Renewed or cancelled? Will there be a Hospital Playlist Season 3?

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Hospital Playlist is the wildly popular tvN Korean drama, streaming weekly on Netflix. Generally each episode can be found on Netflix shortly after broadcast, with the hard-working subtitle team translating quickly.

This 12 episode drama continues to deliver all the heartwarming emotion, live performances and medical shenanigans that become synonymous with this show. Just like the first season, Hospital Playlist releases one episode a week.

What is Hospital Playlist Season 2 about?

Hospital Playlist returns and reunites its five leads – Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-Suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Dae-Myung and Jung Kyung-ho. They’re all surgeons who are long-time friends from medical school and are just as tight-knit off-screen as they are on.

Most of the episodes tackle individual cases and surgeries, although there is a consistent theme of romance and friendship across the season too.

We have extensive coverage on Hospital Playlist season 2 across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 12 episodes. Feel free to check them out by clicking HERE.

Has Hospital Playlist been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, tvN has not renewed Hospital Playlist for season 3. However, Director Shin is keen to explore the idea of a three-season show. This is the timeline they originally had in mind but right now, that’s still not set in stone.

The cast members have been told that a third season is not definite and have been encouraged to “schedule whatever projects they want to do.” This seems to hint that a third season could well be coming but right now it seems not in the near-future.

The ratings have been pretty steady for Hospital Playlist too, with each week increasing. Episode 5 saw a sharp increase to highs of 12.3%. We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as the season progresses.

What we know about season 3 so far

Beyond Director Shin’s ideas about a three season structure, there’s not a lot else for us to go on. The cast and crew have been told to schedule projects in the future when this season ends, which seems to hint that season 3 is a long way away.

Unless tvN and Shin do a drastic 180 turn or reveal this as a big surprise, we don’t expect this one to be renewed anytime soon. However, if Hospital Playlist is renewed, it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing season 3 before 2022.

This 12 episode drama is still ongoing but we’ll be sure to update with links to our finale recap and full season review in the coming weeks!

We will generally aim to update this page when more information becomes available.


Would you like to see Hospital Playlist return for a third season? Or do you think two seasons is enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Please more season I love this hospital playlist . Please come back love you guys and I’m so glad you come back soon please . Could not wait more season 3,4,5 until 40 please

  2. 1.2.sezon bitti👌3.sezonuda sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum.
    Oyuncular muhteşem hem çok duygusal hemde insanın gözlerini dolduruyor. Hatırlamıyorum kaç defa yaşlar döküldü gözlerimden 🍀

  3. Please renew I loved the show and all the characters.As a Canadian I have watched so many Korean shows on Netflix. The characters are so wonderful and a love of medicine has kept me so enraptured The hospital and surgeries look so real All the shows have made such a mark on me that I really would love to see Korea once this Pandemic is over

  4. The best Korean series on Netflix since Reply 1988 and Reply 1994! Great score too! It has all the emotions in a feel good drama! Makes me cry and laugh all the time! Love, love!!! Please make more seasons!!! We need this for our mental wellness at times like this!

  5. Looking for a 3rd season.
    I hope you commit to it before the actors take other jobs.
    This is a great show hope it has a 4 5 and 6th season
    I know its unheard of but think the writers can go far with this show

  6. I think Thai people love them(ours doctors) and need to see episode 3 please return ss3, thanks so much.

  7. Yes, definitely season 3. Being in the acute care myself, it’s quite refreshing to watch and see the lighter side of all healthcare workers as well as what they go through. The procedures performed based on their terms have somewhat been a review as well for me. I love how each character played their part. Awesome indeed!

  8. Please have the season 3. This drama is one of my favorites because it heals my every stress and worries whenever I watch it. I’ll wait for as long as it takes just please have the season 3.

  9. I am sure many viewers are hoping and anticipating a 3rd season. I am always looking forward to thursdays.
    I hope u will not disappoint us.

  10. I’m begging you to please bring in a season 3, 4 , 5, 6, as many as the cast can make! This is the absolute best show on tv or any streaming show. I never get tired of watching those 5 act and interact with each other. They have got to be the best actors on this planet! I never write comments like this, but I want to see this show live on…indefinitely. I’ve seen some shows have 10 and 16 seasons and they aren’t even half as good as Hospital Playlist! So please, bring it back! Soon!

  11. Please make season 3 it is brilliant never laughed so much in my life I love k dramas but this one is so so good from a fan in Great Britain

  12. I love this show. I would like to see season 3, 4 and more. It is the best show to date. The cast is outstanding, the story lines are fabulous.

  13. I love this show. I could hardly wait for the next episodes. Great characters, great acting, beautifully filmed and paced just right made me really care about the storylines. PLEASE have a third season.

  14. Plz plz plz, we really need a third season, actually if it is possible iam willing to watch the series for a life time, the drama is one hell of a masterpiece..
    Exceedingly great script, superb acting and online chemistry by the main five, not only them but each and every person the show casts is doing their job the perfect way…But the most amazing of all aspects of this drama is the realism this show portrays… Unlike making the main leads of the show extraordinary and perfect, this show has marked their flaws too, like how song hwa cannot sing well😂😂none of the characters are made to look like perfect… And by doing so the show had made itself more humane… Anyway really loved the drama…ofcourse never expected anything less from the makers of REPLY 1988…waiting for more of these unique and real dramas….

  15. Go for Season 3! Light drama, full of fun , and very encouraging. The 5 artists are truly amazing in their roles. Kudos.

  16. Season 3, 4 & 5. Excellent clean, exciting, well written drama. Cast is perfect. Waiting for Thursday to watch new episode is nerve wrecking. It’s that Great of a Drama.

  17. I’m so rooting for the season 3. Please make this the 1st to have multiple seasons kdrama. It’ just soooooo great 😍Kudos to the whole production and casts.

  18. Season 3 please.. the chemistry of the 5 lead actors is rare in an audience point of view their acting is believable and their talents epecially while performing in the band, that’s a super bonus.. and the story of patient and doctor’s encounter is somewhat relatable to audience.. who didnt experience joy in newborn babies and the pain of having your love one died. And sorrow of knowing you have health problems and then encourage to fight for it. Although its fictional but it happens in real world. And I am one of the millions that you entertained. Thank you.

  19. Pls make season 3 😭i really love this drama, this is the best kdrama i watched 😍 i loved everything about it, all the cast especially the 5 lead actress and actor, each story from different characters, and the chemistry of 5 bestfriends ♥️ pleasee make season 3, im sure everyone is waiting for another season, we are all excited to see them again 🥺🤩

  20. To the producer: PLEASE make a 3rd season!!!! Best Korean show I’ve watched in a while amongst MANY Korean shows I’ve watched! I’ve liked every single one of them but THIS ONE I loveee it! Coming from a medical field I can totally relate, the actors from the doctors to the patients are fantastic! Amazing crew and story lines. The surgeries look so real and the patient’s stories make me cry every time, whether is out of pain or joy. Absolutely fantastic!

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