Has Moonlight Chicken been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Ever since the Thai BL (boy love) genre has risen to become the soft power of Thailand’s entertainment industry, we have all kinds of projects cropping up from dramas and reality shows to movies. Well, the newest mini-series that caught everyone’s eye was the Midnight Series anthology which released several editions following different stories.

And of course, its BL story Moonlight Chicken stole our hearts with its stars Earth, Mix, Gemini and Fourth, its refreshing plot and visually stunning cinematography.

Well, after finishing the whole of season 1, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Moonlight Chicken about?

During an especially difficult economic time in Pattaya, Jim refuses to raise the prices, letting customers eat to their fill in his diner and also including a special unlimited service after midnight. One night, he comes across a drunken customer, Wen which leads to a one-night stand. While Jim who is afraid of commitment, hopes to end it there, Wen who is in a complicated relationship with someone, tries to pursue Jim. 

Meanwhile, Jim’s nephew gets in trouble when he gets into an accident that involves Heart, the deaf son of the powerful Officer Supoch. He hopes to mend things by offering to work for them but the mischievous Heart does everything in his power to make things difficult for Li Ming.

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Has Moonlight Chicken been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Moonlight Chicken has not been renewed for a second season

And despite its network, GMMTV greenlighting sequels for popular TV shows like Dark Blue Kiss, 2gether and Gifted, there is a slim chance. For the last few years, we have majorly been getting one-season wonders. On top of it, it should be noted that Moonlight Chicken is part of an anthology, so even if we get a new season of the Midnight Series, it is doubtful that it will be a sequel.

However, they do tend to give new projects to popular on-screen couples like EarthMix, FirstKhaotung and GeminiFourth so we will surely see more of them in different dramas.

What we know about season 2 so far:

If we do get a season 2, we would love to see Jim and Wen living happily together. We would also love to see more of the diner staff from Leng and Praew’s growing family. As for Li Ming and Heart, they have so much potential they could absolutely lead a whole season. 

And while it is just wishful thinking, our broken-hearted babies Alan and Gaipa could find solace in each other. Though, that may have mostly to do with the actors playing them rather than their characters as evidenced by the tons of fans who tuned in just to get a glimpse of FirstKhaotung after their sizzling chemistry and the range they flexed in The Eclipse. 

We’ll be sure to update this page if there is any change.

Do you want to see Moonlight Chicken return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Has Moonlight Chicken been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I would love to see a season two of Moonlight chicken, it was a really tensed drama as well full of emotion es, specially given by Alan and Gaipa, wich 𝑜𝑓 there is in fact a season two, I would love to see more of Alan and Gaipas as well as I would like for them to find comfort in each other and restore both of their hearts together. Not just by the fact that those characters are played by the famous couple Firstkhaotung, but by the seen connection they had in the last episode, mostly expressed in their eyes and their facial expressions. I would consider those two to be the perfect couple, out of series and in them as well.

  2. Everyone want second season. Moonlight chicken i love this series and for me this Drama is one of the best drama i love it. I will pray for God to second season 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    And request to gmmtv to make a second season of moonlight chicken please please please please please please please please 🥺🥺🥺 i hope second season everyone needs.

    Thank you

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