 with happy endings for the main characters and the ex husbands with the corresponding karma that they deserve.


  198. Is a Big Yes! Please season 4 I want Dong ma and pi yong happy ending and mr SEO those two ladies getting spoiled live like queens they deserve it …I want those two losers husbands can see

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    We need season 4

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  202. IT WOULD REALLY, REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS IF IT NOT A 4TH SEASON. I really love this show, yall just can’t leave it like this we need some closure. I love all the characters. The story lines are great, its been awhile sense I have seen a drama that has really excited me, I really enjoy it and I look forward to each episode.👍👍👍❤❤❤

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    It gives us the faces of marriage, the ones e that gives you peace and the one where is shown the behavior of some women.
    Please renew!

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    Please please please please please please please have a happy ending 🙂

  209. Season 3’ episode 16 is very sad for me, that Dong Ma ‘ accident. If season 4 is comeback, I willing to be happy ending for Dong Mar and Pi Young . Please, may I request as a fan of Love ft marriage and divorce series.

  210. congratulationsto the people behind this series ang so with the actors and the actresses. Please give us a happy ending for the Seo brothers and we also want to see how well the children in the fist family lives.

  211. Please renew I am hooked. I can watch it again and again. Let Dong ma live to see his first child. Pi young deserves happiness

  212. Please please let Dong ma leave what writing is it that kills the most captivating characters. Give the Oldman peace and leave with his two boys and their wives. Let him enjoy the remaining years of his life. Let him see the grand children. And please let’s see the end of the ghosts, enough of ghosts. Give us how Ami is going to be, all these other adultery people, and the girl who remarried how she is going to end. Lets how all the kids are going to fair. Although l feel like Jia has a strong personality and the little boy who is now the cousin likes Jia. All those we need to know. Enough of killing otherwise it will leave a sour test and as an author director etc people will resent wTching yr dramas coz they don’t end well

  213. I just watched the last episode of season 3. It’s obvious that there will be a season 4. There was no closure. I was happy for the wives when they found new men but thought it was cruel of them to deny their exes parental rights and wanting the kids to call the new husbands Dad when they hardly knew them. In real life it doesn’t work like that. It takes time to get accustomed to the divorcee’s new husband or wife. Adultery affects the children very much but normally they don’t abandon the father or mother. Other than that I loved the series. It doesn’t matter to me which characters leave or come back as long as the writing is well done. I thought all the characters did an amazing job. The acting was superb. It’s the first K-drama I watched and was very impressed. Thanks Netflix and be sure to give us another season or more.

  214. Not really happy with season 3 ending. Not satisfied! Please bring season 4 and let dong ma live.. 😭😭 give us happy ending please.. 🙏🙏🙏

  215. Yes please to season 4 all the way from New Zealand!!!!!. Please don’t let Dong Ma die. These two loving couple just embarked on the new marriage journey. Please let there be happiness for all concerned. OK to kill off Si Eun ex husband as his role ie hopeless. What a meany trying to brainwashed his children before their mom’s wedding. Both ladies have awesome kids it’s something we should see more in kdrama. With an open ending good thing can happen, please please pretty writers. Persuade Nexflix there’s gonna be good rating for season 4 as we the fans are waiting anxiously!!!!! Fighting!!!!!

  216. I am hooked on this show. I love all seasons 😍 please Dong Ma, Ban and their wives are the highlights of this show so please let the death go very very far away from them or its no use bringing season 4.

  217. Yes! Definitely needs Season 4. Please let Dong Ma live, when there’s happy ending rating tends to go up and I can’t help myself not to watch it over and over again, that’s how I’m in love with a happy ending K-drama. This K-drama gives a lot of lesson to all couples, they must take care of their relationship.

  218. Season 4 please!!!! Dont kill DongMa, love to see all of them atleast leave happily with incoming heritance, they’ve been going a lot for Pi young, Sieun as well as Seo ban. SEASON 4!!!!!

  219. Please give us a season 4. There are too many unanswered questions. There are people who deserve a happy ending in this drama. You must tie up all loose ends.

  220. Season 4 must. Great show, the writing is outstanding. Don’t care for the reapers etc. but outstanding actors and overall well done show. Looking forward to season 4 asap please and thanks in advance.

  221. Me encantaría que hubiera 4 temporada Dogmi es la que debería morir dejen a Dogma, Ban necesita ser feliz y e ex de Seiun ya fuera cae mal

  222. I need to have Season 4 and Dong ma back. The show was exciting largely as a result of his and Piyongs acting together. Please do not let him die in season 4.

  223. Yes please! Renew it! And don’t kill him 😭 don’t kill any of their family! Dr. Park or someone else. But definitely we need season 4 ASAP!

  224. Why are you leaving this show as a cliff hanger. I have enjoyed the last three episodes. Don’t like the way you ending the show. Please have a 4th season. I am anxiously waiting.

  225. I would love to see the coming of Season 4! Please I’ve been patiently waiting to watch the episodes weekly for the season 3 so please don’t leave us hanging. Dong Ma and Sa Pyong’s relationship was the highlight of the Season 3 but can you give us a good closure not like this.

  226. Yes yes yes and yes for season4!!!I love the Kdrama and I agree with another fan please don’t kill Dong ma!! These ladies deserve a shot at happiness!! Patiently waiting for S4!!

  227. Season 4 yes! One of the few dramas where women aren’t written as 20 something airheads. Don’t kill off ANYONE for pete’s sake…..unless it is the housekeeper or someone else peripheral. There is enough strife going on right now in the world around us. We don’t need a phony crisis. We want a happy ending!

  228. This drama is GENIUS!!! THEY know how to keep you enagaged and want for more. Pls continue season 4!!!!!!!! Saaaaad if dong ma really dies but this drama is so genius that I want to have good hopes that it’s to keep us in suspense and waiting foe the next season. Pls don’t end like this!!! Keep writing. Love it!

  229. Tolong lanjut season 4 kakak, drama ini bagus sungguh. Ini favorit cerita, ingin liat kebahagia keluarganya
    Pliis pliis lanjut kak ke season4

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