Has Becoming Elizabeth been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Becoming Elizabeth is the latest historical drama on Starz, depicting the tumultuous time following Henry VIII’s death and Elizabeth’s slow ascent to becoming Queen.  If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Well, read on and we’ll let you know what we know!

What is Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 about?

The story picks up right in the heart of turmoil in England. Edward VI is on the throne following his father’s death, while Edward Seymour playing as puppet master and Thomas Seymour scheming with Catherine Parr, it’s a tumultuous time in England.

Elizabeth finds herself right in the thick of the political and sexual politics of the English court. As she journeys toward securing the crown, this 8 episode series plots her story.

We have extensive coverage of Becoming Elizabeth across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 8 episodes. You can check those out HERE.

Has Becoming Elizabeth been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Starz have not renewed Becoming Elizabeth for season 2. However, the network do have a pretty good track record with renewing their historical dramas. Given the success of The White Queen and The Spanish Princess (both of which receiving second season orders), it’s not outside the realm of possibility to think this will be renewed too.

However, the ratings for this show have been rather low and audience reaction mixed to this historical drama. Anya Reiss, who wrote and created the series, broke the news of the show’s cancellation by Starz via Twitter.

The ratings were pretty small across the board but notably consistent, which is another big contributing factor that sadly, didn’t come into play during Starz’s decision to ave this one.

What we know about season 2 so far:

All we know about season 2 is that it won’t happen. Despite there being scope for a follow-up, Starz’s announcement of a cancellation will likely ripple out to fans who will be disappointed by this news.

Unless another studio pick this one up, this is the end of Becoming Elizabeth.

Would you like to see Becoming Elizabeth return for a second season? How do you feel about Starz’s latest announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

223 thoughts on “Has Becoming Elizabeth been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I would love for this to continue. I’ve really enjoyed it. For anyone watching this via Sky my system seems to have recently recorded episode 11 of series 3 which made me think that there was already a 2nd series lurking out there. Please do continue it.

  2. I have really enjoyed this, I think there definitely needs to be a season 2 and 3 if necessary. There are lots of programmes on Henry VIII and Elizabeth but very little on the in-between years and I think this as started to fill gap. Please carry on.

  3. What a brilliant series! There absolutely needs to be a season 2 and beyond! The production, casting and writing is outstanding. One of the best historical fiction I’ve seen recently, I really hope they reconsider and create more

  4. I & my Husband have love this series. The acting is superb.
    Please please make at least another 2 series. We need to see how Elizabeth ascends to the throne.
    Loved it with a passion.

  5. This has been a Brilliant series. The acting and story telling is amazing and have loved every episode. We can stotally see why both Mary and Elizabeth’s characters were as they were.
    Please make at least another 2 series. We need to see Elizabeth ascend to the throne.

  6. Please.Please. Please,can someone pick this up for a second series! My partner & I loved it finished the last episode of series 1 last night & frantically searched to see if there was a second to follow as – soooooo much more to come – Queen of 9 days, Bloody Mary & just fascinating how we’re given a real sense of how precarious life was at court & how Elizabeth had to walk a tightrope to try & keep herself safe……
    Exceptionally well cast & tremendously enjoyable with all these historical characters brought to life in an entertaining history lesson – yes there maybe some historical inaccuracies – who knows if 14 year old Elizabeth had an actual sexual relationship with Tom Seymore – there was certainly evidence that there was some impropriety. Also not uncommon in those days for females to still be in childhood before being married off. We mustn’t judge these things by the mores of today, back then things were very,very different. But normal for medieval times. Henry VII’s mother, Margaret Beaufort was 12 when she married & 13 years old when she gave birth to the first Tudor monarch…..But for period drama – fairly accurate telling of the tale – with dramatically embellishments along the way – What’s not to love!!
    Musty historians looking for a documentary – move on!
    Please give us a series 2!

  7. Please let us have a second series, a brilliant piece of work. So well written and acted. The best thing on tv for ages!

  8. Only just watched this. Had not heard of it before. Loved every episode, great casting, historical accuracy and there is so much potential for future series. Please bring us a 2nd season.

  9. Of all the Starz historical dramas/ series, Becoming Elizabeth is my absolute favourite! I love the way it is written and acted, brilliant in every way! The casting is fantastic! Please, please reconsider and go ahead to make season two!

  10. I have just finished Season 1 and have discovered that there will not be a Season 2. Elizabeth’s story is fascinating, please continue with it. If I realised that there would only be one season I would not have invested my time and money.

  11. I have watched so many depictions of this family, and “Becoming Elizabeth” has by far been my favorite! Love the writing and the cast. I’m hooked, and would love several more seasons. At least 2 more..

  12. I LOVE the period dramas…and this one has me hooked!!! Please PLEASE give us a season 2!!! It was well written and the cast is fantastic!!! Dying to see what happens next when Mary becomes queen!!!

  13. 🙏🙏Please renew Becoming Elizabeth!!! I want to see what is of Elizabeth during Queen Mary’s reign and then perhaps during her reign. Thank you for this fascinating show!!

  14. Seriously, this needs a season 2! Better advertising to the right demographic would go a long way! I’m 30 year old female who has always loved period dramas. C’mon STARZ! Don’t let us down.

  15. The only reason I took out a subscription to Starz was for their outstanding historical dramas – one of my favourite genres. To cancel Becoming Elizabeth is so unjustified – as others have mentioned, you get invested in a show and its characters, only to have it teminated with no proper ending. It happens countless times. Meanwhile, other shows get dragged on for years and years, and become dreary shadows of themselves. SF shows are a particular casualty of cancellation after a first series, and I have lost count how many have been unceremoniously given the boot, despite a loyal fanbase and campaigns to get them renewed. Starz, you are known for your quality drama – please don’t shortchange us on this.

  16. I think if you don’t want to produce season 2 maybe the production company should apply to the BBC as I’m sure they’d jump at the chance, especially with all the comments being made.
    I think you’d be idiots not to fund other seasons of all these historical programmes, they’re the only reason I watch your channel!

  17. Please, please give all of us a Season 2 and more!!! Many of us want to see more of this historical well done series!

  18. If I had known there was only 1 season, I wouldn’t have watched it. I am so invested in this show. It’s brilliant and very historically accurate. Bring on Season 2. Even if there are only 2 seasons, at least we will have closure. It peeves me that productions leave things up in the air like this. Shame.

  19. Really enjoyed the show. Excellent writing and acting laid the groundwork take for a second series. Starz will regret not picking this up as I believe other streaming outlets will. I will be cancelling my Starz subscription.

  20. I really enjoyed the show I was upset to hear that they’re not gonna continue with a season two I think they should it was definitely worth watching.

  21. What a brilliant series. One the best, most realistic, and historically accurate series I have seen. It’s a travesty that there won’t be a season 2. I hope you reconsider this decision.

  22. This is absolutely ludicrous! There should without a doubt, BE A SEASON 2 !! These people were real, & their struggles & executions were real as well! Let us not forget that? It is straight disrespectful to not go on with Elizabeth II’s story. To all that have sacrificed, struggled, & triumphed to make this world a better place, for their countries and as a whole, let the second season continue?! I know myself, & many subsubscibers will NOT RENEW WITH STARZ if it won’t continue! PLEASE BRING US A SEASON 2 OF BECOMING ELIZABETH!

  23. Please renew for season 2. The actors were brilliant and this is just as good as the popular Tudor series starring Henry Cavill

  24. You are a rival network to King of Thrones… I would think you would understand when you bring the “real thing” to life in such a historic but highly entertaining way. That those fans are looking for more series to watch! You are not marketing Becoming Elizabeth wisely. With the new Dragon series you see the want …
    With all the attention Queen ElizabethII passing has brought such interest. Plus The Crown series going on for years…. Please rethink this!

  25. I have literally watched all the 24/25 century series star has to offer. I was so mad when white queen, white princess and soanish princess were all cancelled. . Can you PLEASE RENEW becoming elizabeth you haven’t even finished her story!! That was all about edward.

  26. Historical dramas are the basis of my every day television viewing . Please put out a second season . How disappointing to spend 8 weeks dying inside just to find out what happens next only to be left wanting more.

  27. Please continue the series. The cinematography, scenery and acting are absolutely exquisite. Please continue the story of one of the worlds most enigmatic, inspiring and powerful female monarchs. I keep watching the first series over and over. Please continue this first rate depiction.

  28. This is not as bad as breaking the 4th as Serpent Queen but the some the modern language and such is annoying and not necessary. It wasn’t used in white princess nor white queen. And alot of scenarios were changed for thrill. But other than its was a pleasant watch. I hope this does go forward until Mary dies or right before. Than one can watch Cate Blanchett’s films.

  29. Elizabeth non è ancora salita sul trono e fino a quando non diventerà regina, non solo, anche per tutta la sua vita, noi attenderemo sempre con impazienza la seconda, terza, quarta, ecc. stagione.

  30. You have to make season 2, 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    You can’t leave us hanging, 🤔 (pardon the pun) I only saw an advertisement for it on Insta the other day and we binged watched it, I actually thought there were 11 episodes so was devastated to find out there were only 8. We looooooved the show, you have to advertise it better.
    I’ll be waiting for season2

  31. PLEASE continue this top drawer historical drama!! It wasn’t advertised enough to expect a wide audience. Advertise Season 1, while you’re filming Season 2. The passing of Elizabeth II will likely increase interest in Becoming Elizabeth and other stories of historic Gt.Britain. This is not the time to throw in the towel!

  32. Absolutely Riveting! Please do not stop here! We (all) are wishing you to continue! Completely captivating is the actress, Alicia von Rittberg, depicting Elizabeth! How could anyone not want to see more? Actually, the entire cast has been superb. I keep watching over and over again. What a great, beautiful and informative show! Thank you to all of you! Please, Please Continue – I am impatiently waiting!

  33. Yes, Please bring this back. I binged this show in a week. Love the cast Especially the young woman playing Elizabeth. The costumes are amazing and the drama is addictive. All historical truth or no , it’s a great hour of television.

  34. 9/15/22 9:15 pm
    Great historical show & extremely well cast! Costumes authentic & hoping show will continue well after her coronation!
    Have recommended Starz to
    many friends who are also into historical Series! Hoping for many more Seasons of Becoming Elizabeth!!

  35. STARZ, please do renew! I just began this series a couple of days ago and so much has been explained. I realize for dramatization’s sake, all is not factual… although, the truth whatever it actually was – was dramatic. I recall watching the movie Elizabeth so many years ago and being confused, not knowing quite who was whom etc.. and why all the side taking and who’s side meant what. I have done research while watching this series, to have a better understanding and find it to be fairly factual in it’s storytelling. I absolutely have loved it btw, and can not wait to hear of a renew and finally thankful for a Starz account! It’s sad that the side taking still occurs so many years later and across “the pond.” Our parties are lucky that the old world ways England ended “treason” is not the way of today. Plenty of heads would have rolled down the Capitol stairs…

  36. Binge watched the entire season in one week after getting hooked on the first episode!!! Immediately googled when season two would be out, lol!

  37. I came to Becoming Elizabeth late, but I think it is so well done. The timeline of events and the in depth look at the first Queen Elizabeth is wonderful. I hope this is renewed.

  38. Don’t bring this back for extended seasons…, and I will never trust Starz again! I can’t believe they would take such care to write and produce such a quality drama and drop it before the essence of the arc is even realized! Please bring it back!

  39. Brilliantly written and acted… history right before your eyes… Can’t wait for season 2 please Starz renew and finish what is truly a magnificent look into the world of the royals

  40. Brilliant show delving into how Elizabeth became THE Elizabeth, one of the greatest monarchs in history… We’ve been patiently waiting for Season 2 as this cannot possibly end here, Edward VI is still alive (barely) and Mary’s bloody reign is yet to begin… We all know what happens next, but to be brought into the treacherous behind the scenes world of English power in the 16th century is just awesome. Great job so far, please take this all the way to the coronation!

  41. I’m hoping becoming Elizabeth has a second season. I found it fascinating and very educational. I do hope that all eight seasons will be filmed and that it will continue. It is beautifully filmed excellently acted and extremely fascinating. I remember as a child back in the seventies PBS had a series of Elizabeth starring Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth that was very educational and fascinating to me. And I find Becoming Elizabeth even more fascinating. So please continue your second season and I pray that you continue up to your 8th season

  42. Please let there be a second third fourth and fifth season please this is my third time watching becoming Elizabeth

  43. The series was good but obviously incomplete. We don’t see the continuing story of Mary and Elizabeth and their relationship up until Mary’s death and Elizabeth’s coronation, only then should the series end.

  44. Would you please, for the love of God and worthwhile television, please renew Becoming Elizabeth for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th season! Please!

  45. I have Starz only to watch these shows. White Princess/Queen and Arne Spanish Princess. Now Becoming Elizabeth. No other reason for Starz. Please don’t leave us hanging.

  46. Excellent show and we know the story is far from over! Please renew!! As others have also said, this series is the reason I subscribe to Starz.

  47. Continue season 2. Historical dramas are educational and I like this cast and depiction of the dramatic intrigues around the succession of King Henry Vlll.

  48. Please continue Elizabeth’s story from being 15 and up. It would be nice to see it go in order as she continues to grow up. This is my favorite type of television show to watch. Please make more!! I would do more advertising as I just found it by accident and I look for period pieces often.

  49. We have Starz specifically for the historical dramas!! PLEASE, don’t cancel this series. It’s one of the most iconic periods of British history and one of my favorites. I’ve recorded and rewatched The White Queen and The Spanish Princess several times over and am now looking forward to the series on the Medici family and Dangerous Liaisons.

  50. We’re thoroughly enjoying the drama in our household and, as usual with historical dramas, we’re quibbling over the fact and fiction. Do hope this gets renewed

  51. Please renew.
    Kept thinking this can’t possibly be the end of the series!
    I think it’s a great show. Bd acting is superb!

  52. I love this series❤️ The costuming and acting are on point! It would be a shame not to continue the series. I’ve recommended to many that don’t have Starz streaming to get it for this Becoming Elizabeth quality series!!!

  53. This is a superb depiction of the events that played out after Henry VIII’s death, a story that has been neglected for too long. I had often wondered why Elizabeth refused marriage, even at the risk of ending the Tudor dynasty because she would not produce an heir. This series fills in that gap of understanding, and I truly hope that a second season will leave no doubt in our minds why the clever Elizabeth did what she had to do in order to ensure the stability and even the survival of her country in the throes of the reformation triggered by her father’s marriage to her mother. This story needs to be told and I hope STARZ doesn’t drop the ball by not continuing this series.

  54. I have learned about events in history through watching these 8 episodes. The cast, costume designers, set designers, crew and writers etc have captured historical events with their talents.
    I wish to see more episodes. I do not wish to be left on a cliff waiting! Please continue to post a second season!

  55. Please keep this series going into the end of the full story of Elizabeth I
    It’s such a great historical story and it deserves to run her full golden era course.
    It’s a really well done drama and lots everything about the show, please don’t leave us hanging without closure like so many other shows!

  56. Loved watching Becoming Elizabeth. I really had no doubt that there would be a season two. You should definitely have a season 2,3,4 and so on.

  57. Why would any producer, director , writer, historian , costumer, set designer , viewer or anyone in the realm of sanity NOT renew this series ?!?!?!?!
    I , Gregory Wheaton, command that you henceforth repeat and repeat again I tell you , until I am satiated beyond the reaches of the realms that I rule .
    We have spoken .

  58. Great story, acting sets. Everything about it works. I love that we get to see the reign of Edward VI played out in great detail. Oliver Zetterstrom was great playing Edward.

  59. If this is historical or based on actual historical events, then there is no question there should be a Season 2. How can a historical drama be left in the loop. I personally want to see the end of Elizabeth’s reign. That may take more than 2 seasons.

  60. I love the actresses and actors ! They do so well I hope it won’t end on a cliff hanger ! Really good portray off Queens and Kings ! Please don’t end ! so sad LOVE THIS SHOW !

  61. Not finishing the story line to when Elizabeth actually becomes Queen until she dies is an insult to British history. There is no question as to whether there should be additional seasons.

  62. Please have a season 2, 3 4 etc till full story told. Eduard dies then comes Lady Jane 9 days queen, Bloody Mary’s reign and then Elizabeth 1…..

  63. I enjoyed Becoming Elizabeth. It basically pics up where the TV series The Tudors left off. I am hoping that STARZ will renew for a second season.

  64. Love love loved this series. I have just finished watching it and I am hungry for more. I love history but knew nothing of the time before Elizabeth came to the throne. I never realised it was such a tumultuous time. Please please bring it back with a second season.

  65. Just binged the entire season of “Becoming Elizabeth “. Wonderful! Loving and hating the characters! Although the end is a foregone conclusion, I, for one, would love to see it play out! Please!

  66. Excellent show and cast. I can’t wait for season 2.
    I watch everything related to the Tudor family.
    The Spanish Princess and The White Queen were amazing as well!
    These shows separate itself from any other tv drama. I most enjoy the these shows. Keep writing and producing please 🙏

  67. Has to be a second season simply because she hasn’t yet become Elizabeth I and the history from the death of Edward is, to say the least, very dramatic. I’d love to see another season.

  68. I have to add my endorsement for a second season. I have so looked forward to each episode and, as others have noted, subscribed to Starz to watch this series. I am particularly interested in the substory of Lady Jane Grey/Dudley. It would be exciting to see how Bella Ramsey further develops her character. Alicia von Rittberg has done an excellent job portraying young Elizabeth and Romola Garai is always a pleasure to watch. What a find in Oliver Zetterstrom! Bravo to all!

  69. Season 2 3 4 5 6 please otherwise I will not renew my subscription, I hate one season shows that leave things hanging

  70. Please let there be a season 2! I absolutely loved season one. The actors,the costumes,the scenery, the writing was all superb. Would prefer not to hear the F word, there must be another word to express anger and frustration.

  71. Would love to season a season 2 and 3,4,5 lol 😆 so much can be continued for this story in history, I can never get enough!

  72. All the comments are spot on!!! Great writing, great acting, every personality is in line with the historical record of Englands greatest monarch, she is totally a woman’s woman and for all the men who appreciate them. How do we get STARZ to see the light?

  73. Loving this series! Please bring out season 2 soon! We need more series like this! Please don’t make us wait too long!

  74. I would really like to see the 2nd season. I love watching historical shows. I would really like to see how she becomes Queen Elizabeth l.

  75. Yes, please… keep going with Becoming Elizabeth. I LOVE these series otherwise there is absolutely little else of great quality content to watch.

  76. Yes, please… keep going with Necoming Elizabeth. I LOVE these series otherwise there is absolutely little else to watch.

  77. I have looked forward to watching this series every Sunday so please do a season two I find the tudors very interesting I just love anything from that period the actors are all very good at playing there parts they do the series justice

  78. I hope Starz does continue with Becoming Elizabeth. The accurate telling of this bit of history makes me look forward to the next episode.

  79. I agree we absolutely need a season 2. This show shows more details of what really happened. Can not get this from other shows!

  80. Yes please renew for season 2.
    A great series and still so much to show.
    It’ll be criminal not to continue the story.

  81. I look forward to the Sunday viewing of becoming Elizabeth. Surprised the ratings are not high. Well written and well acted series.

  82. I love this series. If it ends after the first season, it will be a crime. The story is not even halfway finished! The actors have done a spectacular job portraying the historical figures! We need a second season to at least see Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne.

  83. There must be a series 2! Elizabeth’s story has only just begun. I know there are some historical inconsistencies but on the whole the drama carries it through. Staging and costumes are magnificent, worthy of the high praise the BBC receives for it’s lavish productions. For example, Becoming Elizabeth conveys the pomp of the Tudor Court far better than Wolf Hall, which although I love I can concede is slightly insular compared to Becoming Elizabeth. I’m afraid I will cancel my subscription to Starplayz if there is no series 2, seriously.

  84. Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth or I am going to cancel my STARZ. This is a fantastic story and cannot end this way. The cast is amazing!

  85. I loved this show and the best part of the story is yet to come. Cannot believe they are not renewing I would have never watched this if if I had known this would not continue. it is the oanoly reason I kept my Starz account.

  86. Please please, we need a series 2 of Becoming Elizebeth, it’s been an amazing series, but there is so much more to see.
    Excellent cast & acting & a fantastic look in to English history.

  87. Please Renew this series. Becoming Elizabeth can’t end like this. You must finish the story. There is so much more. We fans want to see Mary and Elizabeth fight to be Queen

  88. Have truly enjoyed this show but was disappointed by only 8 episodes. There is so much more history left untold. If there isn’t a season 2 then these 8 episodes were a waste of time and money. Perhaps more advertising was required for better ratings because the show was wonderfully produced with a superb cast. Your viewers need much more!!!

  89. Yes, yes, please renew for Season 2! We love this historical series and love learning more and more about the Tudors.

  90. I love this show. There must be a Season Two, only for the fact they left all of us fans hanging. So please bring Season Two.

  91. Please renew.Wonderful first season you must finish the story.There must be season 2..Soon please

  92. If they go into the political manuvering of the Tudor court properly as per season 1 they could do x 2 further seasons. I love the character of Mary – she’s quite sympathetic! Who knew!

    After I got over the lead actress not looking anything like the real Queen (miss Cate Blanchett) the acting was superb, costumes and sets wonderful- please renew!

  93. The story of how Elizabeth became queen isn’t finished until she becomes queen. You have more of a very good story with an excellent cast to tell us. Looking forward to season 2.

  94. I believe there should be a second season to leave it unfinished will likely have viewers looking else where, for continuing storyline. I my self grow very tried of one season shows, it determines whether or not I continue to pay for that particular channel.

  95. Bad ending! Could have show to her stepping Up to THE crown as a Queen! I hope there comes a Season 2!!

  96. The shows acting is good ; costumes and setting spot on. And yes it would be good to understand why Jane Gray got the throne for nine days . For writers please maintain accuracy and stop using the “F” bombs for effect. Historically the word fuck was not used at that time to express frustration or anger.

  97. Season 2…Elizabeth should be queen…I think her reign would be much more exciting than her sister…as queen! #Queen Elizabeth 😊👍👍👍👍

  98. Please continue the saga with a season 2…it has been fascinating learning more about Elizabeth’s rise to power through this historical drama. Love it!!

  99. I agree with all the above, we have to have Season 2. Thanks so much for Season 1, a big step above other historical dramas. More please, such a critical time in history.

  100. PLEASE renew Becoming Elizabeth. Getting to see how it might have all happened between the power hungry men and the siblings us intriguing. Please renew.

  101. Ok I’m now invested in this series. You can’t just tease us will series one and not green-light a series two. I want more, I need more and I demand more……….. please!!! I have watched every historical series known to man and this, is by far one of the best I have seen in a long time.

  102. I believe that Becoming Elizabeth is a great historical depiction of the events following the death of King Henry VIII. A season 2 would definitely continue the intriguing story that unfolded as the 2 princesses positioned themselves for the throne of England. I am very much looking forward to watching season 2. Please renew!

  103. Brilliant Series 1. I love the writing and the acting, and particularly appreciate its historical fidelity, such a rarity in historical dramas. I do hope Starz renews for Series 2. Elizabeth needs to fully Become.

  104. Loved Season 1 and hope we get a Season 2. That was one of the best cliffhangers and didn’t want Season 1 to end. I have to see what happens next.
    Pleeeeeease Starz, green light another season. We have to see the rest of the road Elizabeth goes through before becoming Queen.

  105. There has to be a season 2..how can networks do this to people who faithful watcher’s..these networks do that all the time or they make us wait over a year or so….so we will lose interest

  106. The historical significance of this Tudor Royal blood is intriguing. The fact that males were the choice to keep the power going in the family only excites the Curiosity to see how females came into the equation. Henry VIII obsessed about leaving a male heir. He went to extremes to assure this by the marriage to Anne Boylyn. Elizabeth came out of this stormy Union. She had to live in the shadows for years while the political circus and privy council played their games especially when King Henry died.

    I hope there will be a 2nd season. There is so much more to the story of “Becoming Elizabeth”. Her story is very interesting even though she never married to leave a Tudor heir or heiress? As for ratings? Yes; the story moved slow at times, but the intimacy and dynamics of all the players is fascinating and a chess game only the wisest and most cunning could survive.

  107. There has to be a season 2. I’m not usually a historical TV show watcher but this show is awesome

  108. A very well done series and historically accurate. I think possibly why the ratings were lower is because people like me didn’t even find out about it until recently. I do hope that they will have a season 2!

  109. What happened during these times is “stranger than fiction” and should be renewed at least for another season. Aside from the fascinating events, the sets are already there.
    As a fan, I’m hoping….

  110. Excellent series! Left us waiting for the next episode! Please let there be a second series!

  111. Please..a 2nd season!!! If you can bring The Serpent Queen, you can bring Becoming Elizabeth season 2!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  112. Please have a season 2!!! This is a great show, very well done!!! The actors are outstanding! I can’t wait to see the rest of the story!!!

  113. Love the series. Please bring it back for season 2. There is nothing on TV worth watching except for stories about the past

  114. Please renew Becoming Elizabeth it is up there with White Queen White Princess and the Spanish Princess it is intriguing and we need to know about her life after her brother died so please renew

  115. There is way too much left in this saga to not have a season 2. Please don’t make us wait a year for it. If you’re going to do it, ( and I think you should ) please get to it quickly!

  116. Yes, please Season 2! Definitely, loved Season 1 of Becoming Elizabeth, looking forward to a soon to be released Season 2. Thank You!

  117. Excellent series, but needs another series to continue the story to Elizabeths coronation.
    A lot more of the story still to be told.

  118. Absolutely superb. The script is really gritty and complex. The characters so believable, especially that of John Dudley.
    It’s hypnotic and so rich, even using modern music doesn’t distract but enhances the atmosphere
    Starz do an incredible job with their historic dramas.
    We must have Season 2 !

  119. They can’t leave us hanging there must be a season2.
    Edward dies, Jane Greys 9 day reign then Bloody Mary & Elizabeth in the tower … there’s too much left and needs to be screened PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE season 2

  120. This show is better than any soap opera, more dramatic, more at stake and a true story to boot. Please renew it….

  121. Please pretty please let there be a Season 2. I’m anxious to see Jane Grey’s story as Bella Ramsey is an excellent actress in the part. she’s being portrayed as someone difficult to like and yet as we know from history, she will ultimately be someone we will see as a victim of other’s ambitions. Yes we need more!

  122. Not sure why Elizabeth gets out in the tower I know why Dudley does now. However in history elizabeth road in behind her sister backing Mary to take the throne from Jane. So they must get along enough to work together one last time before she tossed Elizabeth in the tower. Also must have loved Elizabeth as she could have condemned Elizabeth living throne to Mary queen of Scott’s a Catholic hmm..

  123. Being a Canadian, l already know the history since having to take it in school but the series was great l sure hope they have a sequel elizabeth1 was a pretty tough lady !

  124. This series must definitely continue, the story has much more to give and should go on until Elizabeth becomes queen. This would then have a satisfactory ending and not finish mid way through.

  125. I sure hope there is a season 2. Season 1 was excellent!!! There should be season 2 and 3 and so on. Love it!!!

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