Has The Hardy Boys been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Hardy Boys is a familial drama that blends elements of Stranger Things, Riverdale, Outer Banks and the Hardy Boys book series together, to deliver a fun-filled treasure hunt.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know so far:

What is The Hardy Boys about?

The basic premise here revolves around brothers Joe and Frank Hardy as they act as amateur sleuths and become mixed up in large and dangerous mysteries. It’s a very simple hook and one that’s evolved and expanded upon for this 2020 edition. Instead of the two boys being similar ages, Joe is now 12 and Frank is 16.

This offers up a slightly different dynamic, allowing for the two kids to head off on their own individual missions before converging together at the end of the episode to reveal what they’ve been up to. They don’t always agree and very often approach things as a typical kid would, without the foresight or logic that goes with a more thoughtful plan an adult may potentially concoct.

When it comes to season 3, the pair delve deeper than they ever have before, working to complete their great-grandfather’s map. This inevitably leads them to a powerful relic that could fall into the wrong hands if they don’t act fast.

Has s The Hardy Boys been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, Hulu have not renewed The Hardy Boys for a fourth season. In fact, this was announced way back in October last year, in an exclusive with Variety, that season 3 would be the last.

Generally Hulu, like other streaming platforms, gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. Despite having a good a good reaction from audiences and critics alike, it would seem this is the real sticking poijnt.

Despite how well this series has done in the past, we now know that Hulu will not renew The Hardy Boys for a follow-up season.

What we know about season 4 so far:

Unless another streamer picks this one up, it’s unfortunately the end of the road for our adventure duo. The show has been a wild ride over the years but sadly, all good things must come to an end!

Are you disappointed that there won’t be a Hardy Boys season 4? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “Has The Hardy Boys been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Season four Hardy boys should be given to your massive audience that families can get together and enjoy without the mayhem and chaos and so many other movies. Fortunately, you seem to cut off very interesting movies with cliffhangers and never go back to finish them your audience get tired of that that’s why Netflix is getting so popular pick up the slack and become the number one that you should enjoy pick up an encourage season four of the Hardy Brothers, I am grandma great grandma watches this series with her children as the family please consider doing a season four if it’s not too late

  2. What a shame that Hulu is abandoning this show. Is a great series. I just discovered it. With so many shows out there it’s hard to find good ones and when you do finally find it, it comes out that it’s being abandoned. I think this is a stupid way of looking at their bottom line, but, hey, Disney (which owns Hulu) has shown lately that they’re not very good at giving their customers what they want.
    I hope another venue opens up for them to continue it though.

  3. I’m upset that Hulu seems to drop the shows that I like. The Hardy Boy was very interesting. It remind me of my childhood. I wish that it would come back on!

  4. Please renew Hardy Boys for Season 4! Such a great show for families to watch together, something that is lacking these days!

  5. Please renew Hardy Boys 4! The series is too good not to be finished.. all this question is still out there!!

  6. Wear just discovering this series and am so disappointed there is not a 4th season !!great show !!!

  7. What a great show! Mystery, suspense, and problem solving… Hardy boys is a classic and this show is excellent for teenagers. Hopefully another syndicate will pick this up and continue!

  8. Please pick up Hardy Boys for Season 4! This show is incredible and great for middle school kids. My son loves it!!!

  9. Please renew!!!! I love the Hardy Boys! I love the twist and turns, characters and all the mysteries. If Nancy Drew can continue, why not the Hardy Boys!

  10. I seriously hope another streamer will pick up the Hardy Boys. It’s a remarkable series and really needs to be picked up. I’m hoping there is someone out there who won’t be as stupid as Hulu and continue the Hardy Boys story.

  11. Hulu please more seasons Hardy Boys and
    I would like to see Nancy Drew and Hardy together doing a Duo solving crime.

  12. I’m very disappointed that it won’t be renewed. I love this show and there are many more stories that can be told. I hope another streaming service will pick it up.

  13. I was hoping this would continue with more episodic mysteries. The boys are set up with the friends and the towns that obviously have some original Hardy Boys type villains available.

    I did enjoy the Philip K Dick style mysteries in the three seasons they did produce though.

  14. Please renew The Hardy Boys! This series has everything a viewer craves to watch and more. Each episode leaves you thirsty for the next. It’s too soon for the loss of such a gem. Engaging plots that follow lovable characters, even the villains invoke a level of love that really make it feel more believable. Although, I have to say I was absolutely devastated at the loss of Cox. JP was an absolutely lovable character that was a driving force that pushed the storyline to help Joe come into his own and become a detective, not to mention Cox was the best comic relief. I would kill to see more JP Cox, and die to see The Hardy Boys continue their memorable crime solving quests with the help of friends and family, complete with shenanigans along the way.

  15. Please bring the Hardyboys back for a season 4 and many more seasons to follow. I love the show, its the kind of tv watching that I find exciting and entertaining,the mystery,the family and frinds, the bad guys all wrapped it one great show.I’m 48 yrs old and tv isn’t what it used to be,it’s hard to find great tv shows to watch now days that have something for the whole family and the Hardyboys has just that something special.

  16. I am so sad the Hardy Boys won’t have a season 4. I was hoping Hulu would pick up Nancy Drew and bring back family programs that will inspire reading the books.

  17. You need to bring the hardy boys back you get us hooked and then take it away this is a real good show please bring it back .

  18. Me and my dad loved watching this show every single night, always waiting for the next season. With the treasure at the end and what looks like Drew is still a threat, along with Wilt, I need another season! It’s so difficult to find a good show! Please bring back Hardy Boys! I need a season four!

  19. I am very sad to hear there isn’t going to be a season 4, I really enjoyed this series and I hope it is picked up or renewed when Hulu/other streaming platforms sees the interest generated by it.

  20. I loved watching The Hardy Boys I think that movie was a success I don’t understand why Hulu won’t pick it up or anybody won’t because it’s a great movie I would love to see more seasons in this show so please somebody pick it up there’s too many people that loves it I really hope it doesn’t stop there it would be very sad and disappointing so please somebody pick it up so we can wash more shows of The Hardy boys thank you very much I look forward to seeing it 😌

  21. There should MOST DEFINITELY be a season 4!!! This show should have had WAY more hype than it did. I only found out about it August 2023. I NEED MOOOORE!!!!

  22. I really enjoyed this show! I looked forward to the next episode. I’m hoping there will be a Season 4!

  23. Hi, when I stumbled upon the Hardy Boys series I was excited. I’m 65 years old came down with Omicron an binged watched the Hardy Boys. I read all the hardy boys books while growing up. Please make more seasons, also you can add Nancy Drew stories to. I ready all of those books as well. Please reconsider your decision. Thank you

  24. I’m a 71 y o woman, mom, grandma, greatgrandma, and I loved the Hardy Boys just so you know that people of all ages loved the show . I watched all 3 seasons one show after another once I’d found it. I was truly so disappointed to read there wasn’t going to be a 4th even after a tease had been left at the ice cream shop. If this show was so popular why hasn’t someone picked it up I am hoping that someone does soon. Thank you

  25. I certainly hope there is a season 4 of this great show!! So often the good ones are abandoned when they could have went on much longer. So sad. I hope this is not the end of The Hardy Boys@!

  26. I really liked the Hardy Boys. It has a great storyline. I’m 68 years old and it was fun to watch. I’m glad y’all dy leave us hanging. It would be fun to go on another adventure with them. And I really like the way the story but the kids together. They were a really cool group. Joe was my favorite. He was the glue that kept things going. Frank was good but was much deeper. Frank was not complete without Joe.

  27. I’m 62 years old and really enjoyed watching this with my 9 year old grandson. My grandson loves it too. We would love to see another network pick it up.

  28. I flew through this series and loved it!! I love reading the books and I really enjoyed being able to watch the hardys in action for a change. I need a season 4!

  29. We would love for this to be picked up by Hulu or another streamer. My youngest and I watch it and love it. It’s the perfect show for families with tweens/a little younger. We’ve turned multiple other family friends on to it as well and the kids love talking about the show.
    We’ve also got my mom watching it as she was a Nancy drew/Hardy boys fan as a kid and passed it down to me. It’s nostalgia with a modern twist.

  30. I need a season 4!
    New mystery left cliff hanger at end of season 3….must be solved!!!
    Please Hulu deliver the solution!
    Can’t have this be the end of Frank and Joe and Nancy Drew all in same year!!
    Ugh 😭

  31. Like all the comments before me…… we are all asking for The Hardy Boys to come back for a lot more seasons. At the end of the 3rd season they got a new case of the missing stamps. Y’all gonna just leave us on a cliff hanger and not continue this awesome terrific family based show. I love it and I got my Daughter and grand daughter finally to start watching it. Please please please come back with it. As a kid I read the books back in the 60’s and 70’s. We need more of these good family shows. Thanks bunches and let’s make it happen.

    Bari Bishop from Louisiana

  32. This version of The Hardy Boys kicks serious hiney! I love it and I want to see what’s going on under Wilt’s pointy hat! Bring it back Please!!!

  33. It’s crazy to go 3 seasons and then nothing? I need the fix!! You hooked me now supply me!!!

  34. Ok ridiculous you keep shows that don’t do as well..Bailee Madison was a great addition to the show!! Bring it back Hulu!!

  35. Come on! Drew still has some life in her and what about Wilt? HULU you’ve got to bring “The Hardy Boys” back. We’re all invested.

  36. Hoping by some miracle they bring this wonderful show back. Is highly enjoyable for all ages and who doesn’t love a good mystery? Please bring the Hardy Boys back! 3 seasons is not nearly enough!

  37. They really need to bring it back! It’s not very often I get stumped. I watched the whole season in one day. I would love to see it continue. Please bring it back!

  38. i was so sad to hear about season 4 being cancelled because by far the hardy boys is one of the greatest series i have ever seen so hope that hulu may reconsider about season 4

  39. Bring Hardy Boys back it’s fun entertaining breath of fresh air exciting I could at least 3 more seasons

  40. Me and my wife watch Hardy Boy’s as soon as it would come out! We are very sad and disappointed that they don’t what to renew for season 4! Please have another network pick it up! Hardy Boy’s have so many more adventures to do!

  41. Let’s bring it back for a fourth season it is fun to watch.
    AGAINST all the other crap out there.
    It is a breath of fresh air

  42. I actually like how the boys have grown and are doing more with their characters. I would like to see what comes next for this series. Especially when it’s left with such a cliff hanger wondering why the sweet old milkshake shop man is being so mysterious.

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