Has A Town Called Malice been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

A Town Called Malice is a stylish and artistic crime drama but it’s also going to be somewhat of an acquired taste. After finishing the whole series, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is A Town Called Malice Season 1 about?

Produced by Sky Studios, they’ve marketed this drama as what would happen if Dallas made love to Pulp Fiction while listening to Duran Duran. This intoxicating cocktail of bubbling influences plays out as a musical love letter to the 80’s, depicting a wide-spanning family crime thriller saga.

Specifically, the story follows a family of gangsters operating in South London called the Lords. They realize that fleeing to Costa Del Sol could present a golden opportunity to reinvent themselves.

In doing so, the drama sees the group battle themselves just as much as they do their enemies, with the series blending in elements of romance, deceit and violence to the fold.

Has A Town Called Malice been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, A Town Called Malice has been cancelled according to Deadline.

What we know about season 2 so far:

However, if a different platform picks up the show, do expect the story to continue, with plenty of violence and romance to come as our characters navigate their individual and collective battles.

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see A Town Called Malice return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

116 thoughts on “Has A Town Called Malice been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. ATCM beats the usual drivel served up by other broadcasters! What a throwback to my teenage years, even the Fila & Ellesse outfits bring back “oh so fond” memories. Ok, the script is a tad weak in places but the 80’s soundtrack makes up for that, it was enjoyable to watch, comical in places especially when the characters sang along to the songs but all in all, it is well worth a second series, without a doubt. Come on sky, give the viewers what they want NOW!

  2. Just finished watching it, really enjoyed it, love the music and all the characters.
    Hope there will be another season or spin off


  4. Absolutely loved it . The music was brilliant, couldn’t wait to binge each episode. Please make a season 2 🙏😊

  5. 2 would be nice. Could there be a plot twist and bring back Albert like they did in Dallas with Bobby Ewing.

  6. I loved this show,A town called Malice,we definitely need a season 2. I will be absolutely gutted if there isn’t one. It’s been what my Thursday nights have been all about.

  7. We need season 2 SKY please! This has been the best series and lived it all, the set, scenery, characters plot & the music… Come on Sky….

  8. Loved this so much. Please let there be more seasons. Fabulous thriller. Fantastic music. So much more they can do with this family.. please let there be more….🤞🤞

  9. I just finished watching it. The music was just brilliant and I loved watching the videos during the credits. There is so much more to see with this family. The characters were so good. Marta Plimpton’s London accent deserves an award. Season 2 please.

  10. Massive opportunity for a 2nd series
    Loved every minute of the show
    Music just fanny tastic !

  11. All families have secrets and some need to stay that way. A most compelling and thrilling series not seen since Breaking Bad. Much more to come I’m sure.

  12. Loved A Town Called Malice Seasons 2…..+++ can go in all different directions fast track to 90’s prequal to 60’s and70’s all with great soundtracks and plot lines

  13. This show was brilliant loved the soundtrack and the cast singing along lots of twists brilliant acting funny in parts please definitely do a second season and more I feel it could go on

  14. Please Sky do a second season…..

    I’ve started wearing my Fila tops again and listening to 80s music

    First season was absolute class ….👍

  15. Absolutely brilliant.
    Definitely need another series.
    Music amazing and acting brilliant.
    So many twists, certainly kept me glued.

  16. Absolutely amazing. Music spot on. Acting bang on. Please do a 2nd season. Come on Sky do it !!!!

  17. Binged the season in 2 days. Just kept getting more gripping as the episodes went on. Brilliant!! Definitely worthy of a few more seasons for sure! Fab acting, great throw back to the 80’s and Loved the music

  18. Binged the season in 2 days. Just kept getting more gripping as the episodes went on. Brilliant!! Definitely worthy of a few more seasons for sure! Fab acting, great throw back to the 80’s and Loved the music

  19. Found this by accident and binge watched the whole series. Hope there is a series 2.
    Need to see how things progress, so many unanswered threads.

  20. Please make another 5+ seasons. I binge watched it and I’m gagging for more. Soundtrack was superb.

  21. Absolutely loved it. Gutted I finished it within 2 days. We have to see more. The hotel being built? The drug running? The relationship with locals. How the 2 brothers run things. Do the Swiss family living in Monaco come home? Too many questions needing answers. Please Sky.

  22. Hope to see a second series, thoroughly enjoyed the first. Great actors, great location, not too gruesome, but it had its moments, loved the music. ( and the singing) all round entertainment.

  23. Great series which brought back memories of when I first watched the Business. Sound track just makes it more watchable, and like a good book I had to watch all 8 episodes over the weekend. Definitely look forward to seeing series 2. Nick Love better get it sorted. 🤞

  24. Got to be another season and more
    Really original and love the 80s theme and music
    So please release more

  25. Still got to finish the series off . But I love the music the setting and the whole idea of the story .it could maybe be a bit more gritty but I love it . And a great cast too . Roll on more

  26. Excellent entertainment value.Loved the nod to miami vice.
    Purely there to entertain,good actors,well put together and visually stunning,all enough to give you a bit of escapism as you watch.. I’m sure a 2nd season would be good with the legal this first season has left

  27. I found this very addictive.. absolutely brilliant.. defo need another season.. I’m sure plenty would agree.. soundtrack is awsome.. a proper feel good season so far… WE WANT MORE… 🙂

  28. We binged watched this series. Great 80’s music throughout. Great story with lots of twists. Please’ please make a series 2

  29. I came across this by pure accident whilst trying to find something to watch. I watched the whole season in one day. I loved it so much. Loved the eighties music brought back memories, the clothes too. It was funny in places , not too much violence. I need season two. There’s more stories that can be had for this show. It could take us through the 90s to present day. Was the hotel built , did ma or sindy and gene take over the business, more kids to continue the name and running the roost. That’s entertainment!!!! I need more of the Lords.

  30. I came across this show by pure accident . I loved it from the start. The character Gene actually reminds me of a past love from the eighties. I thoroughly enjoyed the series. I need another season there are so many ways for more storylines. Like did they build the hotel, did ma take over, did she get another fella, more kids could feature to take over the
    family business. Did Sindy and Gene take over, I need more of this show. Brilliant 80s music. I need more of A Town called Malice. Please Sky!!!!!

  31. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!. Please please please – a season 2 at least….por favor… 😊

  32. Only seen first 4 episodes so far but what an amazing 4 episodes they were. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome and the sound track WOW.
    Definitely deserves to be renewed.

  33. After watching Breaking Bad and Osark I didn’t think that I could get hooked on watching anything else. How wrong I was. Gripping story line and great soundtrack. Sky would be stupid not to make more series.

  34. Superb show. We need atleast a 2nd and 3rd series atleast to get hotel built. The best show since watching the krays films with martin kemp and newr one. Obviously the whole family have to be killed off apart from gene then show him prosper. Sky get filming. Its a town called malice loved the music acting was good and you could always put a twist on it after the fame comes. Many story lines possible

  35. What a refreshing stylish series, loved it, brilliant casting, best of the 80’s music, such an entertaining watch. There have to be more seasons never mind only season 2

  36. Loved loved loved this brilliant series. Binge watched it over 2 days. Shocked and saddened at Alb getting shot. As I think Jason Flemying is fantastic. But leaves way for Gene to run the show with his brothers. Maybe Ma Lord will take over the helm. Plenty of story lines to unravel

  37. Brilliant , cant wait for season 2. Great sound track, there should be an album released with all the songs on it.

  38. Well what can I say but brilliant brilliant brilliant luved it and a banging 80s soundtrack please please please season 2 and the girl who played Cindy wow soso gorgeous season 2 defo

  39. Absolutely loved this show. Of course, anything a bit different from the norm get’s it’s fair share of criticism – this is a unique piece of television and shows like this don’t come around often. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in recent times. A lot of British crime seems to have a dark dreary look – not this. It’s bright, vibrant and good fun. Tahirah Sharif was the stand out for me – her character was bad ass and this was the best peformance she’s had.


  40. I really enjoyed the series and would love to watch series two to find out if they ever got the hotel built

  41. Rambling not good, love the 80’s my era but this show isn’t strong.

    Vinyl was so so much better but we didn’t get a second series.

    Current brilliant tv Fauda !!

  42. Fantastic series, brought back many memories. Roll on series two, will certainly be on our household watch list.

  43. So different and full of tension, surprises, excellent acting and storey. Just so ripe for a second series.

  44. Really different and enjoyed it very much!! Look forward to Series 2, providing they can continue to develop the “dark” side of the narrative! Dad Lord will be hard to replace!!

  45. Ma mint Lord has come along way from the goonies.
    Excellent soundtrack, clothes are on point, acting isn’t bad for the supporting actors,
    Looking forward to season 2 if renewed.

  46. Fabulous! Hoping they do a second series – acting was superb – loved the 80s vibe , brought back a lot of memories/ those clothes ! 🤣

  47. Loved loved loved this show. Hoping it comes back for a 2nd season. Music was brilliant. Best thing on TV 10 out of 10

  48. Thought the acting was great. Music mega and was absolutely 80’s. Bit grainy but this was the 80’s all over. I really want to see if they build that hotel.

  49. Oh my God!!!
    This is one of the best things that I have seen in a while.The characters and story were brilliant and the soundtrack just topped it off with an amazing selection of 80’s music.I really hope that they do another series set in the 90’s with the 90’s soundtrack to match.

  50. One of the best series watched in a while. Some escapism. Loved the story telling and neon technicolour of the 80’s. The twists and turns were fast paced and right blend of drama and humour with some of the characters. The soundtrack is so good for an 80’s kid.
    Bring on season 2 and beyond through the 90’s potentially

  51. Loved it. Especially the ‘80’s vibe. Hope if it gets renewed, they continue with the ‘80’s. Made me enjoy it so much more.
    Defo recommend it.

  52. Please don’t do a series 2. Whilst I watched it to the bitter end (that must say something I suppose but I can’t stop reading Jack Reacher novels either) the storyline was so implausible that it insults the intelligence. Music and choreography was great and some of the acting was pretty good.

  53. Brilliant loved every moment, the music was great. Watched series 1 in 2 days. Waiting for season 2 Please..

  54. Loved it! I was a big fan of The Business and this was a similar theme with the inclusion of memory provoking songs from the 80s. I would love to see the characters develop in a second season; Sky please green light season two!

  55. Loved it.Bit cheesy but having lived through the eighties didn’t realise how good the music was and the music made it.I will Definately be dusting off my 80 s cd collection and walking about with my jacket sleeves rolled up.Also nice to see some sun.I am looking forward to the next series.

  56. Yes me and my boyfriend absolutely loved the series and are dying to see another one very good watch and would recommend to anyone

  57. I think there should not be a second series of a town called Malice because I feel the story had tied up all the loose ends. Its best left there. Not an overly good production but was easy to watch and I enjoyed it even though it was not terribly accurate.

  58. Really enjoyed it. Characters and story top class, back up music set the tone fantastic . Please don’t stop! So much potential 👍

  59. I absolutely loved season 1 I binged watched it, love the twists and the drama and the music too, hope season 2 gets renewed

  60. love it ,great songs acting is brilliant with laughter along the way ,with subtle remarks can only get better

  61. Loved it, couldn’t wait for the next episodes, so downloaded. Disappointed it’s finished and can’t wait for season 2!

  62. I loved watching A Town Called Malice.
    I watched the whole 8 episodes in a day, something I don’t normally do.
    Music, characters and the plots are all great.
    Better than most of the tv series out there, it certainly held my attention.
    I hope they do release season 2!!

  63. Although a bit far fetched we loved a Town called Malice .Great sound track, laughed a lot & just completed immersed ourselves in each episode.Take it all with a pinch of salt & it’s so worth a watch. Gutted its finished and hope there will be a season 2 & more great music.

  64. I thought it was brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyable especially with the music from the 80’s.
    I wondered whether this was based on a true story?

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