Has His Dark Materials been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

His Dark Materials is the latest fantasy series adaptation, adapting Philip Pullman’s novels across the three seasons. After finishing all 8 episodes of this third season, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is His Dark Materials Season 3 about?

For those unaware of the books, the tale here sees Lyra and Will thrust right into the thick of the drama, as Asriel intends to call out the Angelic Authority figure, Metatron. He intends to wage war on this ethereal being and bring as many races to his side as possible.

While this is going on, Lyra unwittingly finds herself thrust into fulfilling her destiny, heading off on a perilous quest after being in the company of Mrs Coulter, who really grows into becoming a much more intriguing and rounded character this year.

The story builds up to a dramatic final few chapters that bow this one out on a high, rounding out all plot points and doing a decent job of ending Lyra and Will’s stories on a somber note.

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Has His Dark Materials been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, His Dark Materials has not been renewed for a fourth season. Given the nature of the show’s content, that’s perhaps not surprising.

Generally HBO and other streamers gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future. However, that’s not so much the case with His Dark Materials.

Ahead of release, this fantasy series had been billed as a third and final season, with the source material all but run out by the time the credits roll on the finale. Of course, the expository text at the end seems to hint that there could be a potential way for the characters to return, with another adventure for Lyra and Pan to go on.

Despite that though, the low viewing figures and the conclusive ending lead us to believe that this will not be renewed for season 4. The producers have all but confirmed this too, with a particularly telling article over at Deadline  going in more detail about this.

Executive producer Jane Tranter originally planned to extend the show much further than just three seasons. “I wanted to split [The Amber Spyglass] in two, but we’re doing it in one,” she explains. “You can’t always have what you want. The Amber Spyglass is quite right adapted into eight episodes and I will fully and humbly admit I was completely wrong.”

Unfortunately it would seem that it’s the end of the road for Lyra and the other characters!

What we know about season 4 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 4 at this point, given the show isn’t likely to return. However, we could see another studio pick it up and adapt further adventures, although that does seem very unlikely.

As mentioned above, we predict that this will not be renewed but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see His Dark Materials return for a fourth season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Please Please please com back with season 4. My heart is broken and I have cried for an hour now because ofbthis ending. It actually sucks. I want Will and Lyra together growing old and have kids that could come with them on different missions. Please bring it back 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  2. Need a 4 season to answer all the unanswered questions and to have a happy end for Will and Lyra.

  3. There were 3 books originally, and they have been filmed. So that is it.
    There are 2 more books, one set when Lyra was a baby and one when a student, but quite different in many ways. And I can’t really see them being filmed.

  4. Season finale of His Dark Materials had me crying so much. I do not want it to end like this. Please bring back a 4th season. I loved this show so much. I want Will & Lyra to have a happy ever after.

    Yes to season 4 !!!

  5. Please renew…85 yr old enjoying completely entertaining show without
    sex, foul language, nudity,
    excessive violence or long war battles. Great for all ages.

  6. I’m stuck in front of my tv for medical reasons. So when I find a well written, engrossing, world I can explore, I’m a happy camper. Lyra and Pans world is just such a place. Please make their world part of my future.

  7. Two brilliant seasons and a third destroyed by crap rewriting of Pullman’s book. HBO has lost the talent for the long haul. Just another victim of development hell. RIP His Dark Materials.

  8. Dark Materials is absolutely fabulousI! Lyra and her moms pool of tears, the acting among all actors to me is professionally moving! How could there not be another Season! Although I found Will to be a wash!

  9. By all means let there be another season 4 of his dark materials. One of the few very good series “without all the language “

  10. Yes please bring us a 4th season.. I absolutely love this show and all of the Characters, Worlds, Creatures, etc!!! Please do not cancel this show.

  11. It is a unique story line that I believe could be extended into a forth season, not enough good story’s to watch that the whole family can enjoy.

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