Has The Tailor been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Tailor is a Turkish series on Netflix, blending historical drama, romance and emotional beats into one enticing and moreish show.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know so far:

What is The Tailor about?

The Tailor is inspired by a true story, following a famous tailor who begins to sew a wedding dress for his best friend’s fiance. However, all three hold dark secrets that threaten to upend their lives.

After that cliffhanger ending in season 1, the second series saw Peyami face new challenges as his friendship with Dimitri is tested to the limit. Meanwhile, Esvet spent more time at the house with Mustafa, where a new woman enters his life.

With the third season, Peyami is back after a long business trip, and sparks begin to fly between her and Esvet. At the same time, Dimitri flies off the handle and begins to grow ever-more toxic as the episodes progress.

Has The Tailor been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, Netflix have not renewed The Tailor for a fourth season. Given the nature of this series, that could well change in the near future.

Generally Netflix, like other streaming platforms, gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton etc.) Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, The Tailor has had a good reaction from audiences and critics alike, which does pose good news for the renewal chances of this one. The completion rate is also likely to be pretty high with this, given how easy it is to watch through. Fingers crossed we find out sooner rather than later on this one.

What we know about season 4 so far:

Not much is known about season 4 at the time of writing, given Netflix have only just dropped season 3 on the platform. It’s fair to assume that all of our characters will be returning should this be greenlit, and the series is undeniably popular so it would make sense to give this one the nod.

However, we’ll have to wait and see what the official word is from Netflix on this one first.

Would you like to see The Tailor return for a fourth season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

101 thoughts on “Has The Tailor been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Please please please we must have season 4 and more . Best acting and characters seen in a long time . So much more to be had .

  2. Who was Kiruz living with and, is that her grandson? How could Esvet marry if she was married to Mustafa? Who did they bury if Demitri is still alive? Let’s get wind it up nicely in Season 4.

  3. Hoping for season 4 as well! Very different from most series I’ve watched but I love it! Esvet reminds me so much of Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades of Gray. Can’t wait for another season ❣️

  4. Most Definitely we need season 4 of “The Tailor” Binge watched 3 seasons in 2 days. EXCELLLENT SHOW & CHARACTERS!!! All the actors/actresses are Great but MEGA hats off to actor portraying Mustafa & the wack job Dimitri!! Can’t wait for his evilness to rear its ugly head. Hopefully Love prevails❤

  5. There has to be a Season 4 plus many, many more. I don’t think I would ever have enough of this story. There are many ways it could go and I want to see it all. Its an amazing story. All the actors are first rate especially Olgun Şimşek for his performance of Mustafa he should receive an Oscar! Please Netflix keep this story developing I can’t wait.

  6. Fantastic series!!! Surely, we expect it to go on. We have nothing negative to say about the three seasons. In fact this was an intriguing story. Please do give us more.

  7. most beautiful challeging psychological story and well presented. the actors are naturel and real.i have watched this series again and again, actually my third time now… but i still need answers… if Esvet’s parents are rich and alive why was she sent to an orphanage, how come it she landed in the hands of ari and lia. dimitri must learn to grow out of his selfish Me Me…to love and respect and to accept his failures…
    now that the pressure is off, what is peyami going to do next … life with Esvet…

  8. The story is fun to watch. The characters are believable & well developed. Hating the wounded Dimitri is easy as well as being able to feel badly for him too. I love Paiami and Esvette. They are so great together. I can’t wait to see what the nut Dimitri is up to next! Plus is Esvette going to meet her biological parents? Yes to season 4!!

  9. Please treat us with a Season 4! Agree with all above…great characters to love. Would love to see another Peyami fashion show @ an historic Turkish site! Exposure to more Turkish Culture. Plus we need to know what Dimitri is up to!

  10. This is so all written! The music draws you in to the suspense! The characters and storyline is something you want to keep in your life. I feel a loss without another season to watch! Please renew this for another season! I love foreign films! These actors are really great!

  11. You learn to love Peyami, Esvet, Dimitri and of course Mustafa! As truth of history, slowly is evolving to be known! Emotions become in control! I laughed, cried and yelled “why!” Season 4 is a must! The creators, actors and everyone else…
    Thank you! Applause 👏🏻 ❤️

  12. We need season 4 to explain how and why Dimitri escaped death and we need a baby. BTW…
    what’s the deal with no one mentioning in season 3 that ezvette was married to Mustafa in season 1 and was kiras married to the other guy she was living with? I need answers.

  13. Please bring on season 4!!! I absolutely love the story line and all the characters! I beg of you to bring on season 4!


  15. I can’t believe that so many love this series-ridiculous plot line, over the top melodrama, totally annoying characters. I would be fine if it were cancelled.

  16. Love this series! Definitely looking forward for a next season! Would love it really. Im hooked to this movie. 😍😍😍 All characters played their role so well.

  17. Season 4 is a must!! I’m finding myself watching more Turkish and Mexican/Spainish shows on tv. They have better plots and story lines then American ones. Plus I love the music.

  18. Love the show. Cannot wait for season 4. Fabulous story line, great actors and it must going on. Loved all series so far. Please continue!

  19. Yes, ♥️♥️♥️♥️ i want to see more stories, esp Dimitri’s faking his death, his true love and sacrifice for his blood brother. Love the ending of season 3, but i want to see more.

  20. This has been by far one of the best foreign films I’ve ever watched in the US. I love each and all the characters on this show and how they all come together and bring a synergic energy to life. It has been hard for me to put the remote away to stop watching. Now that we know Dimitri faked his own death, it can’t end here! There has to be a season 4 to give the audience some closure! You cannot leave us hanging or having viewers remorse!

  21. An excellent series! Addictive storyline! Would love to see more. With Demitri still alive, there has to be more. And why would the series be entitled “The Tailor “ if it didn’t end with his his success as a tailor??? How did they mend the relationship with the other Grandpa? And what about Ezra’s parents? Too many unfinished storylines!!!!

  22. Season 4 Yess!! if this forum can really make Netflix listen to our demand. Peyami and Esvet’s character was not developed much in season 3, it was all the way Dimitri, not staisfied with the ending. This is not a wrap of such an engaging storey, Peyami shouldnt be continuing friendship with such a narcissist abuser Dimitri. Narrative should change now, brilliant acting and direction. Fan of Cagatay Ulusoy. Season4 please….

  23. We watched season 4 of the Tailor on Tuesday 7 November 2023 on Netflix. The next day, there was no sign of this series on Netflix. Luckily we saw the whole of season 4 and know exactly how it ends.

  24. Best series I have seen yet and I watch a lot, even the Brazilian novelas. I was addicted to the series and the stars, all so great. Please keep going!!

  25. The best series in a long time. I became addicted to watching this magnificent series. In every season I fell in love. There definitely YES, there should be more seasons. This cannot be the end because Dimitri is still alive. The plot has much more to offer the audience. Please make season 4.

  26. I love the The Tailor; I think that there should be a season 4; Esvet and Peyami, should get married and have a family; and we need to know, if they find out, that Dimitri is alive

  27. Yes i want to see season 4 and beyond. This is an awesome series and i hope that Esvet and Peyami have a baby together. The characters are so good together especially now that Peyami has both his parents and i hope they introduce Esvet’s biological parents in season 4

  28. usually get bored, watching seasons, and episodes at some point because I guess I just think they’re too repetitive or just carried on too long. I love the Taylor. His character is very sexy and appealing and Esvret is a very well played character. I find myself being tempted to binge watch, but I usually wait till evening.

  29. Yes!!! Each time a season comes out I sit there until I am done watching it. These are such addicting shows and I can’t wait until the 4 season comes out. Why would anyone deny us the opportunity to see what will happen now that we know Dimitri is still alive 😳 and what he is going to do next. He is a very vindictive and manipulative person. He can not let his blood brother take what belongs to him… A good example was when Dimitri’s dad gave his horse payami. Netflix can’t do this to us!!! They have to give us a season 4….

  30. Yessss!!! Please keep the series coming. This has been one of my favorites. I’ve told all my friends to watch The Tailor. I’m hoping Payami and Esvit are allowed their true love to come together, and they both have they family love they need and share with Peyamis parents as s whole…
    Maybe Dimitri across that Esvit never lived him and let’s it go, moved on to a love of his own or dies off of an accident or illness ? Just please keep the series slovenly for many more Seasons

  31. Yes, for season 4! We need to see what other things is Dimitri capable of doing. He is a psychopath and he manipulates the people around him. We should be able to see the real end of such a mean person. The Taylor has great actors, plot, sceneries, and much more. It should have a happy ending and hopefully Season 4 will do this for us.

  32. Season 4 please. Happy to see Dimitri alive. Esvet and Peyami characters need to do little more. Salih bademci as Dimitri is carrying the show.

  33. I love all of the actors in this series, so dramatic and suspense keeps you wanting more.
    Great story line please bring out more seasons!
    I love that netflix brings these amazing series to Australian audiences, from around the world.

  34. The best series in a long time. Very addictive to watch. I binged each season in 1 day. Definitely YES to more seasons. This can’t be the end. Dimitri is still alive. The story line has so much more potential. Please keep it going.

  35. The last episoade scene lets us to know that it is not the end so please get us a season 4. I love it . It is my type.

  36. Absolutely love this series! It keeps us on our toes. So many unexpected surprises. I am looking forward for Season 4.

  37. Excellent series, I was hooked from the beginning. Dimitri is still alive please give us season 4 and more!

  38. Loved The Taylor one of Nexflix best since lately almost everything has been junk. This is a keeper. If they don’t renew I don’t know what they are thinking. A YES to season 4!

  39. We don’t need Season 4 as it will spoil Season’s 3 ‘happy’ ending. The two have suffered enough… Let them be 😃.

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