Has Dead to Me been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

After a long time, we got a dark comedy on Netflix that was worth its name. Dead to Me came with genuine laughs and meaningful emotions to give us a Thelma & Louise kind of outlaw female duo that had it all. Jen & Judy play the perfect balancing act in season 3 of Dead to Me now available to stream on Netflix. While the former is a hot-headed, authoritative figure in the relationship, Judy brings calm and compassion to the table. They are played brilliantly by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, so much so that season 3 feels like their show all the way.

Having binged your way through season 3, you must be wondering if the show will be coming back for another season. Here’s what we know about a potential season 4 of Dead to Me on Netflix.

What is Dead to Me season 3 about?

Dead to Me is the colliding of the most ironic of ironies in the universe that gradually turns into a marriage of convenience. At its core, it is a serious treatment of themes like grief and loss, and what it takes to overcome them. Jen (Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini) must deal with the discovery of Steve Wood’s body and the subsequent involvement of the FBI in the investigation as their personal lives descend into turmoil.

Judy learns the tragic truth behind her episodes of lightheadedness, Jen gets a maternal surprise with Ben Wood, and the Greek mafia silently floats in the background waiting to strike at a moment’s notice.

Has Dead to Me been renewed for season 4?

Sadly, Netflix has confirmed that Dead to Me will not return for season 4. It stands canceled at the end of season 3, with no follow-up to Jen’s final words in the series, “Ben, I need to tell you something”. The silver lining in the news piece is that the decision to end the show was a creative one and taken by the runners, including Applegate, who also serves as an executive producer. Quite miraculously, the announcement came way back in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Liz Feldman and Applegate both agreed that “this was the best way to tie up the story”. Shows like Dead to Me warrant a fitting end and season 3 certainly does not disappoint. Feldman revealed in touching words the show’s contribution to her personal and professional lives. “From start to finish, Dead to Me is exactly the show I wanted to make. Telling a story sprung from grief and loss has stretched me as an artist and healed me as a human.”

What we know about season 4 so far:

Since the show has not been renewed, that is it from our side. We will be coming up with detailed recaps and reviews for every single episode in season 3 followed by our thoughts on the season and series as a whole. However, at this time it’s fair to say that season 4 will not happening.

Would you like to see Dead For Me return for a fourth season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “Has Dead to Me been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. That was the most well written show I have ever seen. It was so enjoyable to watch, and I looked forward to every episode. The last episode, I cried and felt like I lost Judy also. The characters, their relationships and struggles and how Jen and Judy’s friendship got stronger was so enjoyable to watch. I was hoping for another season and will really miss the show but it wouldn’t be the same without Judy.

  2. I need it renewed they have so much to build off of I’m crying. I need a season 4. I need to know what happens I’d prefer if Judy came back to life

  3. Please bring us a season 4. Season 3 was left wide open for a season 4. No one seen Judy dead. She was just out on her boat. Maybe she ended up getting treatment in Mexico, and been cured. Jen needs to tell Ben something. I think we all know what it is. What’s his reaction? We need a season 4! ❤️

  4. I loved Dead To Me..It Was Happy,Sad,Bubbly,and loved their friendship together. I never cried so much when judy didnt return..the cat new too.Season 4 would be nice.. i know Christine has been struggling..She was fantastic the way she pushed through. Everyone I told to watch this series loved it…I’ll be waiting, if it does come back .❤🙏

  5. Please Please Please bring back Season 4 Christina- God willing-if you are healthy enough-we need you back on the screen. You are an incredible actress and you made this show and story addicting.


  7. As much as everyone else…I’d love to know the be all, end all of Jen, Judy, and Ben’s lives. But I LOVE that we are all left “hanging”! Because….we really aren’t! Let’s use that forgotten thing called our own imagination! Wonderful series, beautifully written, and incredibly brought to life by such a talented cast in its entirety. Thank you!

  8. I loved the Show and i hope a season 4 will cone, if even for 1 Episode…..truly…..what happens to judy……did she die….was she on the Boat…..did she commit suicide….its all questions, plus i want to know how ben reacts wenn Jen teils him hopefully the truth and if hes able to forgive her. So please consider, i wish you well and hope you find a wsy of living with MS.

  9. Oh this show was awesome and would love season 4! I’m so sad that Christina is dealing with an illness and hope she stays well to do one last season!

  10. I have enjoyed this so much laughter & tears, I would absolutely say yes to another series there is surely a lot of scope for Jen & her family, who knows what else could be hidden away. Please rethink the decision & bring the show back for a fourth series.

    I couldn’t stop watching the series and I’m addicted! Please continue!!! 🙏 🥲

  12. WE NEED A SEASON 4!!! The relationship between Jen and Judy is nothing short of a masterpiece. While I understand the decision to end it where they did, I mean the whole story centres around their relationship so that’s going make for a different dynamic, but it would also be great to see what happens with Jen and Ben…wow, that’s not fab is it?! I think we were all rooting for them towards the end…please give us more!!!

  13. I haven’t enjoyed a series like this in a long time. The chemistry between these women is fabulous.… And what an interesting Storyline. I heard that Christina Applegate is fighting MS. My friend has had MS for 15 years and is doing well under meds. Hopefully Christina can find similar meds. Obviously her health comes first, but golly after three exciting seasons, it’s hard to leave your audience hanging. Maybe season four could have only four episodes if Christina is up to it.

  14. I waited for season 3 because this show was so amazing. It left me always wanting more. Best show I have watched in a long time. Please do another season please.

  15. Please, if possible, please make season four! I wish they wouldn’t have ended season 3 the way that they did, they completely kept it open for season 4.
    This is thee best show in my opinion on nextflix! Even my boyfriend loved it just as much as I did.

    Also I don’t believe Judy is dead, she had a lot of money and I think it’s possible that she faked her own death just to get away from it all. I’m her mom said she was a complete liar and so did Judy’s husband, ( I believe). What if it was all too much for Judy, to much stresss, to many lies, and what if she did come up with a great plan to fake her own death and disappear. She did walk out onto the beach and the boat was gone.

    Please bring back a season 4!

  16. BRING DEAD TO ME BACK!!! Maybe,Judy comes back as a ghost that, only the family can see.Please, give us a season 4.Judy did say she would always be there.

  17. I cannot believe how attached I’ve become to this series. It helped process a lot of feelings and opened up the opportunity for me to forgive the people who hurt me before. I literally finished season 3 in two days, I couldn’t wait any longer and the fact that it contained so many open endings made me believe in the chances for a season 4, which I truly wish for. Many thanks to everyone who was part of this brilliant show.

  18. What if Judy was faking the cancer like her mom said, “you never know with Judy.” And the cat in the last scene was trying to open the door because Judy was inside the house. Now that is a plot twist!

  19. Yes please!!! I would love a season 4!!! Maybe Judy didn’t die…maybe she’s just hiding somewhere…and what if she did do the trial and it worked…or as someone said, Judy can come back as an angel that only Jen can see?? Yes for a season 4!!

  20. Dead To Me has been a wonderful time with characters who became friends. Because of that, the long-awaited Season 3 was stressful and difficult to watch. I wanted everyone safe and alive but wasn’t always sure that would happen. In the end, the funny, sweet, and sometimes tragic aspects of the show came together perfectly. Hats off to Liz Feldman, the producers, the crew, and the amazing cast. Bravo!!! No need for Season 4.

  21. This series was GREAT!!! I’d spend everyday watching at least 4 to 5 episodes until there wasn’t anymore to watch. Can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed watching a series like this one. It tugged at every emotional string more times then not. Id be laughing one minute, than literally sobbing the next.
    Very enjoyable and entertaining series. However, season 4, if there was going to be one, would be very difficult to script without Judy. So I’ll leave that decision to the higher ups.


  22. I loved this series! Christina Applegate and Linda Cardilini are so talented. So many twists and turns. I would love a 4th season but not at the expense of Christina’s health. Bravo to everyone!

  23. All good things come to an end. As much as I want a season 4 to answer a few questions…. I’m also thinking too much of a good thing can end up bad. If there was a season 4, Judy must return in some way. My questions, who did kill the FBI agent? Steve has a baby on the way. Perez got caught up in the drama, she was never discovered. And what about Jen’s visions after the accident? So many new stories could stem a Season 4.

  24. Excellent show and beautiful ending. Everything must come to an end and when you do this well, that’s a blessing.

  25. Please don’t disappoint us, make a season 4. It even said it at the end “watch the final season now”!!!!
    If you don’t, I’ll feel like one of Judy’s paintings; I’ll be that little girl with a hole in her heart!

  26. Even though I love this show but I don’t want it bring back for season 4.
    This show can’t without Judy!
    I feel this bond with Judy and Jen,it’s so touched I almost cried my eyes out.
    they are so lucky to have each other.
    I wish I can meet someone like that but with no dead people involved🤣

  27. Season 4 please! One of the best shows…had me crying more than with Grey’s anatomy…I know it’s difficult with the main character’s MS diagnosis..but craving how this will all end!

  28. A great show and I agree it won’t be the same without Judy. But the end of season 3 leaves u thinking what’s coming next. I really hope a season 4 comes back and they bring Judy back as well but they’d have to do a lot of work to fix it up I’m sure but it’s worth the wait.

  29. Absolutely loved this show it just made me forget the real world for 40 mins on each episode I really didn’t want it to end the ending was beautiful. As much as I’d love a series 4 really won’t be the same. Thank you Dead To me for giving me something to look forward to.

  30. Yea.. make me laugh, but the end make cry a lot. I love this serie .. should back season 4..but without judy.. is not make sense anymore..congrats for people was part of this good serie.. 2022

  31. I would love to see a season four, but I realize how hard it would be on Ms. Applegate because I suffer with two factor Rhematoid Arthritis. Some days it’s harder than others, but as a fan I know I would be willing to wait for as long as it took to see a season four. I think most fans would too. God bless.

  32. They should bring it back! It is the best comedy i have watched, Its the first comedy i laughed out loud!
    But I dont think they will bring it back because applegate does have ms :<

    Either way, I think Judy will come back. I think she isn't fatal at all. She prob has something to do with the greeks or whatever, something we don't know yet…

    If there will be a season 4. Then I would jump a hole the air.

    Nice day!

  33. I think Jen told Ben it was all Judy. If she tells him that Judy killed Jen’s husband and Steve, she’s in the clear and Judy can’t be prosecuted. Judy did start it all. But who killed the FBI guy? Was it the scones??

  34. Yes I agree. Please bring it back. Love the sisterly love and the suspense.
    It deserves a good end

  35. Please, we want the fourth part. We loved it so much, and we want to know what Ben’s reaction will be when jen tells him, and whether Judy died or will she come back and she’s cured of cancer

  36. Please bring season 4, very sad to leave us all hanging like that
    This isn’t an ending ..:(
    If don’t continue, might end up with too many upset fans and make up their own season 4 in a Facebook group called producers of dead to me are dead to us all .:(

  37. I hate when you find a fabulous series and it ends too soon very disappointed they’ll be no season four

  38. I want more, does Ben stay, even knowing the whole truth? Does she actually tell him everything Does the fbi ever rebuild there case? Dose the oldest some ever figure out what really happened, there are too many cliff hangers to leave it like that

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