Renewed or cancelled? Will there be a 007: Road To A Million Season 2?

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Have you ever wanted to live the life of James Bond?

If you have enjoyed the super spy’s adventures on the screen and envied his exciting lifestyle, you will have something in common with the contestants of 007: Road To A Million. By taking part in Bond-inspired missions that would scare the living daylights out of most of us, the brave people in this show have a chance at winning a £1 million ($1.2 million) cash prize if they complete their tasks successfully.

The series is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and is well worth a watch, regardless of whether you’re a Bond fan or not. 

After watching and being thrilled by Season 1, you’ll no doubt be hoping for a Season 2. But will there be a second season? 

Here’s what we know:

What is 007: Road To A Million about?

9 pairs of contestants travel the globe in search of adventure and the chance to win £1 million. That’s the premise of this James Bond-inspired reality competition series that tasks our contestants with a variety of hair-raising missions. They climb to the top of volcanos, scale mountains, come face to face with snakes and crocodiles, jump onto moving trains, and much more besides. 

Your heart will be in your mouth as you watch the brave participants step out of their comfort zones and overcome their fears. The series is gripping, more so because the people taking part are everyday people like you and I and not trained spies who would normally complete daredevil missions before breakfast.

Has 007: Road To A Million been renewed for Season 2?

Yes, the show has been renewed for a second season.

The casting call for Season 2 is already underway. According to a casting notice, as quoted at Variety, the show’s producers are looking for “more dynamic duos to jet set across the globe using their wits and general knowledge to answer questions hidden around the world.” 

The filming of the second season is expected to take place in 2024 so there shouldn’t be long to wait before this spy-themed series is back on our screens.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Very little is known about Season 2 at present but if it’s anything like the first season, you can expect to see more brave participants travelling around the globe to locations familiar from the Bond movies. 

If you’re interested in taking part, you have the opportunity to apply here. Not only will you experience the adventure of a lifetime if you do get picked for the show but you will have the opportunity to win £1 million too! 

To learn more about the first season of the show, check out our review below. 


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Are you looking forward to 007: Road To A Million Season 2? What did you think of the first season? Let us know in the comments below. 


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  1. Myself and partner watched the series over four nights , Andy my partner thought it would be brilliant for relationships building…

    I on the other hand believe it would be just a great experience of knowing that it could be achievable…

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