Has The Best Man: The Final Chapters been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Best Man: The Final Chapters is the final sequel to The Best Man movie franchise. Due to heavy public demand, Peacock released an 8-episode series focusing on what the lifelong friends have been up to since 2013.

After completing Season 1, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Best Man: The Final Chapters about?

The Best Man: The Final Chapters follows the story of life-long friends who have been together since college. They have been through the ups and download of life together. The Best Man: The Final Chapters focuses on the friends from when we last saw them in The Best Man Holiday.

A lot has happened since 2013 and the friends are not the same people, they have grown and matured with time. However, their bond is still as tight.

We have an extensive review of The Best Man: The Final Chapters across the site, including a full-season review. You can find those HERE!

Has The Best Man: The Final Chapters been renewed for season 2

Unfortunately, Peacock has been clear from the beginning that this is a limited series. The series comes after years of requests from fans to get the final story of the friends following the success of the Best man movies.

The eight-episode final instalment gave fans a chance to see what the life-long friends have been up to and allow them to move on from the series.

The possibility of the show getting renewed is low because this is a limited series but we will keep you updated as soon as we get word from Peacock.

What we know about season 2 so far:

The Best Man: The Final Chapters was a kind send-off to these beloved characters so season 2 is most probably never gonna happen. However, Peacock could decide to start a spin-off series focusing on one particular character. Specifically, this could branch out and follow Shelby and Quentin, who would be a perfect fit. But again, this is a long shot!

Would you like to see The Best Man: The Final Chapters return for a follow-up season? If they were to do a spin-off show, which character do you think they should focus on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Yes this series was good and it was written well. The cast just gel so well they have great chemistry. Please continue writing and bring back more seasons!!!! Love Love Love Love it!!

  2. We need to see Harper and Jordan live out their soulmate love. Unfortunately that’s life that we love Robyn as a character of a divine feminine energy but we know Harper will never see her as his one and that’s the reason Lee always knew they would be divorced. She played his cheerleader which is what Jordan could never do bc they are equally yolked. That’s the “American Marriage” usually imbalanced and built on who supports our ego. I would love to see the new blossom of Lance and Jasmine’s love story and the new solidified soulmate love of Shelby and Quinton. This gives the series a whole new evolved dynamic that also feeds our deep need for their original dynamic of their circle of friendship. Season two should be around the two new couples finding their way as lovers with the support of the circle’s love for everyone finally living in their complete truth of what original fans knew all along.


  4. With the dynamics of the cast and the characters perfectly acted it would be an absolute crime to not continue this franchise. Movies and tv, as a fan I know both would be more than successful!

  5. Just give us season 2, 3,4,5 and many more seasons. We love the brotherhood, the sisterhood, the drama, the suspense, the everything about The Best Man.

  6. Please bring the characters back. I want to see more 9f Harper, Jordan, Quentin, Shelby, Lance and his new lady, and Merch, and Candace back please. This would be so great to have more seasons with the funny cast. I watch the reruns all the time.

  7. We need another season. Jordan and Harper need together and get married and have a kid. That would be so nice.

  8. I’m a very big fan of the movies and this final chapter. As much as I think a spin-off would be great with Quentin and Shelby I think it would be just as great with the history that Jordan and Harper have to finally be able to pursue their college long attempt at romance especially seeing as how there’s still a flame between the two! Also I must say even with Lance and his quest for a chance at love again with the concierge. There’s still questions about everyone so either another series or give us that third installment of a final movie that would take care of everything!!!

  9. My wife and I enjoyed the series very much! It was great that the original movie trilogy was extended in this modern format.

    I think I speak for most fans of the movie and its cast, when I say keep it going!

    Based on how things ended in Season 1, at the very least one more season is merited. But what would be even better this eventually turned into an ongoing series .

  10. Yes please I want to see all them. And I wanna know how Ghana is turning out for robin. Y’all had me up all night watching all the series me and my husband

    I FLIPPING LOVED SEASON 1 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🩷🩷🩷🩷

  12. The Best Man: The Final Chapter season was excellent! Also, I feel a great end to the Best Man franchise. No need for a season 2 and so on.

  13. Can you bring back the best man final story? I really enjoyed it. I want Jordan and Harper together. Can I make you a male couple? I really enjoy watching every chapter.. I want to continue watching More..

  14. Please Please please continue. Keep everyone its to good not too. Go grand until it just cant anymore. This is a part of life. That takes a lot of us away from all the chaos in this world today.. I love it 🥰🤩🤩🤩💝

  15. Yessssssss please it has to be a second season, I am tired of AMAZING shows like this one being canceled I love the way the storyline developed, is like a true life show is very inspiring

  16. Loved this show I know it was a mini series but it’s just to good not to do anoth Er series.

  17. Yes please we need another season. This isn’t over yet. So many questions left unanswered

  18. Yes, with Robyn getting her Prince in Ghana and Jordan getting hitched. We all know by who!!

  19. A final send off so we can move on??? Yall left us NOT knowing what happens next… we are in a worse spot now than before this series lol what happens with robyn and harper? Do harper n jordan finally get together? Does lance move on with jasmine? I mean come on! This was not closure but a beginning

  20. Yes a couple more seasons with kids growing up in school going to college. Don’t want to see Jordan n Harper together that would be heartbreaking for Robyn she tried really hard to hold on to Harper obeying his every command and then Jordan sneakily toying with Harper or shall it be lust from college as the spoke in the first movie if it was meant to be they would but to have them to go thru what they went thru end divorce Harper need to be a better husband lance n his new boo Quentin n Shelby yes this would be great and the male friendship at the end they just camed over but Harper needs to treat Robyn better and Jordan need not laugh n grin in Robyn’s face

  21. This is a definite must see… Again and again. I don’t feel that I will never get enough of this no matter how many seasons. This is a once in a lifetime winning cast who touches our lives with truth, honesty and hope. Thank you for this gift.

  22. I’ve been a Huge fan of the Best Man since the first movie dropped, Love all the characters and all the Actors and Actresses who play them. Really connected to The Final Chapters and went through the whole Series in two days! Y’all can’t leave me like this! Please give us another season!!!

  23. Please bring back another season. Spin off would be nice to continue Quentin and Shelby, lance and his new girl. Harper and Jordan. Season one great

  24. There’s got to be more to this story especially with Lance and the new woman in his life and his acceptance of his son’s alternative life style. One on Quentin and Shelby, Harper and Mia maybe finding a happy medium? Candance putting pressure on the professor for his behavior. Live goes on for every one with a good ending

  25. Yes! Absolutely bring them all back! I binge watched every episode. Awesome job but there is still more to tell and it’s still unfinished business! We’re very hungry for more!

  26. Yes bring it back! It had not yet begun to be finished! Leave it alone now and things will be left unsaid and undone. Please come back to peacock for a second season.

  27. I watched The Final Chapters first. Then watched the movies and the Final Chapters in order.
    Wow! Absolutely the best storytelling uplifted by the finest ensemble cast ever!
    I laughed, cried and cheered.
    Thank you, Malcom D Lee.

  28. Yes; we absolutely want to see season 2. There is still so much fertile ground to be explored with these characters. The scene with the guys just showing up at Harper’s house brought tears to my eyes. That’s true friendahip. We were up to 4am watching episodes. We nees more.

  29. Yes make a season 2 with all of the cast. Make into a series, they did it with Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing

  30. Do we want a season 2… Well DUH! Does anything happen with Robyn and Jaha… Jordan and Will the photographer, does Julian the new fighter ever run into Dr. Temple, what is next for little spoiled Kennedy and LJ now that Lance supports him out of the closet!? Just let me know how I can help y’all get this done! -Oh and, Thanks for asking #ENCORE

  31. Please keep the seasons coming. Bring ALL the characters back! This series was why I decided to pay for Peacock in the first place. Such good chemistry with this group of actors and actresses. Plus, would like to see more of Lance’s character with his new fiancée and LJ. I don’t think I want to see Harper and Jordan become an item though. They should remain just friends but would love to see Harper’s marriage restored.

  32. We need to know rather or not Harper finally gain the courage to make Jordan his Happily Ever After ! #Season2 #SeasonTwo

  33. Please we need a season 2 or something we want to see what happens to Shelby and Jordan hell everybody we need another best man movie

  34. Please give us a season 2 and bring all the characters back please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Yes Bring them all back for season 2. Im confident the ratings should tell you the answer to this question. All of them back would be amazing. If that can’t happen then any combination would be welcomed..

  36. I absolutely love every last movie of the Best Man & this series. With that being said there should definitely be a season 2 or more continuation its rare that you can get all of the spin offs to be this great. I would love to see Jordan & Harper finally make it work that would be great, but having all their friends together is the strong support system & that shouldn’t really be separated at all but that relationship be the main focus on season 2. also bring Mia back into dreams with good attentions bcuz she is apart of this group find away to have her in & out & around & for season 3 focus on Lance & his new boo

  37. There should definitely be a Season 2. I love every episode of Season 1. Just wanna finally see Harper and Jordan as a couple.

  38. My vote is to definitely have season 2 of The Best Man the final chapters. It was exciting tv, and I had to see them all!!! The writing was great! Why not keep a Wonderful work thing going?

  39. Best Man movies have all been amazing. I love them and they are my “go to” movies when I’m in the mood for something refreshing, fun, and inspirational. Love the limited series and pray that there will be a season 2. Shelby & Quinten are my favorite couple but I truly enjoy the dynamics of all the characters.

  40. There should absolutely be a season 2 and so forth. This series was put together with such class and authenticity. All of the cast members has an important role to display, us watching can relate to the day to day of balancing work and family. When watching I experienced emotions of happiness, excitement, sadness, love. Please bring The Best Man back again 🙏

  41. I absolutely love everything about The Best Man. There are too many possibilities worth exploring to call it quits. It’s only a limited series by name. The producers of the show, the cast members, and Peacock need to have a meeting of the minds to get things rolling again. With such a high level of demand from the viewing audience, I see nothing but success… I’m just awaiting the big announcement. One more season won’t suffice. The show must go on, and on, and on!!!

  42. I love the final chapter. It was well done. I cried, laugh, and loved the ending. There should be a season 2. To follow Jordan and Harper . Lance new married life. Shelby and Quintin . All the other characters. I have watch it 2 times . And I love it every time. I hope there is another season.

  43. Excellent work. Takes me back to my very own life in many instances. It is always great to see people of our culture excel in life, and be portrayed as real people at the same time. The stresses, and woes of just dealing with social drama was well addressed also. There were a few sensitive areas touched on that could very well teach, and help so many how to handle personal, and discriminatory matters. The black community needs this show to continue for a while to come. It has all of the very best talent to make it great! Here’s a thought, ” they are all just as good as the cast of FRIENDS”, and all of them are well worth FRIENDS salaries. Please keep in mind that the Cosby show made NBC a whole lot of money. Best man c chapters is capable of that level of success. ” Bring it”

  44. Please please continue on with another season!! Even a third, fourth, fifth, and more seasons would be great! This does not have to be just a limited series. There is so much more story that can be told with all the characters. I have never in my life left a comment requesting to continue a series, no matter how bad I wanted it to – until now. Me posting this request says a lot. Please continue with this series. Thanks in advance. “Fingers Crossed”

  45. Yes the shows were in good taste and I enjoyed all eight characters. A spin-off would be nice but I would like to follow the whole green. Man you got a winner on your hands.

  46. Yes we need a season 2. Need to see a wedding with Lance and new bride to be. Need to see Harper and Robin get back together. Would like to see Jordan find love and get pregnant.

  47. We most definitely need a second 2 I don’t watch tv at all and only reason I watched it is because I was home sick and I was channel / app searching and I ran across this and I was glue to the tv none stop

  48. Just watched episode over. I need a season 2. Questions still not all answered. The fans want more… please 🙏🏽

  49. I just bing watched all eight episode. I couldn’t stop watching, it was so captivating. Plus so refreshing to see black educated brothers and sisters in successful professions and relationships (although they have ups and downs).
    PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK…WE NEED IT!! We need positive entertainment like this in this day and age.

  50. We definitely gonna need to see them all. I mean they’re storyline are far from ending, we will really love to see what happens after the lunch of the new book (pieces of us). Seemed like the is more to it.

  51. Please please bring them back. We need to find out if Harper and Jordan get together and what happens with the rest and the children and crew

  52. please bring all of them back… You just can’t find GOOD STORY LINES anymore…. Plus we love all these actors!!!

  53. Yes we would love to see a second season because we love watching the best man so why wouldn’t you guy’s make a season 2 of the best man final chapter so we pray that you would make a season 2 thank you.

  54. Definitely needs a chapter 2. I want to see what happens with Harper and robin, Jordan? Would be good to see maybe lance new bride in the show too. Definitely love Quinton & Shelby!! Murch and Candice too!!

  55. Definitely needs a chapter 2. I want to see what happens with Harper and robin, Jordan? Would be good to see maybe lance new bride in the show too. Definitely love Quinton & Shelby!! Murch and Candice too!!

  56. As much as I would love a 2nd season go be hard now Terence Howard has quit acting aka Quinton. Jordan and harper will end up together cos it’s been on the cards……

  57. I would like to see season 2 continue with everyone it’s only fair, considering how season 1 ended with everyone, would love to see happy ending for everyone even Robin and harper reconciling and Jordan finding her loveP.

  58. Please, please, please. Nobody has had their fill of all of these characters. There needs to be more of Lance. Morris Chestnut is a great actor and could turn Lance into anything. Same can be said for all of them. They are what we all need!

  59. We need to know if Harper and Robin reconcile; If Jordan ever find a love of her own; Quintin an Shelby must return; and what about Lance and his new bride (or bride to be?! There is a lot of “Unfinished Business” going on with this story line!!! I would love to see what happens to L.J.!!! Love Murch and Candace too!!!!

  60. I would love to have a chapter two and I think it should focus Robin and Harper overcoming the obstacles and making it work after all

  61. I think it should focus on Jordan and her quest to find love… it would also be interesting to see what LJ gets into… maybe a spin-off focusing on the children

  62. Yes please, there should definitely be more seasons. There is still some “unfinished business” (shout out to Harper’s book) that would be great to see how some things unfold. I think a spinoff with Shelby and Quentin would be great but would love to see everyone

  63. If y’all do a spin-off I think it should be about Jordan who plays who’s played by Nia Long and Harper Stewart who was played by taye diggs because their thing was always unresolved because even at the end of the final chapter it was still left with a question mark did they get together or not and make a baby because she did eventually wanted to have children so that would be a good spin-off.

  64. Yes I would love to see a second season. I think it should be focused on Quintan and Shelby as well as Lance and is new bride. 💯💯💯💯

  65. Yes I think definitely Shelby has to be in a spin off and we need to kno if Jordan adopts and does tayee ever find love maybe with Jordan who knows I mean there’s so much to do if the actors want too I mean I have like three more seasons in my mind we need it please

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